The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 523

That was perhaps also why Athena and the rest did not raise suspicions on Zhao Yarou’s side. They looked like a very normal team of diplomats so Ye Lang’s incident, which became very popular, did not affect them. 

So what if Zhao Yarou suspected something anyway? Athena and the rest were not endangering Soaring Sky so Zhao Yarou would not do anything that might trigger a war between the beastmen and Soaring Sky. 

Although they were the most powerful human empire, they still had to take caution while dealing with beastmen. A mistake could be disastrous. 

“An alliance? What kind?” Ye Lang asked, his casual tone indicating he did not care for the answer. 

“It’s just a peaceful agreement. No one attacks each other, fair trade…” Athena listed out a couple of agreements that didn’t seem like much. All of them were win-win agreements that did not hurt either party. 

Looks like it had been a fair negotiation, no one was at a disadvantage. The tribe was going to benefit from this. 

It did not look like Zhao Yarou had any hidden intentions behind this either, perhaps just wanted to make another friend. This was a very normal diplomatic move. 

However, we have to praise Zhao Yarou for being the first human emperor to formally form an alliance with a beastmen tribe. The benefits of this would be immeasurable. 

“Alright, go ahead with your negotiations. I’ll carry on with Li Yue on my side. If we still cannot solve this, I’ll go with our last resort,” said Ye Lang. 

“Yeah, we’ll go with the last resort if we still cannot get it. Please be careful though, don’t take too many risks,” said Athena. She wasn’t worried about his plan, just his safety. 

“I know. Be careful too. No matter what news you hear about me, you all have to pretend as if nothing had happened, carry on as usual. Remember that, no matter what,” said Ye Lang, emphasizing on his point. 

“Alright, I will.” Athena nodded, she could feel it might be the last time she would meet Ye Lang here. After this, even if she received news that he was in danger, she would not be able to take action for their secret might be revealed. 

Zhao Yarou was no ordinary person, she could do whatever she wanted. She might kill Athena and everyone else without hesitation. 

Time flew. It was Zhao Yarou’s birthday. Ye Lang still hadn’t seen Li Yue though from the news he received, it wasn’t because of her hating Ye Lang, but her absence was due to the Li family’s protests. 

After that day, the Li family was strongly against the relationship between Li Yue and Ye Lang, for his behaviour that day had greatly disappointed them. Most importantly, Li Tianjun and his wife were very disappointed in Li Yue’s attitude too. They wanted to nip this relationship in the bud as soon as possible. 

All Ye Lang could do was wait. He couldn’t just show up at their house and beg them to let him marry Li Yue, could he? 

He had time, so he wasn’t worried. 

“Little Five, let’s go. We shouldn’t stay here today, I’m afraid Zhao Yarou might personally visit us,” said Ye Lang. It was very early in the morning, before sunrise- this was borderline ridiculous. 

The party was tonight. Even if Zhao Yarou came to catch -no- invite him, she would do it in the afternoon. It was still early. 

The rest also felt like Zhao Yarou would not personally extend an invitation either, for she had never done this before. 

However, Ye Lang suddenly felt like it was very much possible, he had a feeling. That was why he thought he should leave first. 

“Hey, are you really not going to the party?” asked Coldblood Five. 

“Nope, I won’t get much out of the party anyway, especially if it turns out like the previous party at the Li Residence. Plus I’ll risk falling into Zhao Yarou’s traps, it’s not worth it at all,”analyzed Ye Lang with a shake of his head. 

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. It’s not worth it,” said Coldblood Five. 

“Let’s go, we should attend an auction today, then…” When Ye Lang was still listing his plans for the day, a line of people arrived. His plans were ruined. 

After he confirmed who they were, there was no need to list out his plans, for another person had already dictated how his day would go. 

“Oh no, Little Five, look at how crazy this Zhao Yarou is! I can’t believe she sent people here THIS early!” cursed Ye Lang in a low voice. This line of people was from the palace, they were Zhao Yarou’s people. She had sent her men to block off the place so Ye Lang would not be able to slip away. 

Even a person as slow as Ye Lang would start to suspect that Zhao Yarou had already figured out who he was. That must be why she sent her men to stop him from leaving. 

At the same time, the palace was now a huge, huge trap to Ye Lang. If he entered, he could be trapped inside! 

That was why he had to make a decision now. Should he still enter the palace or run away, shaking these people off? 

“I want to go see Li Yue, you people don’t have to follow me.”

No matter what, Ye Lang wanted to shake these people off and meet Li Yue first. He wanted to see if he could get Li Yue to show him the Tianji Armour first, this might be his last chance. 

“Apologies, Mr Fox, the empress has given orders to follow you. Her Majesty said we have to follow you even if you visit the washroom,” explained the leader. 

“Ugh, this is an infringement of basic human rights!” Ye Lang was furious. Follow him to the toilet too? This was ridiculous!

“Apologies, I do not know what that means. However, we have to obey the empress’ orders, please understand.” 

“Just listen to what he says. He’s powerful,” came Coldblood Five’s advice in his ear. 

“I know, I’ve seen him before. He’s one of the top ten masters of the empire. I can’t believe Zhao Yarou thinks I’m THAT good, to send a person like him to watch me,” came Ye Lang’s reply. 

Ye Lang was more familiar about the royal matters of the Soaring Sky Empire than most people. He had personally met many people within the palace. 

“I think Zhao Yarou knows who you are…”

“I don’t think so, we were not that close… Whatever, so what if she finds out? In a place like this Imperial City, I’ll leave when I want too. Even the palace cannot trap me,” shrugged Ye Lang. 

He was not bragging, for he was sure it was true. He was too familiar with this area, he knew all the best places to hide. 


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