The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 530

“Where do you think you’re going? The party has started, I hope you both haven’t forgotten!” Zhao Yarou appeared suddenly. 

Ye Lang realised it was already the evening and they were near where the party would be held. Right now, with her appearance, it meant he would no longer have alone time with Li Yue. 

He was almost there! Just a little bit more time and I would’ve succeeded! Zhao Yarou, couldn’t you arrive just a little later? 

If he asked her, Zhao Yarou would’ve felt wrongly accused for she’d worked so hard to finish her work to be able to arrive at her party earlier. 

“It has? Well Mr Fox, let’s talk later then,” said Li Yue, blushing. If she made it any clearer, it would’ve been considered PDA already. 

“Alright.” What else could he say? If he forced it, Li Yue would definitely be unwilling. He could only wait till after the party. 

To vent, he added,” Zhao Yarou, you’re so much trouble! You’re so annoying.” 

Ye Lang’s words shook the skies. While everyone was already used to his peculiarities, this was just too much. 

No matter what, it was hard to swallow. 

To be honest, Ye Lang never spoke like this. He had always been quite polite, it was public knowledge that even if he was a clueless kid, he was still reasonably courteous. 

Even if they were opponents, as long as he didn’t hate them too much, he was still polite enough. 

Ye Lang himself didn’t know why he snapped at her like that either. He didn’t hate her THAT much and he usually wasn’t this rude. 

Unfortunately, his forced politeness did not always please people, perhaps even provoking rage. This could be proved by incidents in the past. 

“You…” Zhao Yarou was shaking now, as if she was about to explode. This was not something anyone had seen before either. In the past, she would still be calm when she was angry. So calm it was terrifying. 

It was only years after when Li Yue knew that Zhao Yarou was truly furious and on the brink of an explosion at this moment for Ye Lang had just triggered her insecurities. However, she did not explode. 

“Let’s go. Let’s see if they have prepared my party to my liking,” said Zhao Yarou coldly as she stopped shaking. At the same time, when she saw them holding hands, she forced herself in between to separate them. 

Ye Lang had upset her so she would never let him live comfortably. 

This was weird, so weird! 

Even Ye Lang thought there was something wrong with her, let alone the rest. Everyone had the same question. They didn’t understand why she was tolerating Ye Lang like this. 

Why was she tolerating him at all? From her reaction, she looked upset. And with her personality, when someone angered her, shouldn’t she have killed him immediately? 

This was all so unusual. 

Did this mean she had fallen for the fox kid? This was the legendary ‘pretty boy’ they’d heard about. 

If that was true, then this pretty boy was truly impressive. Not only did he melt the permafrost around Li Yue’s icy heart, he’d also won over the mad empress’ heart. 

Of course, they never said this out loud. That would only be a death wish. 

Zhao Yarou could tolerate his behaviour but not anyone else’s. If they had the courage, they could try but the outcome could be death! 

And just like that, Zhao Yarou coldly brought Ye Lang to check out the party. Many guests had already arrived, they all came over to greet and wish her. 

However, she was in a bad mood so these people were not received with any enthusiasm. Sensing this, the guests walked away with frowns. 

Not many people questioned this either. This Zhao Yarou was known to have mood swings so no one cared about why she was mad today. That was unnecessary. 

It was an unlucky day for the guests but even more unfortunate for the event crew. She punished any crew who could not satisfy her requests. 

These crews were innocent victims. They had done such a good job too, just not to Zhao Yarou’s liking. If it wasn’t for her bad mood, they would not have been punished. 

Thank goodness she still knew her limits. She did not inflict punishments that were too severe. Yeah, they were ‘minor’ punishments to her. 

“Your Majesty, you must have many guests to attend to. We’ll mingle around here, you can go greet them.” 

Although everyone knew she was in a bad mood, they still felt like it wasn’t right to not greet her. Hence, there was still an unending stream of guests coming to wish her. 

This situation was sure to last a long time, perhaps until the end of the event. NAturally, Ye Lang would not accompany her for such trivial matters, he would rather leave! 

Zhao Yarou had her hands tied too. As the empress, she still had to show some respect for her guests. These were people who were here for her birthday, they were here to wish her well. No matter what, she still had to greet them. 

As for Ye Lang, well, she’ll leave him alone for a while. She could come look for him later. 

Once he shook Zhao Yarou off, he sat with Li Yue in a corner. They talked, ate pastries and drank Xiangming tea. 

The palace food was amazing, the exquisite pastries delicious, the Xiaming tea fragrant as ever. Every spirit was lifted. 

Ye Lang was feeling much better too. Despite what just happened, this was still a great place to talk to his date, it was an opportunity to get closer to Li Yue. 


“Pretty boy, I can’t believe you’re here!” 

More guests had arrived as the night went on. Among them were many younger aristocrats, including some of Li Yue’s admirers. They had received news that Li Yue would be attending this party too so they were looking for her. 

However, she was with Ye Lang in the corner so not many knew she had already arrived. 

It was until later when the Li family had arrived that they realised she had arrived at the palace early that day- with Ye Lang. They looked frantically for Li Yue only to find the couple laughing happily in the corner. 

Blood started to boil when they saw the couple.