The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 526

“Mr Li, I am only obeying orders given to escort Mr Fox to the palace. Mr Fox said he wanted to go with Miss Li Yue and coincidentally the empress also mentioned the same so they can head to the palace together,” said Sir Tie Jing. He behaved just like a low-ranked guard too, there was no sense of arrogance in him, 

This was why everyone loved him, unlike the First Swordsman who would not be so polite, merely throwing his position around in conversation. 

“You’re here just to escort him to the palace?” asked Li Tianjun in surprise. He thought there must be something else but it was just a minor matter.

What else did this prove? Yep, this proved that Zhao Yarou placed much importance on Ye Lang! 

“Yes, Her Majesty said we must protect Mr Fox and be with him at all times,” replied Sir Tie Jing. 

“Why?” Li Tianjun wanted to know the reason. This was very puzzling, for even Zhao Yarou did not always hire Sir Tie Jing for protection when she left the palace herself. And this ‘pretty boy’ had such privileged treatment, it was very confusing indeed! 

“I don’t know, I don’t need to know either. All I need to know is that this is an order from the empress!” replied Sir Tie Jing. 

“...” Li Tianjun fell silent. He understood this too, that Sir Tie Jing was a man of loyalty, he would not question Zhao Yarou’s orders. 

“Li Yue, let’s just go to the palace now. I don’t even feel comfortable going to the toilet like this!” offered Ye Lang upon seeing her. This was the quickest way to shake off Sir Tie Jing. 

He was right. Once he stepped into the palace, he would not need Sir Tie Jing’s protection anymore. His mission would be completed. Once he was in the palace, while there would be many more people watching Ye Lang, at least he had more room the breathe without a personal bodyguard. 

“Alright, I’m ready anyway!” said Li Yue immediately after a moment of stunned silence, for she had been wondering why he wanted to leave so early. 

“Let’s go! Grand Marshal Li, Mr Li, Madam Li and the rest, please excuse us! See you there,” said Ye Lang to the Li family. 

‘And the rest’?! He did not even mention our names!

The two Li brothers looked at each other, feeling insulted but could not say anything. They had to be careful in front of Sir Tie Jing. 

“Alright, goodbye!” 

The Li family was slow to bid them farewell. 

“Mr Fox, if you only intended to ask Miss Li Yue out, we could’ve sent someone to invite her too. You didn’t have to come here yourself!” said Sir Tie Jing. It wasn’t because he didn’t want to walk but he didn’t want Ye Lang to waste his time. 

This was perhaps because Zhao Yarou had told him to treat Ye Lang well. 

“Of course I had to come here myself, or how would she know that I am sincere in my invitation? Also, I wanted to meet Miss Li Yue as soon as I could. You must want to see me too, Miss Li Yue,” said Ye Lang with a smile. It was not a cunning, flirty grin but a natural, sincere one. 

“Eh! Not at all! You’re shameless, to say such things.” Li Yue turned her head as if scoffing at him. However, any experienced person could tell she was just embarrassed. 

“Shameless? It’s the truth. I really wanted to see you, I wanted to enter the palace with you, wait for the party to begin with you!” Ye Lang secretly extended his hand to hold hers. She struggled a bit but stopped, fully allowing Ye Lang to hold it. 

Sir Tie Jing smiled upon witnessing such a scene, privately sighing. Looks like there would be a new couple in town soon. 

Ye Lang’s gesture was a timed one or he might not have succeeded. 

Li Yue had not seen Ye Lang for many days, plus her family had been stopping her from seeing him. There was a hint of rebellion in her now, she wanted everyone to see her with this person. 

Of course, while this sense of rebellion helped, it was also because she genuinely liked Ye Lang in the depths of her heart or it would have failed too. 

After such an eventful period together, Li Yue had already confirmed that she liked Ye Lang. However, she wasn’t sure if it was the kind of hopeless, fallen-in-love kind. 

That was why Ye Lang’s success in holding her hand was all due to good timing. Any other time and she would’ve pushed his hand away with several criticisms. 

Ye Lang hadn’t known to catch such an opportunity though. Coldblood Five had sent him a message to do so, she was the one who told him to take her hand. 

Just like that, with her hand in his, they made empty conversation along the way. However, to the pair of lovers, the conversation wasn’t empty at all. Time passed without them knowing. 

Very soon- to the pair, it felt like it was very soon- they arrived at Soaring Sky Empire’s palace gates. 

“Mr Fox, Miss Li Yue, we’re here! We’ll have to walk from now on, our carriage cannot enter the palace.” Sir Tie Jing reminded them of their arrival. 

“I’ll be waiting here, be careful!” came Coldblood Five’s voice. 

“Alright! Be careful too.” 

“Wait, did it feel good holding Li Yue’s hand?”

“Yeah, it wasn’t bad. Maybe not as good as holding Little Seven’s hand though,” replied Ye Lang. This was an honest answer. If the seventh princess heard him, she would’ve rewarded him with two kisses. 

“What about me?” asked Coldblood Five. 

Ye Lang thought for a moment. “I’ve never held your hand but I guess it wouldn’t be bad either. Once this is all over, let’s try it out. I’ll hold your hand.” 

If another person had said this, Coldblood Five would’ve murdered him. However, this was Ye Lang. “Alright, we’ll try!”

“Let’s go!” Li Yue hopped off the carriage first and turned to Ye Lang, who was spacing out. 

“Let’s go.” Ye Lang snapped back to reality and got off to walk towards the palace. He did not hold Li Yue’s hand this time though. If he did, his plan would’ve been more perfect. 

Li Yue looked at Ye Lang, who was walking on his own. She wanted to tap him but held herself back. Then, she quickly caught up to walk with him. Her little hand fell and as if on accident, brushed against his hand. 

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