The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 483

If assassinating Zhao Yarou wouldn’t bring so much trouble, Ye Lang would’ve killed her already. This was because her existence would always be a threat to him. Although he was a clueless person, he was very clear on this. 

This was also why he was here in disguise. With his personality, he would’ve come to the empire as he was. Here, he definitely did not want Zhao Yarou to see him even under disguise so he hid to avoid her eyes. 

Like right now…

“I need to go…”

Ye Lang realised Li Yue seemed to be looking for someone. Just as her gaze swept across where he stood, he disappeared amongst a crowd, leaving Li Yue crestfallen. 

“Is he even coming?” muttered Li Yue to herself, disappointment painted on her face. 

“What’s the matter, Captain Li?” asked Zhao Yarou asked casually as if she didn’t care much. However, it was rare for a person like her to even raise a question. 

Zhao Yarou had been treating Li Yue well recently. No one knew if it was due to the Li family or because Li Yue was talented…

Maybe, just maybe, it was because Li Yue once rejected Ye Lang. 

“Nothing…” answered Li Yue. How could she tell anyone she was waiting for a person? A boy too! 

If anyone else knew about this, the news would spread like wildfire. Everyone knew her personality and how she treated guys! 

“Oh…” Zhao Yarou did not probe further. It was already a very rare occurrence for her to ask a casual question, not many things in this world can interest her. 

On the other hand, while Ye Lang was hiding, Coldblood Five couldn’t help but ask, “What are you doing?” 

“I’m hiding. I’m afraid Li Yue might see me,” answered Ye Lang. 

“You idiot, don’t forget what you’re here for!” reminded Coldblood Five. 

“I’m here to seduce Li Yue!” he replied immediately. 

“Then why are you still hiding from her? So what if she sees you? I know you’re afraid of Zhao Yarou but she would never let Li Yue bring you along in their hunting party. She doesn’t even know you’re you, Zhao Yarou won’t be interested,” said Coldblood Five solemnly. 

As the empress of an empire, Zhao Yarou did not have the time to waddle in gossip and think about who her subordinates were dating. She wouldn’t even ask! 

“I know but I’m terrified of that psychotic woman seeing me. I might die!” 

“So what if she sees you? You think she’ll recognise you with just one look?” asked Coldblood Five. With his disguise, even his closest friends would not be able to recognise him. 

“Did you both use to be very close?” She suspected the relationship between both of them might not be as simple as she thought. 

“Nope, I barely know her!” denied Ye Lang. From what he remembered, they weren’t close at all. They’d spent some time together when they were children but they’d only met twice after they were teenagers. No, this was the third time.” 

“If that’s true, what’s there to be afraid of?” huffed Coldblood Five. 

“You’re right, why am I so scared?” he said as he realised there didn’t seem to be a need to be afraid. So what if she saw him? Even his own mother might not recognise him, how could she? 

He peeked out of the crowd but it was already too late by then. Li Yue was gone. 

“Little Five, do you think I’d be able to kill Zhao Yarou if I fire an arrow now?” Ye Lang was holding his bow, about to nock his arrow. No one would suspect because many people were doing the same. 

It was a group hunt, many were warming up with their bows and arrows and checking to make sure their weapons were in good conditions. It was their last chance. 

Once the group hunt began, no one would be able to leave nor would outsiders be able to enter. This area of the forest would be sealed unless there was an emergency or the participant chose to forfeit. 

“I don’t think so. There are many masters around her right now, they’re like me,” Coldblood Five said mildly. 

She’d already been surveying the place when she suggested to assassinate Zhao Yarou. She found that there were many masters secretly protecting Zhao Yarou present nearby. Of course, while they were experts, they were not aware of Coldblood Five’s existence. 

Individually, Coldblood Five was a lot more skilful than each of them. However, there were too many of them. Killing Zhao Yarou under the watch of this many masters would be impossible. 

It made sense too. If the empress of the Soaring Sky Empire wasn’t this well protected, she probably would’ve died a long time ago. 

“If I did kill her, would it be very inconvenient afterwards?” asked Ye Lang casually as if he had a plan. 

“Not just inconvenient. Based on both our capabilities, I think it would still be very difficult for us to escape. Also, it would make the initial mission you had a lot more difficult to complete.” 

Sometimes, the murder was the simplest part of the plan. However, to escape with your entire body intact was something Coldblood Five had to consider seriously. She was the number one assassin in the mainland and she’d earned the position only because she never left a trace. 

At the same time, Ye Lang was here for the Tianji Armour. If killing Zhao Yarou would hinder the progress of this mission, he was willing to let it go. 

“Oh, forget about it then. Let’s talk about it when we have a better chance,” shrugged Ye Lang. The thought of killing Zhao Yarou disappeared as quickly as it came. 

“Yeah, she isn’t a huge threat to you right now anyway. There’s still a problem though. If Li Yue’s following Zhao Yarou around, how will we approach her?” Coldblood Five was very concerned when she saw how Li Yue had to tag along. 

“It’s fine, Li Yue is just following her for now. They’ll part ways very soon.” 


“When the event begins, everyone will leave to hunt so there won’t be a huge crowd like this. There won’t be as much of a need to protect Zhao Yarou too, and as a last-minute bodyguard, Li Yue will probably leave too since this isn’t meant to be her job. When she does, I’ll be able to spend time with her alone… Hahahaha…” Ye Lang let out an evil laugh. 

“...” Coldblood Five was speechless. 

“Your Majesty, since you’re here, the honour of opening the hunt is yours…” 

The organisers of the event were also government officials who held important posts within the palace. The chairperson had already made thorough preparations and it was now time for his opening speech. 

However, with Zhao Yarou’s surprise visit, even he wasn’t sure what to do. He couldn’t guess what Zhao Yarou was here for so he dared not begin the hunt. The only option was to invite the empress to open the hunt herself.