The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 472

“I admit I shot that arrow! However, It wasn’t on purpose!” Ye Lang raised a hand and admitted his mistake. 


Everyone started to laugh. This comedy is indeed too funny!

Li Yue was laughing as well. He is truly comedic! It was already funny in the morning, and he’s hilarious now!

With Li Yue’s intellect, she could not suspect that the Ye Lang and Mu'er were in this act together. If Mu'er is helping Ye Lang, he would not sacrifice himself to do it! Furthermore, Mu'er was never the person who would help another guy pursue Li Yue.

“I will kill you!” Mu'er exploded. He pulled out his weapon, slashing at Ye Lang. 

It was difficult to blame him. Being the butt of the joke, especially with Li Yue here,  in the range, he felt embarrassed. Under such circumstances, anyone would explode too!

“What’s the matter now? Did I offend you again?” Ye Lang asked doubtfully. 

“Little Idiot! Do you need my help to kill him?” Coldblood Five transmitted. Ye Lang could feel that, ever so slightly, the air was turning cold.

“There’s no need! The grudge is not too deep so I’ll try to reason with him!” Ye Lang replied. 

“Brother Mu'er, let’s not do this. Although we’re not too familiar with each other, there is not too much bad blood between us… So can you please stop…” Ye Lang started to reason with the guy. 

It was just that Mu'er did not stop and talk to him and hacked his sword at Ye Lang. 

Ye Lang dodged the blade and kindly pulled one of the arrows from Mu'er’s shoulders. Blood splattered everywhere. 


Mu'er cried out. When the arrow was pulled out, the pain was unbearably excruciating.  And for it to be forcefully pulled out by someone else, it was natural that Mu'er cried out in pain!

“My apologies. Did it hurt you? However, keeping the arrows in is not good for you and you’ll have to bandage it! I can help…” Ye Lang kindly spoke, not a hint of abhorrence in his words. 

“No! I don’t need your help!” Mu'er gritted his teeth. 

“Oh, then I will put it back then…” Ye Lang said blankly and returned the arrow into its original position… “Ah…” Mu'er cried out once more. 


The crowd fell silent. They did not expect his actions and thought, He is definitely doing it on purpose and wants to toy Mu'er to death.

Poor Mu'er!

Haha, you deserve it! Who told you to pick a fight with that little idiot anyways? He’s the type who’s oblivious about his actions even if you’re being toyed to death! And the more you execute your revenge, the unluckier you get…

Coldblood Five witnessed the situation and knew that she was not needed. Mu'er was never Ye Lang’s opponent in the first place!


Li Yue could not help but laugh. Although she was pitying Mu'er, Ye Lang’s idiocy was truly funny. Never did she expect someone to pull out an arrow... only to stick it back to where it was afterward! 

Isn’t that equivalent to being injured once more!

However, it seemed like Ye Lang was not wrong. It was just an action no one would take besides him.

“You… You… I will kill you!”

Mu'er screeched. But while he was pissed off, he had no idea what to do next.

“Stop saying all these violent things! If someone else were to hear you, you would be dead…” Ye Lang laughed. If Mu'er continued, Coldblood Five would have swiftly ended his life. 

Of course, the masses thought that his family will not let go of Mu'er. And the family that came to their minds, was obviously the Fox family!

Based on family strength, the Fox family far outclassed the Mu family. However, this place was under the jurisdiction of the Mu family. That was why in this Soaring Sky Empire, Mu'er’s family held more power. 

“Hmph! Who will dare say a word even if I kill you? It’s going to be the same even if you’re the eldest son of the fox tribe!” Mu'er said in disdain. He never thought highly of “beastmen” like Ye Lang. 

“Why are you still ranting on about killing? So violent! You should calm down a little. It’s no big deal, so there’s no need to be so barbaric!” Ye Lang said plainly. 

“I am barbaric, so what? Wanna hit me?” Mu'er boasted. In his eyes, he was the type of gallant warrior that Li Yue should like.

“Okay...” He replied and punched, knocking Mu'er down to the ground. 


“It was you who told me to hit you. I never liked violence, but you seem to need a beating. So excuse me for hitting you.” Ye Lang apologised. 


This fox was indeed brutal. Mu'er was being sarcastic and never wanted you to hit him. And not only did he punched him, but he was also saying such stuff to the victim. It was as if blaming the fault onto the poor man!

“You...Urgh…” Mu'er spat blood. His wounds reopened as well.

“Hurry up! Young master Mu'er is gonna die soon! Doctor! Doctor!”

Kind people started to call for help, hurrying to send Mu'er to the doctor. At that time, Ye Lang suggested that he could help, but was declined.

The man would probably get a heart attack if he saw you again!

Ye Lang did not pursue the matter any further. He noted that Mu'er would not die from the wound, and could be treated by any ordinary doctor, so there was no reason for him to help anyways.

“I’ll continue practising. I don’t believe that a martial expert like me can’t master archery...” Ye Lang continued to train while taking out the Secret Archery Manual that he had left aside.

In the martial arts world, few trained in archery. I was not because it was hard to master, but because the weapon was inconvenient to carry around. Besides, how many arrows could one carry? And if he were to use all of them, he would lose all his fighting power.

For a martial artist who fought for long durations, this flaw was extremely inconvenient!

They would rather bring hidden weapons like The Gliding Willow Blade. It is easy to use and could not be detected, meanwhile being convenient to carry as well!

Most importantly, the arrows cost a lot. Without external help, normal people could not procure them. That was why manuals on archery were so rare. But that did not mean none existed. Within Ye Lang’s Martial Arts treasury, there was a very powerful archery manual. If it was mastered to the extreme, he would become invincible!


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