The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 522

“Not bad, Li Yue! Your skills are getting more and more amazing! With you here, I don’t have to worry anymore.”

You’re shameless enough to say such a thing? His skin must be so thick! If I were you, I would’ve slipped off with my tail between my legs! 

“Thank you!” Li Yue blushed again, savouring his praise. 

Love must really make people blind. You still like him after what just happened? You should leave this useless asshole! 

Everyone shook their heads at her behaviour, they were sure infatuation had blinded her senses. But who knew what had happened between them? Of course she would know if he was a coward. 

If he was a coward, would he have fought the First Swordsman’s son, would he have put his life on the line to save her in the forest? If he was a coward, would he have kept his cool in the water chamber, would he have saved us? 

He must have a reason for behaving like this, perhaps he just didn’t like fighting! 

What Li Yue didn’t know was that Ye Lang couldn’t attack, for he would expose his identity. He usually used alchemy in duels and martial arts from the treasury. 

The techniques from the martial arts treasury were rare so not many people would recognise it. However, if anyone had seen Ye Lang fight before, they would immediately recognise such movements. 

And there were many people here who had seen Ye Lang in action! 

That was why he could not do anything! He chose an option he thought was very normal- let Li Yue fight, he would give her moral support from behind. 

Yeah, moral support! He wasn’t hiding! 

“Pretty boy, is hiding behind women all you know?” roared Animal Man as he charged at Ye Lang. However, he dared not force himself past Li Yue, not only because Li Yue was a lot more capable than he was, but also because he did not want to anger her. 

“No, I know many things!” said Ye Lang. 

“Like what?” 

“Like… knowing when leaving is the best solution! Li Yue, your Li family does not welcome me, I don’t like events like this either! It’s all so annoying! Goodbye, we’ll meet tomorrow!” Ye Lang left at top speed after this. 

There was no need to stay anymore. There were only annoying people pestering him, he had no chance to develop his relationship with Li Yue. They’d have to wait until tomorrow. 

“Alright! See you tomorrow!” nodded Li Yue. 


Everyone was left in shock to see Ye Lang leave just like that. Just when they snapped out of it and wanted to run after him, he had disappeared. 

“Hmmph, he’s a coward!” scoffed Li Yan and the rest. 

“Li Yue, how could you be with a person like that? He’s awful! Absolutely useless!” Many people surrounded Li Yue, including the aristocratic ladies who were initially swooning when they first saw Ye Lang. 

“Is he?” Li Yue merely asked with a smile. “I’m a little tired, I’m going to rest. Apologies, everyone!” 

Li Yue realised how smart Ye Lang was. It was very tiring out here, and there was no need to stay! 

Everyone had no choice but to leave too when they heard this-- more like, people who came only for Li Yue. 

After Li Yue and Ye Lang left, the party continued late into the night until they agreed on what to gift Zhao Yarou. 

That was the true objective of this gathering anyway! 

However, this incident had spread like wildfire among the Soaring Sky Empire’s aristocrats. Almost everyone knew of him, a pretty boy who only hid behind women. 

Ye Lang’s name was now ruined… No, it was Ford Fox’s name that was ruined! 

“Master, how could you do this? You’ll leave a bad impression on Li Yue if you act like this! Look, she hasn’t appeared in days!” 

Athena blamed Ye Lang for ruining the plan. This mission looked like it was destined for failure, and they had spent almost a month on it. She could not bear to see it fail! 

And when Li Yue never showed up the next few days, she was now very sure it was a failure! 

“It’s fine, so what if our plan has changed? This is great too, or I’ll feel awful for this anyway!” said Ye Lang. “Lying isn’t good, especially not when it involves relationships and love…”

“What’s the use of telling me this now?!”

“No use, I’m just talking. I’ll still do what needs to be done.”


“Then what should we do now? Li Yue still hasn’t appeared, do we really have to go to Zhao Yarou’s birthday party?” Athena frowned. This was something they wanted to avoid. 

Ye Lang entering the palace was the equivalent of stepping into the jaws of a monster, it was too dangerous! 

“Worst case scenario, I don’t go. It’s not relevant to us anyway, I’m not pursuing Zhao Yarou! Then again, I never agreed to go,” said Ye Lang with a shrug. 

“Right, I forgot! Not attending is an option!” Athena slapped her forehead, sighing at how she’d forgotten such a key point. 

Although Zhao Yarou had extended the invitation, Ye Lang could always not attend the party. This wasn’t going to affect the plan, Li Yue would not be affected. 

Of course, attending the party would be great as he would have another opportunity to talk to Li Yue.  However, if it was too dangerous, even if he wanted to go, the rest would not let him.

“Yeah. I wonder what happened to Li Yue, why isn’t she out… You have to find out why!” 

“I’m on it, do you really think I’d wait for your instructions? I’m sure we’ll receive news very soon!” said Athena. 

“Also, how’s the negotiation going? What requests does Soaring Sky have?” asked Ye Lang casually. He did not care .much for it. 

“Soaring Sky gave us very good terms, I don’t think we will be declining the offers. They did not ask for much either, they just wanted to form an alliance.” Other than dealing with Ye Lang’s mission, Athena had been spending the past weeks on the negotiation, attending negotiations with the Soaring Sky Empire as a representative of the fox tribe.