The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 508

“Mr Fox… I…” Li Yue gazed at Ye Lang, about to say something. 

“You don’t have to say anything. If you want to thank me, lend me your Tianji Armour!” said Ye Lang. 

“You’re still thinking about that? Alright, if both of us are fortunate enough to get out of here alive, I promise I’ll let you see it…” Li Yue blushed. 

To Li Yue, lending him the Tianji Armour meant she would be marrying him. Unfortunately, to him, lending him the Tianji Armour meant literally getting the suit of armour. 

“... Fine, I’m a good person, I’ll save you this one time!” 


Li Yue was puzzled but soon understood. Ye Lang had seen Zhao Yarou start to struggle. She had already reached her limit. 

Unless a person was her ultimate nemesis, anyone would save her upon seeing this. Ye Lang didn’t exactly hate her, he just didn’t care. However, watching her struggle in front of him made him very uncomfortable so he decided to save her. 

Sigh, I am a good person after all!  

He took a deep breath, then went underwater and swam towards Zhao Yarou. Very quickly, he held a struggling Zhao Yarou in his arms. 

At this moment, when Zhao Yarou saw him, she struggled even harder instead. If she could speak, she would’ve screamed for him to not come closer, she wanted him to see her die! 

Then in the next moment, Zhao Yarou did not move…

“Ah…” Li Yue’s jaw dropped because she witnessed something unbelievable…

Underwater, Ye Lang and Zhao Yarou’s lips were pressed together…

At this moment, Zhao Yarou felt like her world was spinning and everything was about to explode. She had lost all sense. 

All she could do was to feel this moment. She felt the coolness of the water around them, the warm, soft lips… 

If only time could stop at this moment…

However, there was a voice screaming…

What is he doing?!  

Ye Lang was only doing the right thing. The deep breath he’d taken previously was in preparation for supplying oxygen to the drowning Zhao Yarou. What he was doing was sealing her mouth with his own. 

To him, it was an act to save her. It was resuscitation, not a kiss. 

He did not know the scale of his actions either. If anyone else knew about what happened there, the entire Soaring Sky Empire would erupt in chaos. 

Obviously, no one would ever know about this day for none of the three present told anyone! 


Ye Lang panted and took deep breaths after dragging Zhao Yarou under the bucket. He did not notice the two stunned girls. 

After a moment of stunned silence, Zhao Yarou finally found her words and said coldly, “Why did you save me? Weren’t you going to let me die?” 

Her tone sounded as if the kiss did not happen. 

“I’m a kind person and I couldn’t watch you, you absolute madwoman, die! Alright?” said Ye Lang. 

“What’s the use of you saving me? We’re still going to die anyway!” said Zhao Yarou mildly. 

“Who said we were going to die?” said Ye Lang, confused. 

“?? You mean you can get us out?” Zhao Yarou looked at him. 

“You’re stupid, aren’t you? The carvings said only nine would die out of ten. That means there must be a way to come out alive. As long as we can survive this, the solution would reveal itself!” said Ye Lang, looking at her condescendingly as if to say she was dumb. 

“YOU’RE stupid! You can’t just think there’s a way out just because they said nine out of ten would die! Maybe they were just kidding!” argued Zhao Yarou. 

“Then you don’t know this-- the Tiangongyue tribe are a very special tribe because they never lie. That means everything the carvings say will be true. If they say nine deaths out of ten, that means there will be a way to escape!” said Ye Lang. Then, he added another line, “This is very similar to me, I never lie!” 

“Yeah, right!” scoffed both girls at the same time. 

At this moment, Zhao Yarou understood that she was the one who was making them suffer right now. If only she had listened to Ye Lang, they would have had a very smooth journey. 

“It’s true…” Ye Lang made the most honest face he could, which was ignored/ 


After some time, just as what Ye Lang described, the solution to escape came. A door leading to a hallway appeared right before them, water gushed out immediately. 

The three of them could barely keep their balance from the force of the current! 

“See, I told you!” Ye Lang kept his bucket as he pointed at the hallway. 

Once the ‘secret chamber’ was filled with water, a mechanism would be activated to open a hallway. The chamber was then no longer secret! 

“Let’s go!” Ye Lang carried Li Yue in his arms once again, telling Zhao Yarou that her muscles were weak again after the incident. 

Li Yue did not know what to say. She wished she could’ve been more useful or at least not dead weight like this that Ye Lang had to spend a lot of energy caring for her. 

However, she also wished this moment lasted forever. She wanted him to continue caring for her, carrying her! 

It felt great being cared for…

Zhao Yarou had the same realisation when she saw Li Yue. However, she would never look like a weak little girl just to get someone else to care for her. 

After passing through the narrow hallway, they came to a wider walkway. The previous one could only fit one person but this next walkway could fit six people walking shoulder-to-shoulder. 

In the middle were various colourful stone tiles,  none of them looked ordinary at all.

“Zhao Yarou, go check it out!” Ye Lang pointed at it.

“... Do you really think I’m THAT dumb? There must be a trap. I’ll be dead if I go,” said Zhao Yarou, exasperated. 

“But we need you to test out the traps. If you don’t test it, how would we know what kind of traps they’d set?’ said Ye Lang solemnly. 

“...” Zhao Yarou badly wanted to shove Ye Lang at it so he could test it himself but held herself back. 

“Look for another way!” said Zhao Yarou coldly. 

“You’re unbelievable! You were the one talking about wanting to die, and now you’re so terrified of dying…” Ye Lang said, shaking his head.  

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