The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 474

It was a small plush toy. Unlike others, it could move due to the alchemy formation inside! However, upon receiving it, he had tweaked it to perfection.

It made the toy even more attractive now… “Isn't it cute? I think so too! That’s why I bought it. It’s yours now." Ye Lang handed the toy to the little girl.

"Fine! I’ll take it! Are you staying here? If you are, I’ll waive all your fees!" The little girl set up a deal in exchange for the toy. She never liked to accept gifts without any reason.

"You're too kind! I don't need you to do that." Ye Lang shook his head.

"Are you looking down on me?" The little girl said in a stern tone. She had a mature look on her face, unlike those of her stature.

It was normal to doubt the girl. Commoners who met this young girl won’t even believe that she had the authority to waive someone else’s fees!

Ye Lang never thought of it as such. He simply shook his head and said, "I'm not questioning you, I just don't like to receive things for free, I love to spend money! Besides, you look way older than your age now. My child, why not just go out and play, lest the wrinkle gets you at an early age!" Towards the end of his sentence, Ye Lang's tone smoothened out into that of a father, as gentle as ever.

For some reason unbeknownst to Ye Lang, he seems to faintly recognise the little girl. However, he just couldn't grasp which quality of hers incited this feeling.

"..." The little girl stood there, taken aback by the confusion brewing in Ye Lang's eyes. Her eyes were fixated on that of Ye Lang's as if she was searching for something.

Ye Lang let out a small giggle and proceeded inside. The little girl remained stunned before the door. She shook her head, whispered something under her breath, and left.

It looked like a normal encounter, nothing special about it…

“Ye Lang you fool! Why did you order three sets of dumplings to attract Li Yue's attention? And then on the range… Haha, you stood out too much, people were suspicious!"

Ye Lang returned to his room to find someone else in it. The pair of fox ears and tail were obvious enough.

That’s right! Athena!
Ye Lang returned and before he could even utter a word, he had already been reprimanded by Athena. This goes to show how much she had been observing Ye Lang.

Ye Lang and Coldblood Five understood. Coldblood Five even asked Ye Lang if it was okay to eliminate the people there. Knowing that those people were probably Athena’s men, he stopped her.

If they were not Athena’s men and belonged to the enemy, there would not be any disturbances as that would reveal their objectives.

“Why are you here? Aren’t you worried you might be noticed?” Ye Lang ignored her question while throwing one of his own.

“What’s there to be afraid of? If I were to be caught, I’ll just say that I’m your sister.” Athena had already thought of this. Considering the timing, it was convenient to meet up now.

Maybe that was why she came here. She felt that after this, she would not have any more chances to meet Ye Lang.

She never wanted to come to see him in the first place. Although Ye Lang’s actions today were surprising and attracted the attention of Li Yue, she did not grow suspicious of him, which was worth celebrating.

However, Athena felt that if Ye Lang continued with this sort of behaviour, the plan might fail. Thus, she came to warn him.

“You’re never supposed to come here alone anyways. Isn’t it better this way?” Athena laughingly said.

“Go away! I told people I left home alone!”

“That’s why I’m here to look for you!”

“Tell me honestly, you pranked Mu’er this afternoon, didn’t you?” Athena questioned with a smile.
“Prank him? I didn’t!” Ye Lang was stunned for a moment. His expression told Athena that he never had such intentions.

“Are you acting?”

“He wasn’t faking it! So you’re Athena? If you have nothing to do, it’s best to not appear here. I can take care of him.” Coldblood Five’s voice echoed in the room, scaring Athena. She looked around frantically. 

“Who are you? Show yourself?!” Athena panicked.

“I’m Coldblood Five. I’m not supposed to tell you my identity, but be assured that I have the ability to protect Ye Lang.” Coldblood FIve’s voice rang again. But this time, Athena could feel a presence behind her.

When Athena turned around, she saw Ye Lang and Coldblood Five having snacks on the table as if they had been doing so from the beginning.

“Coldblood Five? Are you one of Coldblood Group’s thirteen core members?” Although Athena was surprised by her entrance, she was even more shocked by her identity.

Athena had known that Little Zero was part of the Coldblood Thirteen. But from her looks, she was very different from Coldblood Zero. And now that Coldblood Five was in front of her, she could not help but tremble.

Athena knew that, if she wanted to, Coldblood Five could easily take her own life.

“I am!” Coldblood Five nodded.

“Never did I expect you to be protecting him. With you here, I believe young master will be safe.” Athena resumed her normal, casual tone.

“Yep!” Coldblood Five answered indifferently.

“What are you two doing here? Coldblood Five, didn’t you forbid us from coming to his room?” At this time, Coldblood Seven joined in.

“You are…” Athena could not react to her appearance. How did this person manage to appear so silently?

“Coldblood Seven! And you must be Athena.” Coldblood Seven replied.


How do they know who I am? I never introduced myself.

Of course, Athena did not speak out her thoughts. After all, her fox characteristics had been too obvious.

At this time, Athena was awestruck that not only one, but two figureheads of the Coldblood Group were protecting and helping him. This was indeed beyond her calculations.

“It must’ve been very troublesome caring for the young master. It’s not convenient for me to show up here, so thank goodness you’re both here.” Athena felt that Ye Lang was truly lucky. He was supposed to fight a lone battle, but never did she expect him to be supported by two assassins.