The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 496

This was the only question that flashed through the unfortunate man’s mind, the last thought he would ever have. He would have to bring this question to ask Death himself! 

Many people present did not know how he did it either, including Li Yue. It was unbelievable, she didn’t understand. 

Unless there were two people? Then why didn’t she notice?

In reality, there were indeed two people among the trees- Ye Lang and Coldblood Five, but Ye Lang had shot the two arrows on his own without her help. 

Even Coldblood Five, who’d witnessed everything, was surprised at how incredible his archery skills were. 

First, she saw him shoot an arrow in one direction, then sprint in another direction. At that moment, she couldn’t guess what he intended to do. 

However, she understood when she saw that his arrow did not fly in a straight line, instead in an arc. It flew out of the forest to the campsite towards Li Xiande and the rest. 

When Li Xiande and the rest saw it, it was still flying in an arc but the angle was a lot smaller so they did not notice. 

In reality, he didn’t have time to anyway because Ye Lang then used an arrow to kill one of his men within seconds. 

If she hadn’t witnessed this with her own eyes, Coldblood Five would never have believed that his archery skills had improved thousandfold. And he was just using an ordinary bow and arrow without alchemy! It was unbelievable! 

Then, he continued to release arrows from the dark but they were less effective because everyone was already on guard and they had eyes in all directions. 

Very quickly after the previous arrow, they’d formed a circle, backs facing the centre of the circle so they could see in every direction. 

However, even with that, Ye Lang still successfully killed two people. In the end, there were only 3 people left including Li Xiande. 

The two arrows he’d fired were no longer stealth arrows. While they flew in plain sight, his victims were still unable to dodge in time! 

Li Yue had seen him use this magnificent technique at the range but never thought it was this powerful- the Nine Soaring Phoenixes. 

Nine arrows appeared from different angles at the same time, there was nowhere to hide! 

It was beautiful, the way the nine arrows flew like phoenixes…

Obviously, Ye Lang hadn’t stepped out of the forest since the beginning. That was why Li Xiande and his men could only remain in defence and could not retaliate. This was the most fatal disadvantage they had. 

At this point, Li Xiande was losing his mind. He never would’ve imagined to end up like this. He was a Di Earth Level fighter for goodness’ sake! Now he was no better than a trapped animal waiting to be hunted. 

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to retaliate-- he could not determine Ye Lang’s position and the arrows were a looming threat to him. It would be too risky to enter the forest! 

Thank goodness he didn’t too. If he did, he would be dead by now, for Coldblood Five would’ve dealt with him within seconds. 

Under such circumstances, no human was a match for Coldblood Five! 

“Get the hell out of there!” roared Li Xiande. 

Li Yue was almost laughing now, upon seeing Li Xiande being so mad. She was no longer worried, fully understanding that Ye Lang had the absolute upper hand! 

However, maybe because he saw her holding back her laughter, Li Xiande suddenly turned towards Li Yue. He sneered evilly. In a flash, he was now next to Li Yue with his sword in her face. 

“Mr Fox, show yourself if you don’t want this woman to die!” threatened Li Xiande, smirking. That smile was to tell everyone that if Ye Lang didn’t appear soon he’d kill her. 

Although she was wearing the Tianji Armour, she still had no strength in her muscles. The suit of armour offered no protection in the exposed parts of her body- especially not her face. 

“Holding an incapacitated lady hostage? You’re shameless!” said Ye Lang calmly, his voice rinning. 

“So what if I’m shameless? As long as I get what I want!” he said coldly, feeling like he was now at an advantage. 

“Mr Fox, leave me be! You showing yourself will not change anything, it will only make things worse!” said Li Yue calmly. She looked at Li Xiande’s sword calmly. 

She did not fear death. Li Yue was a soldier, she did not mind death. As long as her death was not a dishonourable one! 

If Li Xiande killed her now, she would not even crinkle an eyebrow! 

“I know!” answered Ye Lang. 

Ye Lang was thinking hard now. Was it better to let Li Xiande kill Li Yue? Then he’d be able to get Li Yue’s Tianji Armour easily. 

He was here for the Tianji Armour after all, this was a good opportunity! 

And if Li Yue died, he would not be blamed either. Li Xiande was the culprit, the Li family would come for the First Swordsman. He didn’t like the Swordsman anyway. 

No matter how hard he thought about it, letting Li Yue die now seemed like the best choice. There was no disadvantage to this at all! 

But, could he do it? Could he watch Li Xiande kill Li Yue right in front of him, without lifting a finger to help?

He couldn’t. Not like this. Ye Lang couldn’t. 

“Good! Then get the hell out of there, don’t you dare try to shoot me!” roared Li Xiande again. 

“You dare kill her?” Although Ye Lang didn’t want her to die, he wasn’t dumb enough to step out just like that. If he did, like what Li Yue said, everything would just become worse. 

Everyone was familiar with this scene. Once the culprit attained his goals, and the hostage was useless, he would be able to kill the hostage without hesitation. 

However, this was also a special situation because there was a possibility Li Xiande wouldn’t dare kill her. The Li family would be at his family’s throats. 

“If it comes down to me or her, I’ll let her die first!” said Li Xiande coldly. He felt like his back was up against the wall now. He was at a dead end. 

“Why would you pick that? You can let her go and then get the hell out. I don’t plan to kill you,” said Ye Lang nonchalantly. He was going to let Li Xiande live because his death would only complicate matters.
In reality, Ye Lang had no reason to kill Li Xiande either. In fact, he almost had to thank Li Xiande- let’s not forget this man had created such a perfect hero-and-damsel scenario for Ye Lang. 

That was why if Li Xiande did not do anything and just got the hell out, Ye Lang would not do anything. Li Yue would handle this matter on her own, he did not need to intervene. 

“I don’t believe you. You’ve killed so many of my men, aren’t you afraid I’d return seeking for revenge?” Li Xiande did not choose to leave. He didn’t believe Ye Lang at all, certain that Ye Lang would shoot him if he ran now. 

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