The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 525

“What are you talking about, we’re talking about her problem now!” Madam Li reminded Li Tianjun, pulling the conversation back. 

“That’s enough, both of you, Li Yue has her own opinions now, and when has she ever made you both worry? Sometimes, as parents, you both have to let her do her own thing too. If I were like you many years ago, do you think both of you would’ve gotten together?” asked Grand Marshal Li, looking at his son and daughter-in-law. 

“I…” Li Tianjun and his wife fell silent. 

There was a story behind how they got together too, a story filled with obstacles. Grand Marshal Li was right. If he’d been so against it, they would’ve never been together. 

“We’re us, she’s her! That Fox boy is horrible, he’s unsuitable for her,” said Li Tianjun. Although his tone was softer, he was still against their relationship. 

“You must’ve heard what Li Yue said, she said you cannot judge him by his looks. This means there are some things you both do not see and she does, that’s why she trusts Mr Fox!” said Grand Marshal Li. 

“Years ago, who would’ve thought the little thirteenth master of the Ye family would have the success he has today? You all thought he was just a dumb idiot, and what happened? Even the empress could not capture him, he escaped with the Ye family. With such tight defences, who could’ve believed he could run away? And who thinks they could’ve done the same?

“This serves as a lesson to all of you, do not judge a book by its cover!”

“About that…” Li Tianjun fell silent. This incident had been a memorable one. He’d known Ye Chengtian and also seen Ye Lang. He felt like his own eyes had missed such a talent, perhaps even blind!

Li Yue spoke up. “To be honest, you can’t stop me either. He’s coming to pick me up for the empress’ birthday party. I don’t want you all to see him, it might affect your impression of him again.”

“He’s going to the empress’ party? How could he? Don’t just bring random guests, it would upset Her Majesty.” Li Tianjun thought Li Yue was bringing Ye Lang to the party without the empress’ permission. 

And that could spell trouble because if Zhao Yarou knew, she could be punished. They could not take such a risk! 

“I think she would be upset if he doesn’t go. The empress personally invited him,” said Li Yue. 

“What?! Her Majesty personally invited him? How is that possible? Does she know him?” there were question marks around their heads, utterly shocked at such news. 

“They’d only just met but the empress was acting very odd around him during the group hunt. I can’t be more specific though, Her Majesty has ordered us not to talk about it,” said Li Yue. 

“...” The Li family was silent. 

“I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover indeed. I can’t believe the empress invited him,” sighed Li Tianjun. 

Thank goodness he hadn’t done anything out of line in front of the fox or he might be murdered. 

Not just Li Tianjun, Li Yan was also heaving a private sigh of relief that he was still alive. It was already a very good outcome from the past incidents. 

Right now, Li Yan felt like Ye Lang’s visit to the Romantic Floor might not be random. Perhaps he was there on the order of Zhao Yarou and later, she took the incident as an excuse to kill himself. 

“Don’t tell anyone about this, I don’t think Her Majesty would be happy,” said Li Yue. “You all know only a small part of the story. There are still a lot of things you don’t so please, respect my decisions.” 

“We will respect your wishes but if we find out that you are wrong, we will still interfere.” Li Tianjun did not want to give up his power as a father. 

“Fine! I can go now, right?” said Li Yue. 

“You… Just go…” he could barely get the words out. The conversation had already escalated to such an outcome, could he still make Li Yue stay? That seemed impossible, nor would it be smart. 

They were shocked to receive a message just as Li Yue was about to step out of the door. 

“Master, Sir Tie Jing is here with Mr Fox.” 

“What?!” gasped everyone. 

All who were present knew who Sir Tie Jing was. This was one of the top ten masters of the empire, a humble man who had exceptional abilities. 

That meant Sir Tie Jing rarely appeared in public so not many knew of his whereabouts. However, they knew he was as strong as the First Swordsman despite not having the same level of fame! 

Sir Tie Jing had a past of his own. He was not working for the empire, it was Zhao Yarou herself who dug him out of hiding, he’d once helped her a long time ago in secret. 

There were stories that Zhao Yarou had many people like Sir Tie Jing, that she’d formed a powerful team. Even the current royal kingsguard would not be able to defeat them. 

Of course, some of them had been formally recruited as her kingsguard but the rest remained a secret team. 

Sir Tie Jing’s appearance, along with his men, was a hint at her network! 

Many people tried to suck up to him too, since his first appearance in public. It was said that most of them failed, for he was a man who only did what had to be done. He never touched anything he was not supposed to. 

No matter what, Sir Tie Jing was an important man to Zhao Yarou. He would never appear under regular circumstances, and now that he was here with Ye Lang, the Li family was shocked. 

At the same time, Li Yue was shocked too. Zhao Yarou must think Ye Lang was very, very important! 

“Sir Tie Jing, what brings you to our home?” greeted Li Tianjun although technically he ranked a lot higher than Sir Tie Jing in the palace. Sir Tie Jing was just a guard. 

However, that did not mean Li Tianjun should let down his guard. Sir Tie Jing was a person close to Zhao Yarou and an extremely capable master. 

Even a major palace official like Li Tianjun should be cautious. 

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