The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 501

“It’s fine, he’s taking care of me. He’s alright,” Li Yue shook her head. 

“He…” Surprise flashed across her face but it disappeared very quickly. Perhaps because she didn’t expect Li Yue to allow Ye Lang to care for her. 

And until this point of the conversation, Ye Lang still hadn’t turned his head around. Not even when he realised it was Zhao Yarou. 

“Yeah.” Li Yue nodded, then turned to look at Ye Lang. 

Everyone looked at him at the same time, he’d become the focal point of attention in an instant. 

“Silly, you’re supposed to greet the empress! Or it’ll be suspicious!” came Coldblood Five’s voice. 

“I know but if I greet her she might recognise me!” frowned Ye Lang, extremely worried. 

“Just think of a way to get this over with, or I could kill them all now. Although it’ll be difficult, I think there’s still hope for success,” said Coldblood Five. 

“We’ll see…” Ye Lang was still thinking. 

“Hey, what’s the matter with you? The empress is behind you, can you please greet her or something?” said Li Yue. Even if he wasn’t a citizen of the Soaring Sky Empire, he should still mind his manners around their empress! 

“Oh, the empress is here! Would you like something to eat? Oh wait, you wouldn’t like wild animals, goodbye then. I won’t be seeing you off.” Ye Lang waved a hand, his head still unturned. 

“...” Everyone else fell silent for different reasons. 

Li Yue thought Ye Lang was panicking because of the poison, What are you doing?! Everyone can see you don’t want Her Majesty to be here, it’s too obvious that something’s wrong!  

While Coldblood Five sighed to herself, You’re only going to attract her attention like this. You’re bringing more trouble to yourself!  

The rest of the guards thought Ye Lang was utterly rude. How could he not treat the empress with more respect? 

Zhao Yarou merely smiled. No one could tell what she was thinking. Was this crazy woman angry? Was she going to kill him? 

“You’re wrong, I’m not a snob who only eats in luxury. Didn’t I ask you for a chicken wing just now?” Zhao Yarou said with a smile then took a seat right in front of Ye Lang. 

You don’t want me to see your face? I’ll sit in front of you then! Let’s see what you’ll do about it!

Everyone else was stunned by her response, wondering what she was going to do next. Not only did she not get upset, but she also took a seat with a SMILE?! 

Zhao Yarou rarely smiled. They’d served by her side for many years now and they’d never seen her smile like that. 

In the past, her smiles had a dark undertone behind them. Every time she smiled, a huge massacre would ensue. 

Was this the calm before the storm? 

“Your Majesty, he’s a beastman, he doesn’t know the rules! Please forgive him!” Li Yue thought Zhao Yarou wanted to kill him too, immediately defending Ye Lang. 

“He’s from the fox tribe, I know! Coincidentally, I’m about to have a meeting with the fox tribe to discuss matters relating to our trade and partnership. Which clan are you from?” Zhao Yarou turned to look at Ye Lang. 

Was she smiling only because of this?  

“Apologies, I’m not from the fox tribe,” said Ye Lang apologetically. It was a calm tone, he did not speak with righteousness or emphasis for that would just trigger suspicion. 

Zhao Yarou merely gave him a long look. She didn’t speak. No one knew what she was thinking. 

“Right, it’s true he’s not from the fox tribe. He’s from the Fox family, he’s half-beastman,” said Li Yue. 

“The Fox family?” Zhao Yarou looked surprised. “I see. Why are you here in Soaring Sky Empire, Mr Fox?” 

“For fun,” Ye Lang answered very curtly. 

“Fun?” Zhao Yarou was confused. 

“Yep, fun,” Ye Lang reiterated. “I’m not doing anything related to my family, I just want to travel for fun.” 

I’m a prodigal son, can’t I just travel for fun? I’m sure there are many people who travel for fun. Not just a professional prodigal son, the children of rich families all do this too.  

“Oh, I see…” Zhao Yarou said mildly. 

“Can’t I travel for fun?” Ye Lang asked sarcastically. 

“You can,” Zhao Yarou replied with another smile. She was so pretty when she smiled, it was mesmerising. 

“I didn’t know, you’re so pretty when you smile…” Ye Lang couldn’t help but remark. 

And when he finished, her smile disappeared. “Really? You mean I’m not pretty when I don’t smile?”

“No, you have a beautiful face,” interjected Ye Lang. 

“That means I’m not beautiful on the inside.” Zhao Yarou was oddly chirpy today. 

“Well, I don’t know about that…” Ye Lang wanted to say something sarcastic like ‘yeah, right, as if anyone would think you’re beautiful on the inside’ but he realised a stranger would not say such a thing. 

“Alright, let’s not talk about that. Can I have some of your chicken?” Zhao Yarou asked, looking at the chicken in his hand. 

“Not a chance, you should cook your own.” Ye Lang’s direct refusal stunned everyone, including Zhao Yarou. 


“You idiot, you should say yes!”

“No, I have my values! I will never share a chicken with her, I will never help her with anything!”


Ye Lang then started to eat after replying Coldblood Five, inhaling the entire chicken. While the rest watched in horror, he burped with satisfaction. 

What do you mean by this? You’re really not sharing a piece with me?  

Zhao Yarou stared at him. His answer was obvious. He was not going to even give her a piece. 

Coldblood Five understood what this implied. While Ye Lang hated Zhao Yarou’s guts, she realised he still didn’t have the heart to kill her. 

She had a feeling they weren’t just enemies, there was something more between them. 

Of course, this was just a feeling. She couldn’t confirm though. When she asked Ye Lang about it, he merely said they were nothing but enemies. 

She believed he would not hide anything from her… Unless even Ye Lang didn’t know. 

“Hmmph!” scoffed Zhao Yarou. Everyone there was terrified, this one scoffed was the equivalent of a death sentence. 

“Your Majesty…” Li Yue was about to say something when Zhao Yarou cut her off. 

“Say no more. Tell me how to cook this chicken. I refuse to believe that I won’t be eating chicken today,” she said coldly. 

“Ah…” Li Yue’s jaw dropped. Not only did she not rage, but she was also asking them how to cook the chicken?!