The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 482

“There are probably thirty thousand people here. That means we’ll need thirty thousand prey… Would there be enough?” came Coldblood Five’s voice. 

Ye Lang and her were both in the same carriage but no one knew of her presence- not even the coachman knew he had two passengers. 

“It will be. It’s been like this every year, I think the animals migrate from another part of the forest…” Even Ye Lang thought it was unbelievable. 

Nature was some times mysterious that way, he never dwelled on it. 

Once he got off the carriage, he mixed in the crowd with Coldblood Five close by. 

More arrived. There were several characters who attracted attention when they did. 

“Miss Li Yue.” 

Looks like Li Yue was here, looking beautiful as always. It was time for Ye Lang to force himself over to get closer. 

Another person Ye Lang was familiar with appeared next to her. It was Li Yan, Other than the fact that he was an annoying person in general, Ye Lang knew that after the previous incident, them meeting each other would only result in trouble. 

He could care less though. For the success of their plan, Ye Lang did not mind having to spend time with Li Yan too. 

However, Coldblood Five advised for him to wait until Li Yan left, speculating that Li Yan would not be hunting with Li Yue. Therefore, Ye Lang waited. 

After a while, another prominent figure appeared. It was some Lord, then some Lady… They were very popular figures in the city- looks like it was an event for celebrities too. 

However, the next person to arrive triggered even more ripples across the crowd. 

When Ye Lang saw this person, he quickly decided to stay away. As the person approached Li Yue, Ye Lang decided he was going to temporarily suspend the plan and he’d rather die than get closer. 

Who would have the power to invoke such a reaction from Ye Lang? 

Li Yue and the rest of the nobles were expected arrivals, although there was still a huge commotion when they arrived. 
This was an unexpected arrival though. No one knew she was going to come, some of them even suspecting foul play. 

Then everyone got down on one knee. 

“Your Majesty…”

Yep, it was Zhao Yarou. Was she here to have fun with her people at the hunt? Or was she here to say a few words? 

They would soon know. 

“A very good morning to all, I am here today to participate in the group hunt. I am just an ordinary participant today, there is no need for formalities,” Zhao Yarou announced with a smile. 

The crowd cheered. They were mostly supporters of the empress and at the same time wanted to take the opportunity to get to know her. 

Ugh, what’s SHE doing here? Is she too bored at home or something? She’s in the way of my plans!  

Ye Lang immediately stayed far away once she appeared. She might be able to recognise him even under disguise, he couldn’t risk it. 

Their biggest problem was this: since Li Yue was Captain of the City Guard, and Her Majesty was present, she was now the empress’ bodyguard. 

Should I take this opportunity to kill her during the hunt… With my arrow…And claim it was an accident...” A malicious thought surfaced within Ye Lang’s mind. 

Looks like this group hunt was fated to be eventful. 

“She’s the little empress?” asked Coldblood Five hesitantly. 

Everyone was surprised at her arrival. Even at this point, they suspected someone was pretending to be the queen for they refused to believe the empress herself would come. 

While most people knew her name, very few had seen her in person. She rarely appeared before the general public and had taken on a rather mysterious identity. 

Of course, there were pictures and drawings of her across the empire so most people knew how she looked like. Seeing her in person was different though. 

Coldblood Five had also seen a portrait of Zhao Yarou but she couldn’t be sure. 

“Yep, that’s her.” Ye Lang nodded. He was a credible source too. 

And after confirmation and a moment of deep thought, Coldblood Five had one question. If Coldblood Seven were present, she’d be so mad…

Coldblood Five’s question was simple: 

“Kill her?” 

She shared the same thought as Ye Lang. They both wondered if they should take the opportunity to kill Zhao Yarou. However, she felt like she was doing it more for Ye Lang rather than the Vermilion Bird Empire or the Coldblood Group. 

As Coldblood Five, she knew how Zhao Yarou had treated Ye Lang- she was the enemy.  She knew too that if Ye Lang were to fall into Zhao Yarou’s hands one day, it would be a disaster. 

Over the past two years, Zhao Yarou had always borne an intense enmity towards Ye Lang. It was the kind of seething hatred so intense no one could understand why she felt that way. 

It didn’t make sense to most people. Since he’d already left the empire, as an empress, she should’ve accepted the fact and let her grudge go. It was of no use to the empire to hold such feelings anyway. But she held on to the grudge. 

The oddest thing was that Zhao Yarou did not show much hatred towards Ye Chengtian and the rest of the Ye family. She neither supported nor refused when her people formed partnerships with the Ye family. 

To her, since the Ye family was already outside the empire, as long as they did not have any relations to her inner circle of government, then they were of no importance to her. 

But she continued to follow news of Ye Lang’s whereabouts while ignoring the rest of the Ye family. 

In short, if the entire Ye family were to appear here now, perhaps Zhao Yarou would even be polite to them. Only Ye Lang would have special privileges… To be buried alive. 

Not many knew how much she hated him though. It was only Coldblood Five, who operated in such a dark industry, knew of this. This was because there had been people within her field who’d once been sent to kill Ye Lang. 

“Yeah, I think we should. Let’s look for an opportunity to kill her…” Ye Lang agreed very straightforwardly. 


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