The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 518

Li Yue’s admirers were stunned for a moment. Not only did she not step away from Ye Lang, but she was also defending him. Even the rest present found this odd. 

We can’t say Li Yue was at fault either. She didn’t do anything wrong, just that the side she picked didn’t seem right… She was a member of the Li family, she was Li Yan’s sister! 

Could she pick Ye Lang’s side just for love? Was that allowed? 

“Even if I was wrong, I have received my punishment. This doesn’t erase what he has done to me. What right did he have to hit me? What right did he have to chase me out of the Romantic Floor? He doesn’t own the place!” roared Li Yan as he pointed at Ye Lang, then at Li Yue. 

While Ye Lang wasn’t in the wrong, everyone did think Ye Lang might be too nosey. Who was he to interfere with such matters? 

What they didn’t know was that Ye Lang was the most qualified to interfere. If only they knew who he really was. 

At this point, the crowd was looking at Ye Lang, wondering what he would say next. While they had many guesses, no one could guess what he said next. 

“I always help out when I see anything unfair happening. It is one of my principles. You don’t have to thank me,” Ye Lang bowed at Li Yan. 


It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. 

This fox kid was interesting indeed! Not only was he too honest, he even told Li Yan not to thank him? Li Yan was going to kill him! 

“Hmmph! Who’s thanking you? What kind of idiot are you? I am obviously going to beat you up, you think I’m going to freaking thank you?” Li Yan exploded in rage, pointing and yelling straight at Ye Lang. 

He could care less about his reputation and image now. No matter how formal the event was, he was in full rage. 

“You’re not thanking me, and now you want to beat me up? Now this is very wrong of you. First, you’re not even sorry about what you did wrong. Second, is this how you treat your guests? Is this how your Li family treats guests?” asked Ye Lang, looking at Li Yan. 

“The Li family does not welcome you, you are not a guest here,” cried Li Yan, still pointing at him. 

“Brother, please respect the guest I invited. I don’t care if you don’t like him, let’s talk about it later,” said Li Yue coldly. 

“Li Yue, this… this is ridiculous of you! You’re my sister, how could you disrespect your elder brother like this? I think you’ve been blinded, you’ve been cheated by this fox kid! He’s not a good person, he went to a place like the Romantic Floor!” roared Li Yan at Li Yue. 

She said mildly, “I am not disrespecting you, I just want you to show some respect to my guest, and respect me too. Can we talk about this later?” 

“Talk about this later? You’ll be cheated by this kid by then!” shouted Li Yan. 

“Stop it this instant! How could you all fight like this in front of so many guests! What’s the matter with you?!” Li Tianjun could not bear to watch any longer. He was furious, both at Li Yan and Li Yue. 

Li Yan had lost his temper at such an inappropriate moment; Li Yue was publicly defending an outsider. As a father, he was very angry indeed. 

“Little idiot, you failed miserably! Not only did you not improve your relationship with her, you added a lot more obstacles for yourself!” Coldblood Five remarked after witnessing the fight. She thought it was an absolute failure, they should’ve just stayed home. 

“Hehe, my apologies everyone. They’re kids, children and their childish fights,” Li Tianjun apologised to his guests with a smile, hoping to improve the awkward situation. 

“Mr Li, you say it’s just a childish thing, I think we should let them play. I want to watch,” mused another official, almost equal to Li Tianjun in terms of power and influence. He did not need to fear Li Tianjun at work or in terms of capabilities, naturally he could say whatever he thought. 

“Yeah, yeah! What’s done is done, let them do whatever they want. This is getting interesting!” Some people from the crowd started to agree. They wanted to see what would happen. The Li family affair was quickly becoming a joke to them. 

This was a rare opportunity indeed, how could they miss such a fantastic show? -this was what everyone was thinking. 

Perhaps it was due to the rapid rise of the Li family, which had invited a lot of jealousy. Right now, they all wanted to watch some Li family drama. 

“We have all gathered here today to talk about Her Majesty’s birthday party, let’s put everything else aside, shall we?” There was a wrinkle in his forehead, he wanted badly to kick the few people who triggered such a response though he obviously wouldn’t. 

“We’ve already discussed what we were here to talk about for Her Majesty’s party. There’s not much meaning to continue discussing anymore,” said the previous man who spoke. It looked like he was not about to let the topic of Ye Lang go easily. 

“We are not done yet. We haven’t talked about what to get Her Majesty, are we all giving one gift or separate gifts?” said Li Tianjun immediately. 

“Separate gifts.” 

“Yeah, I think separate’s better too. What should we get her? Should we get her something expensive but meaningless or something practical but inexpensive?” asked Li Tianjun. 

He was sure many people must be wondering too. Based on their understanding of Zhao Yarou, she was a very practical person so giving her something useful might be better. 

However, she was still the emperor! Would it be embarrassing for her if they gave her something practical but not expensive? 

If she’d previously held birthday parties, at least they would have some reference. Unfortunately, she had never organised one, or at least they were never invited to one. 

This time, her announcement was quite sudden too. The decision was made only days ago and instructions were given to make preparations. 

If Ye Lang and the rest knew, they would understand that the birthday party was meant for Ye Lang. This would only make the officials more confused. 

No matter what, the palace officials were all very puzzled with the sudden announcement. No one knew what to do- not even what gifts to bring. 

“Anything would do.” 


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