The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 515

In the recent two years, Li Yue had become a well-known figure especially among aristocrats who were present. They knew she was the young lady of the Li family, a young lady with a bright future. 

That wasn’t just because she was the Miss of the Li family, not just because she was wearing the Li family heirloom-- the Tianji Armour. The respect she earned was mainly due to her stellar performance in the military. Her family background didn’t matter, with her capabilities, she would have a bright future no matter what. 

A girl like this, plus her gorgeous looks and the fact that she was unmarried, naturally became the focal point of attention. There were many, many people who wanted to marry her, wanted her to be their daughter-in-law, wanted her to be part of their family. 

Under such circumstances, they watched as Li Yue refused to come into contact with most people. Even people with the best family backgrounds and terms were all rejected. 

However, many did not give up. They made various attempts to get closer to Li Yue, to win her heart but still failed. 

Many stories came from this situation too, the more popular ones becoming after-lunch gossip among the aristocrats. 

In summary, everyone understood one thing: it was very, very difficult to win Li Yue over. 

However, everyone present realised there was a possibility that someone had succeeded for she was holding a young fox’s hand. 

“Woah, he’s handsome…” The young aristocratic ladies all swooned when they saw him. 

However, as aristocrats, they quickly regained their composure so as to maintain their impeccable image. At the same time, they knew Ye Lang would only ignore them if they acted like dumb, swooning girls. 

“Does this mean Li Yue’s also one of those people who emphasize on looks?” 

 When they saw Ye Lang, they didn’t think Ye Lang was anything impressive. All they could tell was that he was handsome. Nonsense, what else would they know if they’d only seen him once?

However, there was now a misunderstanding for everyone had an impression that this was Li Yue’s type: pretty, soft boys. They should’ve sent pretty boys over to win her heart earlier, all this while they thought Li Yue was into manly men! 

It was late, they were sure no one could compete with Ye Lang. 

However, they were not surprised at Ye Lang’s appearance for members of the fox tribe mostly looked and dressed like that. It would only be weird if he was a fox and didn’t dress like a handsome, pretty boy. 

This was the difference between the races. Elves, foxes and the legendary dragon race all had features that were softer and feminine. A character like Ye Lang’s current disguise was not weird at all. 

Although they were not sure if he was truly Li Yue’s type, they thought it was a huge possibility because Ye Lang hadn’t appeared in her life until very recently. Some didn’t even know of his existence. That was why they’d come to this conclusion: to have such huge progress in a short time meant it was very likely he was Li Yue’s type. 

Not many knew of the things that happened between Li Yue and Ye Lang. Other than Zhao Yarou, perhaps no one really knew. If they did, they would not place so much emphasis on his looks and understand that Li Yue liked him not for his looks. 

Unfortunately, they would never know. Li Yue and Ye Lang never told anyone, it was their secret. It was also because it was related to the death of the First Swordsman’s son, hence it was very important no one knew. 

“Yue’er, is he your friend?” 

Before Li Tianjun and Madam Li could speak, someone had already beat them to it. He was a handsome young man. This young man and everyone else was looking at Ye Lang with the same expression on their faces- this man was just better at hiding it. 

“Yes, he’s my friend.” Li Yue nodded. “Also, please don’t call me Yue’er, that’s what my parents and elders call me, not you.” 

This young man was quite similar to Li Yue in terms of achievements. He liked using this as a reason to feel as if Li Yue and himself were different from the rest of the people, that they both were special. 

He’d heard the people closest to Li Yue call her Yue’er, sometimes he’d shamelessly use this pet name too. She’d told him many times not to do it but he never listened. 

Although she was upset, it wasn’t as if she could do anything about a person who merely used a pet name on her. 

“Looks to me like you’re not just regular friends…” The young man ignored Li Yue’s warning, making a remark at their relationship as he looked at their hands pointedly. 

Li Yue followed the direction of his eyes, wanting to know why he’d think they were more than friends. 

“Ah…” she yelped softly, immediately letting go of Ye Lang’s wrist upon realising she’d done a very intimate action subconsciously. 

She hadn’t noticed it because she was already very used to this ever since Ye Lang started carrying her around and caring for her. 

More bluntly put- he’d already carried her for days, holding hands did not mean anything now. 

However, that was because no one was around. Many people were staring at them now and her parents were there. Embarrassed, she immediately let go of Ye Lang’s hand, dipping her chin slightly as she blushed shyly. 

“Ah…” Jaws dropped, everyone’s mouths opened wide enough to fit an egg. 

Is this real? Li Yue’s blushing? They were in utter disbelief. 

“Cough, cough…” Li Yue coughed as her eyes swept across the audience, as if saying What are you looking at, there’s nothing to see here!  

In a moment, her fierce aura as a hardened soldier suddenly returned. 

The crowd quickly shut their mouths, watching to see what would happen next. What would Li Yue’s reply be? 

“Indeed, we’re not regular friends,” said Li Yue cooly, as if to imply she did not see a problem with this. 

“Not regular friends? Then what are you both?” This was what every admirer and person who cared about Li Yue wanted to ask. The person who said this aloud was Animal Man in his fur coat. 

“We’re…” Li Yue wanted to say something but couldn’t get out the words. It wasn’t because she didn’t want to tell them, she just didn’t know the answer. 

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