The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 473

Obviously, with this manual, one could attain a high skill level with a long duration of time, many arrows and most importantly, a powerful bow.

However, Ye Lang’s current archery skills were slightly abnormal. He who had hidden skills should be very proficient in this!

In fact, the reason was very straightforward as this skill required a high level of understanding and not just basic knowledge. Thus, Ye Lang had to master the basics before moving on.

“Pull the bowstring back...”

Coldblood Five was unable to stand it anymore and itched to give him some tips. It was at this moment when the scene had a slight transition. 

“Hey! Look at me! Feet wider apart…straighten your arm so it’s parallel to the ground ….draw the bow...move your shoulder…” 

Ye Lang glanced at Li Yue upon her cue. She demonstrated a basic stance and explained it clearly. Since she was teaching a rookie like Ye Lang, she made her instructions detailed but easy to follow.

Almost everybody was astounded and in shock as it was an extremely rare occurrence for Li Yue to teach a teenager voluntarily. All the while in this field, countless people had sought guidance from her, but she never entertained any of them.

Now Li Yue is teaching this fox brat. Unimaginable!

Imitating Li Yue, Ye Lang copied her form with precision and shot an arrow…”Wow, it’s on target. Li Yue, you’re so skilled!” Ye Lang casually remarked, pretending as if his current self did not recognize Li Yue.

However, Li Yue remained unbothered because she knew that Ye Lang was simply one of her many pursuers. Additionally, everyone here knew who Li Yue was. Even a passerby recognized her.

“Your shot was impressive, but it struck my target. You were pretty far away from your target…” Li Yue commented, “Train more! “

“No problem! I’ve already got the hang of it thanks to you!” Ye Lang exclaimed in excitement. At that moment, he was engrossed in archery, forgetting that he came here for the person next to him, Li Yue.


With an elegant posture, Ye Lang shot out an arrow with a magnificent trajectory and accuracy without breaking the feather.

Before leaving, Li Yue glimpsed at Ye Lang once again. Astonishment was painted all across her face as she realized that Ye Lang was not simply just rookie but an archer with years of experience.

Simultaneously, she noticed how Ye Lang was oblivious to his surroundings as he focused on indulging himself in the bliss of honing this skill.  It seemed as if he came here to practise archery without having any other hidden intentions.

I’m overthinking this... He isn’t here for me ...Li Yue chuckled as she shook her head in disbelief and left the place moments after.

After her departure, Ye Lang continued practising whilst improving at record speed, impressing the people nearby, including Coldblood Five who was watching over him from the shadows.

Coldblood Five held high regard for her own proficiency in long-ranged weapons. But even so, she was convinced that Ye Lang could surpass her within seven days. 

“Hey, where did she go?” After releasing his final arrow, Ye Lang realized that the majority of the people had left as well as Li Yue.

“Coldblood Five, are you still here?”

“Yes. You saw me practising, didn’t you?”

On the shooting range, there were still people including Coldblood Five. 

Besides feeling slightly pressured from Ye Lang’s impressive archery skills, Coldblood Five decided to practice archery to prevent suspicion towards her for idling too long.

“I think it’s very late now, we should leave!” Ye Lang said and sent a signal to Coldblood Five.

“Got it! I will leave first, wait for a while before following suit!” Coldblood Five said. As usual, she had to leave first to conceal herself when protecting Ye Lang.


Ye Lang longed to continue shooting a few more arrows. However, he had none available at his disposal currently.  After resting, he paid the repair costs for the bow and arrow.

“A gold coin!” The worker wore a bewildered look on his face as this was the first time he had seen anyone spending a gold coin for repairs.

Leaving the range, Ye Lang headed back to Zhu’s Soup House. All the tasks today had been completed and Li Yue had gone home by now.

The only task remaining was to attend the Full Moon Festival which Li Yue would be participating too in a few days.

However, this festival would be held at Zhu's Soup House hence Ye Lang could show up coincidentally. Athena did not expect this.

She did not believe that Ye Lang picked the Zhu's Soup House knowing that the event would be held there but rather he just chose a random location. However, this random choice had unexpectedly aided the plan.


While returning to the Zhu's Soup House, Ye Lang accidentally bumped into a girl at the doorway.
“Are you alright?!”

Ye Lang instantly extended his hand to the victim with worry in his voice.

“I’m fine, I’m sorry! I wasn’t looking.” The little girl did not lose her temper. Instead, she apologized to Ye Lang.

"It's actually my fault, I shouldn’t have walked too fast!" Ye Lang shook his head and said, "I’m sorry, let brother buy you some candy."
Looking at Ye Lang’s radiant smile, the entire Zhu's Soup House went silent due to the words which just came out of Ye Lang’s mouth.

He just referred to himself as ‘brother’! Oh no, did he not know that she despises being treated like a child and especially being taken advantage of as someone’s ‘brother’?

“That’s not necessary!” The girl’s face turned red.

“Come on, here’s a toy I bought earlier, you can have it!” Ye Lang was oblivious to this awkward situation. Since the girl refused the candy, he assumed it would be better to present a toy instead.

“No!...Wait...this is adorable!” The girl refused initially, but her eyes lit up as soon as she spotted the tiny item resting on the palm of Ye Lang’s hand.

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