The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 497

“Why would I be afraid of you? I’ve already killed so many of you without help, how many more people can you get? Your father?” said Ye Lang casually. 

Yeah, this kid defeated all your men alone. If you seek revenge later in the future, he’d probably have more people by his side. Are you sure you’d be able to beat him? What would you do then, call your father? 

His father was a proud man, the First Swordsman with a reputable name. It would only be embarrassing for him to personally come settle his son’s petty fights. 

In reality, Ye Lang did not care about that. The real reason for his nonchalance was because he was not even part of the Fox family. If the real Fox family knew about this, they’d never be able to find him either! 

<i> Come at me! Come! My name’s Ford Fox, I dare you to come get me! I’m not afraid of you! </i> 

“If what you say is true, why did you have to kill so many of my men?” questioned Li Xiande coldly. He refused to believe Ye Lang. 

“If I didn’t, would you still listen to me? You’d still be yelling ‘KILL HIM!!’” scoffed Ye Lang. 

He was right. Without killing his minions, Li Xiande wouldn’t be as afraid as he was now. 

“...” Li Xiande remained silent, his expression changing. 

After a moment of thought, he still picked the option to continue raising threats against Ye Lang. Even if he did believe Ye Lang, his pride would not let him walk away just like that. 

If you thought about it, this was a guy who’d drugged a girl to rape her. He shouldn’t be this proud of himself. 

“Show yourself first. I can’t guarantee you’re not secretly trying to attack me later,” said Li Xiande. 

“Alright.” Ye Lang did not think twice, stepping out of the forest immediately. He was holding an arrow in one hand, a bow in another, ready to kill whenever he needed. 

“Put down your bow and arrow,” requested Li Xiande once more. 

“Alright.” Ye Lang obeyed, tossing his bow and arrow on the ground, both eyes still on Li Xiande in case of a  sudden attack. 

In case Li Xiande made any sudden moves, Ye Lang was ready. The bow and arrow were not a problem, he still had weapons in his space ring. 

“This woman, she’s yours.” Li Xiande suddenly picked Li Yue up and threw her at him, at the same time charging towards Ye Lang with the two minions he had left. 

Ye Lang thought they were going to leave but they were sprinting at him instead! 

“You really want to die, huh?” 

Upon seeing this, another bow appeared in his hands and he fired nine arrows immediately. With a technique called Nine Shooting Stars, he fired nine consecutive arrows.

“Such stupidity. Li Yue’s here, you can’t do nothing!” mocked Li Xiande. Li Yue and her Tianji Armour was the best shield he could ever ask for. 

What Li Xiande and his two men didn’t expect was that Ye Lang’s arrows flew in an arc! At a huge angle too, flying around Li Yue’s body and now directly at them. 

They could barely react to the sudden plot twist, plus they were still set on hiding behind Li Yue. With such little time, they could only watch as the arrow landed on… themselves. 

In truth, if they weren’t set on hiding behind Li Yue, and faced the arrows head-on, they’d be able to deflect it very easily. 

They’d dug their own graves, Ye Lang was just kicking soil into the hole. It was very easy. 




All three were shot, with Li Xiande being the sole survivor. He was a Di Earth Level fighter after all, even Ye Lang’s powerful shots could not kill him. 

However, while he didn’t die, he was still severely injured and could not move. 

Ye Lang could care less. Immediately after releasing his arrows, he tossed his bow aside to catch Li Yue (who was still flying towards him) and she landed horizontally across his arms, leaning against his chest. 

Li Yue was still in a daze when this happened. She could smell him, it was a masculine scent. This was the first time she was this close to a man. 

And to be held like this… He was so heroic… Her cheeks turned red. 

At this moment, in such a state of confusion, all she could do was let him hold her in his arms. 

We have to applaud the fact that the ‘hero and the damsel’ trope was a huge success this time! Unfortunately, the next sentence he uttered ruined the moment---

Even Li Yue’s fantasies were dashed when he said---

“You’re so heavy,” frowned Ye Lang. He was just being honest. Li Yue plus her Tianji Armour was indeed, heavy. 

“Aargh, put me down,” she said shyly. It was rare to see her like this. 

“Oh…” Ye Lang put her down obediently. He couldn’t wait to put her down but when he did, he hesitated. Because he was thinking about her Tianji Armour.

He wondered if he could take it from her now…

At this moment, Li Yue noticed his hesitation and it built into a misunderstanding. She thought Ye Lang was hesitating to put her down because he liked having her in his arms. 

“Hey, Li Xiande, does the arrow hurt? Do you want me to remove it for you…” Ye Lang walked over to him and flicked the arrow. 

Ye Lang had no plans to kill Li Xiande and was about to get the organisers to help him. He would never help an asshole like Li Xiande. 

“Aaargh… Not bad… Kill me if you dare, or I’ll be back…” threated Li Xiande, huge beads of sweat sprouting from his forehead. It told everyone that it hurt. It hurt like hell. 

“You’ll be back? You’re actually reminding me to kill you?” Ye Lang produced a shiny dagger, clearly to intimidate Li Xiande. 

“Mr Fox, don’t kill him! It’ll just complicate matters. Just teach him a lesson, that’s enough,” said Li Yue, panicking. Killing Li Xiande meant offending the First Swordsman, that was a whole other breed of trouble. 

“I’m just scaring him, I won’t actually kill him,” said Ye Lang with a grin. 

What was that, a joke?! 

Li Xiande was angered once again. “Hmmph, I knew you wouldn’t. You’re a coward.”

“I applaud your bravery for saying that. Do you really want to test me? To check if I really am a coward?” Ye Lang said with a thumbs up. No matter what, it was still impressive this man was practically taunting Ye Lang knowing he might be killed. 

Ye Lang’s dagger came closer and closer, the tip almost touching his chest...

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