The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 529

Many people were here in hopes of getting better arrangements for themselves today, since it was Zhao Yarou’s birthday. However, not only did they not earn anything, most of them regretted even coming at all! 

The culprit was currently having the time of his life in the palace gardens with Li Yue, catching butterflies and admiring the flowers. 

No one came here anymore other than the gardeners. 

The Yu Garden used to be a garden where royals enjoyed themselves but now that there was no royal family, no one came. 

That was why Ye Lang and Li Yue could have some alone time here comfortably far from everyone else. 

In Ye Lang’s words, he was one step closer to success! And to make his place even more perfect, he had the ultimate weapon! 

Sweet, melodious music. A sad, beautiful love story. These were a girl’s weaknesses. These could easily make a girl cry, or you could say these could easily move a girl. 

That was why Ye Lang was now ready to play his ace. With Li Yue’s hand in his, they sat on a garden swing together. As they swung, he started telling a love story he had prepared for her. 

The story of Liang and Zhu-- a famous sad love story among his people. Its popularity across generations only proved that it was moving enough for people to remember it so clearly. 

Ye Lang painted a vivid picture with his voice, and this sad but beautiful love story deeply touched the depths of Li Yue’s heart. Without her noticing, tears flowed from her eyes. 

If anyone had seen them, they would likely be astonished for Li Yue had always been the hardened soldier. She never cried in the face of suffering, and yet, here she was. 

“I’m crying?” Li Yue touched her damp face as if refusing to believe she was crying. 

Yep, even Li Yue couldn’t believe that she was crying herself! 

However, Ye Lang did not let Li Yue go just yet. With a leaf, he blew out a melodious tune. The tragic love story echoed in Li Yue’s mind, she was deeply touched by the music. 

She was falling into the trap! She was! 

Li Yue, who was leaning on his shoulder, stretched her arm out to hug him tightly, her tears still flowing. It was obvious that all she wanted was a safe shoulder to cry on, someone to comfort her. Ye Lang was perfect for this now. Li Yue would never forget this feeling she had, the feeling she had when she hugged him. 

Props to Ye Lang for the wild success of this trick! If Coldblood Five and the rest were here, they would’ve given him huge praise, perhaps secretly crying themselves. Coldblood Five might not cry but Athena and Coldblood Seven would definitely bawl their eyes out. 

At this moment, Ye Lang and Li Yue were the perfect picture of a couple. The dreamy palace gardens were dreamier than ever now. 

If someone saw them now, they too would be mesmerized by such beauty. 

Plus, if Li Tianjun and the rest had seen this, they would’ve dropped all apprehension to support their relationship with all their hearts! All thoughts of objection would be tossed to the back of their minds. 

Ye Lang could sense that he had successfully tricked Li Yue into falling in love with him. Other than feeling somewhat guilty, he thought this was a pleasant feeling too. 

Li Yue’s thoughts were simple: she wanted this moment to last forever, to last till the end of time! 

If she could, she wanted time to stop now! 

However, this was not possible. Time stops for no one. Even the most beautiful stories had an ending. 

But memories last forever. This was a memory Li Yue would treasure forever! 

After this, Li Yue and Ye Lang sat together for a long, long time. They were both silent, neither making a sound. All they could hear was the other person’s breaths. 

They did not know how much time had passed. It felt like just a second. 

Ye Lang finally broke the silence. “Li Yue, let me see the Tianji Armour then.” Ye Lang made his request cruelly. He had not forgotten his mission, which was to get the Tianji Armour. 

Coldblood Five would’ve yelled at him for being an idiot. How could he ruin the mood with such a question? 

However, Li Yue didn’t seem to mind. She merely nodded gently and said, “Oh, alright!” 

“Show it to me now then!” exclaimed Ye Lang excitedly when he heard her agree, grabbing her shoulders. 

“Now? Absolutely not!” Li Yue shook her head. 


“Don’t be stupid! I’ll have to take off my clothes, do you want me naked here?” Li Yue knocked his head, embarrassed. 

“It’ll be fine. Look for a place to change, I’ll cover for you!” Ye Lang looked around then pointed to one of the palace wings. It wasn’t too safe to change here, it would be better indoors. 

“Why are you so hung up on seeing the Tianji armour? Even I am starting to suspect you’re only talking to me for the armour,” huffed Li Yue as she dragged him into the building. It was obvious she had agreed to his request, despite what she said. 

Uh, how did you know? I’m indeed here for the Tianji armour.  

Ye Lang almost blurted this sentence, thank goodness he stopped himself in time. At the same time, he was secretly celebrating. Once he had the armour, he would be able to slip away! 

No one could stop him if he really wanted to leave, even if Sir Tie Jing was following him. 

Zhao Yarou, see you in our next lifetime! No, wait, let’s not do that. I hope we never meet ever again! 

Just as he was celebrating, just as they were about to step into the palace, at such a critical moment, someone ruined his plans. While he was very annoyed, there was nothing he could do. 


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