The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 519

“How can we give her any random gift? If she doesn’t like it, we’ll be in so much trouble!” exclaimed Li Tianjun when he heard this. 

“As long as you don’t give anything bad on purpose, there shouldn’t be a problem!” 

“Who dares give her something bad, that would be a death wish! But if we say anything goes, then we’ll have the problem of everyone giving very different gifts, then there’ll be a problem again!” said Li Tianjun. 

“There won’t be a problem because she doesn’t care about the value of your gifts, she won’t even look at your gifts! So anything would do, it’s just for the sake of formality.”

“How do you know… Wait, were you the one speaking?” Li Tianjun was about to question this person when he realised it was---- Ye Lang! 

“Yep, it’s me.” he nodded. 

“What do you know? Don’t talk your nonsense here, you don’t know the severity of the situation!” scolded Li Tianjun, upset. If he wasn’t Ye Lang, Li Tianjun wouldn’t have been this upset. Unfortunately, it was. 

It wasn’t because he looked down on Ye Lang, it was because Ye Lang was a tourist who’d just arrived in town. How could he know what Zhao Yarou liked? 

However, Li Tianjun did not know that Ye Lang had been with Zhao Yarou during the group hunt. If he did, perhaps he would’ve considered listening to Ye Lang. No one knew of it though. Zhao Yarou gave orders to never mention this to anyone, even Li Yue received the same instructions so no one knew. 

“Alright, I won’t talk then!” Ye Lang felt he was innocent in this, all he did was remind them! Would Zhao Yarou care? No, no she wouldn’t. 

That was why if these people here spent a fortune on a gift, the results would be almost the same as another person who spent a little time making an art piece on his own.

If only they listened to Ye Lang, then they wouldn’t have suffered such huge losses. In the end, many people present still spent huge amounts of money on luxurious gifts to get on Zhao Yarou’s good side. At the party, Zhao Yarou did not even look at the gifts, directly instructing her people to bring their gifts to the storage rooms. 

These people would then regret not listening to Ye Lang! 

“Why did you have to interfere? That last fight isn’t even over, you’re adding to the problem!” said Li Yue next to him, exasperated. However, she liked feeling like this. She liked the feeling she got when she was with Ye Lang, the exasperation he brought. 

During the days at the group hunt, she seemed to have fallen in love with this feeling, to the point of not being able to help herself. She never showed it though. 

“I meant well! Also, what fight?” asked Ye Lang blankly. He seemed to have forgotten about the incident with Li Yan. 

“... Nothing!” said Li Yue. 

“You fox, don’t touch my sister! Li Yue, he must have ill intentions towards you!” warned Li Yan. 

At this point, he was speaking much softer in fear of his father scolding him again. Not many people were watching them anymore. 

“Hey, Little Five, how does he know? I can’t believe he knows, should we deal with him?” Ye Lang sent Coldblood Five a question as he stared at Li Yan. 

“...What does he know, he’s just talking nonsense! It’s just a coincidence!” came Coldblood Five’s reply. 

It was just a coincidence. With Li Yan’s intelligence, how could he see through such an intricate disguise? Even Li Yue did not notice it herself, no one else would. 

“Why are you always so suspicious? He only chased you out of that place! He also saved you in a way, if Her Majesty found out much later, you could’ve been sentenced to death!” frowned Li Yue. 

Li Yan was silent for a while. Although he wasn’t smart, he still understood that it was a possibility. If Zhao Yarou had personally found out about this, he could’ve been killed. 

Zhao Yarou did want to kill him the last time they met! 

“I’m not talking about that! Do you know what he did when he went to the Romantic Floor? How many good men go to a place like that?” cried Li Yan frantically, though he forgot that he was one of them. 

There were still people listening in on their conversation, and when they heard what Li Yan say, they were secretly laughing to themselves. 

“Not many good men indeed, but there are a few and I am one! As for you, you’re definitely not one of them,” said Ye Lang cooly, staring at Li Yan. 


Li Yue and the rest couldn’t help but laugh. They were laughing at how shameless Ye Lang was. 

“You’re shameless!” exclaimed Li Yan in a rage. 

“No, I’m not!” 


This kid was interesting! 

“You’re a little idiot, but at least you’re cute…” said Coldblood Five. 

Ye Lang didn’t understand and wanted to ask but Coldblood Five did not give a reply. 

“Hmmph! Tell us then, why were you at Romantic Floor?!” Li Yan felt like he would have a heart attack talking to Ye Lang. 

“I was there to… drink flower wine!” could Ye Lang tell him the truth? Of course not. That would only reveal his true identity. There were not many things to do at the Romantic Floor but ‘listening to music and drinking wine’ was the least shady thing there. 

“See, even he admits it, he was there to drink! Li Yue, do you think a man like him is trustworthy?” Li Yan looked very excited to have found a flaw with Ye Lang. 

“So what if he drinks flower wine? Why would a man be untrustworthy if he drinks some wine?” said Li Yue very nonchalantly which stunned everyone present. 

Was love really blind? Did she really not care that he’d gone drinking? 

Did she? They didn’t notice but Li Yue cared very much, she’d already made very small actions so Ye Lang suffered in agony but could not make a sound. 

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