The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 513

No one knew where Zhu Ye’er was at this moment either, she must’ve been busy with work again. With her absence, no one would have enough authority to stop the Li family’s representative from entering. 

Then again, if she knew who Ye Lang was, she might not have left her restaurant no matter how important her other matters were. 

Right now, although she had a good impression of him, she didn’t like him enough to give up a business opportunity just to spend time with him. This was especially after the Sky Lantern incident. Being a smart businesswoman, she’d taken the opportunity to expand her business. 

“What’s the matter?” asked Ye Lang when he heard someone was looking for him. The Li family’s servant was here. 

“This is an invitation for you from Miss, we hope you can attend the party tonight!” The servant gave him an invitation card, though he gave Ye Lang a long, hard look. He wondered who this Ye Lang was to be able to receive a personal invitation from their Miss. Miss Li had never voluntarily extended an invitation before, not even to the sons of the richest families. 

Did Li Yue like this young fox romantically? That didn’t seem possible, he didn’t look like her type. He was gorgeous though, one could call him pretty. 

However, there was still an effeminate vibe to him, he wasn’t the macho type. Li Yue was a trained soldier, the servant expected macho, hardened men to be her type. 

Yeah, that seemed impossible. Miss Li Yue must’ve extended the invitations for other reasons! 

“I don’t have time for this! I’m busy!” rejected Ye Lang immediately. It was obvious he didn’t even think this invitation was given by Li Yue. He thought it was some random aristocrat girl again, for he’d received quite a few invitations during the past few days. 

With his current looks, plus the Fox family’s name, and right after the Sky Lantern incident, he attracted a lot of attention. Not to the point of being a celebrity- though there were enough invitations to annoy him. 

“Uh…” The servant was stunned for a moment. He hadn’t expected Ye Lang to refuse Li Yue’s invitation, this was surprising! 

If only he knew Ye Lang had mistaken, he’d be even more confused! 

“Please don’t bother me, I’d like some time alone!” said Ye Lang, staring at the blue sky outside. 

“Uh… Mr Fox, I’ll just leave the invitation here. Come if you have the time, and if you can’t, I have issues with that either. However, our Miss rarely extends invitations, please treasure this opportunity!” said the servant. 

“Alright, I understand! Then please send my regards to your Miss…” said Ye Lang casually. From his distracted expression, he was barely paying attention. 

The servant was sure Ye Lang might not even read the invitation. 

In reality, Ye Lang paid no mind either. All he did was stare blankly into space all day. If it weren’t for Coldblood Five noticing the invitation, he would’ve missed this opportunity. 

“What? An invitation card from Li Yue? Who was that? Why didn’t he tell me, I almost missed my chance!” cried Ye Lang immediately after Coldblood Five talked to him about it. It was as if he blamed the servant for not telling him it was from Li Yue.

“I know he didn’t mention her name but you didn’t ask either…” said Coldblood Five, pointing out Ye Lang’s role in this misunderstanding. 

“Uh, I guess it’s also my fault…” Ye Lang thought for a moment and realised the problem might be with him in the first place. 

“Of course it’s your fault!” 

“Sigh… It is!” Ye Lang admitted honestly. 

“Since she’s already extended the invitation, you should prep for the event. You have to complete the mission tonight!” 

“Alright!” Ye Lang clenched a fist and said solemnly. 

That night was a beautiful night too. The moon was not seen that night, giving it a more mysterious feeling. The night sky was dotted with countless stars, it was mesmerising indeed. 

However, there weren’t many that day who were going to appreciate this beauty- especially not the ones at the Li Residence. Everyone was busy mingling with each other, no one looked up at the stars. 

There was one person who saw the stars though. In the yard, a beautiful girl was admiring the skies, leaning gently against a pillar. Her gorgeous features could be seen in the starlight, a pair of silver eyes as pretty as the moon staring straight up. 

It was so quiet it was as if she was the only person left in the world! 

“Miss Li Yue, why are you here? I’ve been looking for you!” a voice shattered the tranquillity of the night, coming from a person wearing a luxurious animal fur coat. 

This person was here to ruin her peace, the girl could feel it. 

We all know the girl was Li Yue, the most important person to Ye Lang tonight! 

Li Yue was like many soldiers, she was no social butterfly. Often, she would stay far away from noisy parties like tonight unless she had no choice. 

She was just like her grandfather, Grand Marshal Li. He rarely attended social obligations either, though he was still present for important events that required his presence due to his position. This was one of the more frustrating parts of his job, he had to attend parties he didn’t like! 

“I’m waiting for someone!” Li Yue ignored him, merely giving a mild answer. 

“You’re waiting for someone? Who?” he asked, puzzled. Most of the people were already here, who could she be waiting for? 

Also, which person in this world could make Li Yue wait like this. Based on his understanding of Li Yue, he could not imagine which person would make her wait, or she would be willing to wait for. 

“It’s none of your business!” said Li Yue gently, her eyes still fixed on the sky. What is going on? It’s late and the party’s already begun. Why aren’t you here yet? she thought to herself. 

“...” The other person was silent as he frowned. He could sense Li Yue was missing someone, likely the person she was waiting for. 

And it was very likely that this person was a man! 

If Li Yue was missing a man, that meant he had a competitor! 

Hmmph, I want to see who would dare take my girl away from me! he cursed privately, though he did not show it. He knew Li Yue was no ordinary person. If she knew he had such rash thoughts, it would only disgust her- she might even chase him out of her house! 

Ye Lang wasn’t even here and he had already made an enemy!