The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 471

After some time, Li Yue appeared at the shooting range. She habitually walked towards her usual slot where she could practice archery even if the entire place was booked.

Along the way, Li Yue ignored the crowd as she knew what was going on anyways. The situation was the same each day so she paid it no mind. However, she noticed a very peculiar sight today.

There’s no one near my usual training spot except for a kid practising in the middle. What’s going on?

Despite being here for quite some time, she had never encountered such a situation. Briefly stunned, she continued walking to her slot to prepare herself. 

 “Miss Li Yue, don’t go! It’s dangerous there!” A person called out from the masses to warn her when she approached her lane. 

“??" Li Yue froze for a moment. She did not understand the warning, as well as the reason why everyone was keeping their distance.

“What’s wrong?” Although Li Yue could not feel danger, the strange behaviour of the crowd made her, a soldier, cautious. 

“That fox is a newbie. His arrows are shot randomly and may hit you,” someone explained.

Li Yue stammered, “That can’t be! Even a newbie would shoot forward and not sideways!“ She was confident in her archery knowledge and felt that this incident would not happen unless the person had malicious intentions.

Despite the warning, Li Yue resumed walking towards her slot to begin practising. With her cultivation, she did not see a problem even if Ye Lang shot at her consciously.

Originally, there was no one near Ye Lang as many feared him. However, with Li Yue practising next to him, the situation became interesting.

Li Yue found it hard not to acknowledge Ye Lang’s presence. It seemed as if it was the will of the heavens.

“How can that little idiot be so lucky! Why is it that every time he does something, it goes so smoothly. Everything’s a coincidence with him!” Coldblood Five sighed. 

Li Yue was shocked to see that the fox she was being warned of was actually Ye Lang.

We met twice today! How can this be a concidence?!

Suddenly, Li Yue recalled Ye Lang eating his dumplings in the morning and a smile crept onto her face.

No matter his intentions, he had left a deep impression in her mind. But of course, it was not time for him to pursue her just yet.

He was biding his time for coincidences to happen. When they did, she would definitely be his!

Yes! This is going according to Athena’s plan!


Li Yue felt a chilly wind behind her as if something had flown past.

“Ah!” A shriek could be heard.

“Shit! I can’t even hide from your arrows! You fox brat, are you doing it on purpose?! “ Mu’er yelled. He had dealt with the two arrows from before and bandaged his wounds.

As one of Li Yue’s pursuers, Mu’er came back once he heard that she arrived. The reason he wanted Ye Lang’s slot was mainly because of Li Yue.

And because of her, he was standing in front of the crowd to watch her practice…

Beautiful! She’s gorgeous indeed!

While Mu’er was admiring Li Yue’s skills, he suddenly felt a pang on his shoulder, only to find an arrow stuck onto it.

Indeed, it was an arrow! Through the shoulder as well!

Another one? Why am I so unlucky?

It was self-explanatory: the arrow belonged to Ye Lang.

He is indeed a little dangerous. Li Yue finally understood. She could only feel a slight wind brush past her. She doubted she could dodge it if it was needed.

It was only Ye Lang who acted oblivious as he pulled back the bowstring. This time, the arrow flew forwards, as if the misfired arrow just now wasn’t related to him at all.

Under such circumstances, Li Yue was suspicious. Maybe the arrow was not shot by Ye Lang, but rather someone else.

It was only her that would come up with such doubts. If she witnessed any of the previous incidents, she would no doubt confirm that the arrow belonged to Ye Lang.

Everyone burst out laughing. To their surprise, the arrow was once locked onto Mu’er.

Just like Mu'er accused, everyone was suspicious if Ye Lang had intentions to hit Mu'er. The arrows were too coincidental, after all...But if it was indeed intentional, Ye Lang must be a skillful archer! But no matter how they see him, he looked like a newbie!
While others were trying to determine if it was an act, master archers like Li Yue already knew the answer. After all, such a thing cannot be faked! 

“Fox brat! “

Mu'er could not take it anymore. He wanted to teach him a lesson for purposefully injuring him.

“?? You sure are weird. Why did you leave an arrow on one shoulder and not remove both of them?” Ye Lang asked.

“Scram! I did not! You just shot another one at me!” Mu'er exclaimed furiously and pulled out the arrow. Blood spurted everywhere.

“Brother Fungus, you are joking again. All my arrows are in front. Although it was not on target, I am certain that it’s in the correct direction!” Ye Lang presumed.

“No matter what you say this time, I will show you no mercy!” Mu'er punched at Ye Lang.

Ye Lang did not move, while the hidden Coldblood Five was ready to take action.


Mu'er shrieked in agony as he was hit. However, the attack was from Ye Lang, not Coldblood Five.

While Mu'er waved his fist at Ye Lang, Ye Lang nervously shot the arrow on his bow. Coincidentally, it sank into Mu'er’s shoulder.

“...” Mu'er glanced at his shoulder and wanted to cry out so badly, What in the world is happening? Why am I constantly getting injured? 

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