The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 486

“You were the ones asking the questions! I was just giving you the answers!” Coldblood Five was sweating even more now. 

“Oh! I guess!” 


Thank goodness the little idiot was a little clueless or she’d be in trouble if he asked more questions. Even she couldn’t believe she’d forgotten all about this, treating him like he was one of her admirers! 

That was careless of her, it could’ve been a fatal mistake…

No way, she had to reflect on this when she returned! 

“Where’s your horse?” asked Li Yue, puzzled, when she saw him walking. 

“I plan to take it slow today, maybe enjoy the nice scenery here!” Ye Lang gave a look as if he was in awe of nature. He’d never tell her he couldn’t ride! 

“Oh, you’re sentimental! But I don’t think it’s very pretty here. The prettiest places are deeper into the forest, you’d be able to get there quicker if you had a horse.” She got off her horse, patting it as she got down. 

This meant she was planning to walk with Ye Lang! 

“It’s the same, walking isn’t that bad! We’ll never know, I might encounter good game!” said Ye Lang casually. This was the excuse he would be using for the rest of the conversation. Even if Li Yue insisted it wasn’t as nice here, that they should save time to get deeper into the forest sooner, he’d still say he wanted to ‘enjoy the scenery’ and ‘savour nature’. 

“You’re right! I don’t mind the walk either!” Li Yue nodded, holding the horse’s reins in her hand as she walked slowly. 

However, she continued talking. “However, there is one person I know who actually wins on foot. He always participates without a horse and yet encounters so many animals...” 

The person she was talking about was obviously Ye Lang. Everyone knew him. 

There was a change in tone when she talked about Ye Lang, though it was very small. 

“??” Ye Lang was confused but had no interest in asking further. Athena once told him to avoid talking about other people when he was trying to win a girl’s heart. 
Even Athena hadn’t told him that, Ye Lang was too lazy to ask. What’s that got to do with him? ...Well, to Ye Lang, it was none of his business. 

After walking for a bit, Li Yue furrowed her brows and turned around to say to the people following behind them. “Don’t you know the rules? Other than people who’ve agreed to hunt with you, you can’t follow another participant around or you’ll be banned from the event!” 

“Uh… Miss Li Yue, it’s dangerous for you to hunt with this kid. I think it’s best I stay!” One man stepped up, also implying he was the only one who was going to stay. 

The rest of the people could not stand this man. “What the fuck? Who do you think you are, you think you’re the only one who can have her? Miss Li Yue, we’ll all stay to protect you, let’s hunt together…”

“Apologies, I don’t need that! If you continue to follow me, I’ll have to inform the organisers,” said Li Yue very calmly, shaking her head. 

She was already used to situations like this, there was no need to be emotional. 

These people were just flies to her anyway. In the end, the group finally dispersed, the more stubborn ones kicked out of the hunting area by event crew. Ye Lang and Li Yue walked alone. 

One boy and one girl, both single. It was a good time to make a move. 

Ye Lang was deep in thought. What should he do now?

“What bad plan are you trying to formulate now?” asked Li Yue, looking at him. 

“No!!” He denied immediately but then asked, “How did you know I was formulating a plan?” 

“...” Li Yue fell silent. “I could tell by looking at your face. You beastmen are so naive, reminds me of that idiot…”

Li Yue had equated Ye Lang’s cluelessness to the beastmen’s naivety. However, compared to humans, the beastmen had far simpler personalities.

“Which idiot?”

“Hmm. He’s a top-notch prodigal son… but he’s not a bad person,” said Li Yue mildly, nodding her head. 

A top-notch prodigal son? Was she talking about…

“Hey, ask her if she kinda likes that prodigal son.” A message came from Coldblood Five. 

“Do you kinda like that prodigal son?” Ye Lang asked obediently. What he didn’t know was that the prodigal son he was talking about was himself. 

Although he didn’t know he was talking about himself, after he asked Li Yue, he sent Coldblood Five another message. 

“Little Five, why should I ask him that? It’ll ruin the plan! Didn’t Athena say to not ask her about people she might like?” 

“...Never mind that!” said Coldblood Five. She just had to know, it wouldn’t affect the plan. 

Li Yue was stunned for a moment upon hearing his question as if she had never expected to be asked this question, especially not from him. 

However, very quickly, she said, “No, but I hate him a little!” 

“Ask her why she hates him.” 

What, why would I do that? Ye Lang was confused but asked anyway. He didn’t ask her though because she’d already said ‘nevermind’. 

“I don’t think the word is hate, I’m just uncomfortable! He was once pursuing me, it started out of nowhere too! He was like a very annoying fly but then he suddenly stopped. It was so sudden, he never spoke a sentence to me since then, everything just felt so confusing…” Li Yue did not hide from Ye Lang either, she explained everything very slowly. 

“Oh, so that’s why…” Coldblood Five understood her. 

Once a person started pursuing you relentlessly, you’d be annoyed too and you’d wish for him to go away. However, out of the blue, this person stopped all contact and even ignored you at times. 

At this point, anyone would feel like they were just played. As if something they’d grown accustomed to was gone. 

However, there was a small possibility that Li Yue had been moved by Ye Lang’s actions. Ye Lang was a kid who showed no reservations anyway, he’d spent a lot on Li Yue when he was pursuing her. 

Maybe Li Yue wasn’t sure herself. However, to keep her dignity, she had to say she didn’t like Ye Lang when other people asked her about him after the incident. 

And then, she was so disappointed when he suddenly ignored her… 


You’re all wrong! 

If Li Yue heard these speculations, she’d say she would never like Ye Lang. She just felt… played!

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