The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 536

“Uh…” Ye Lang stopped. He seemed to realise he’d been found out. 

“You’re still as slow as ever! Who let you in alone like this? Are they not afraid I’d kill you?” Zhao Yarou said mildly, staring at him. 

“What? What are you talking about? I don’t understand.” Ye Lang decided to act dumb.

“Stop it, everyone knows who you are,” she said with a chuckle. 

“Just my luck... When did you find out?” 

“Actually, I knew the first day I saw you. You think I’d talk to a strange man like that?” said Zhao Yarou. 

Just as Coldblood Five speculated, she had recognised Ye Lang the first time they met. She was no ordinary girl. 

“Ugh! I knew you’d found out! You’re so weird! But why didn’t you just call me out then, and how did you know? My makeup’s perfect!” Ye Lang was not anxious at all. He started removing his disguise, the familiar face appearing before everyone. 

Suddenly, everyone was impressed by how his makeup had completely changed his look. 

“Recognising you was very easy. I’ll never forget the aura you emit. No matter what you look like, I’ll always be able to recognise you. I didn’t call you out because I wasn’t confident I could catch you, I didn’t know what you were here for, and because I wanted you to spend my birthday with me,” she said. 

“Why would you want me to spend your birthday with you? You can do that on your own.” He did not understand why she was being so weird. He knew there were many opportunities for her men to surround him but she did not instruct them to. 

Wanting to know his motives-- that made sense, but she wanted to celebrate her birthday with him? That was ridiculous. 

“I like it, you can’t stop me,” she said with a grin. 

“No one’s stopping you! Since you weren’t going to call me out, you should’ve continued acting like you didn’t know! I’ll leave once I’ve settled some matters! Do you still want to kill me now?” Ye Lang surveyed his surroundings, asking nonchalantly. 

“I never wanted to kill you,” she suddenly said very loudly, as if growing more emotional. “I want to keep you here, I want to lock you up so you’ll never escape from the palm of my hand!” 

Ye Lang shivered as if it had suddenly become very cold. “You really are insane. I know you want to torture me, you want me to wish I was dead. Don’t think I can’t escape just because this is your territory.” 

“We’ll talk about that later. All I want to ask you is, why are you trying to get closer to Li Yue?” asked Zhao Yarou. 

When she did, Li Yue obviously shivered. She looked at him, wishing he’d say something she could live with. 

“I’m pursuing her,” he said. 

“...I know you’re trying to pursue her, but why? Don’t tell me you like her, you once tried to date her because a fortune teller from the streets said she would be your future wife,” said Zhao Yarou immediately. She was very clear about Ye Lang’s life story, she even knew of this secret. 

Li Yue shivered again. At least she now knew why Ye Lang used to be one of her admirers. She looked at Ye Lang, hoping he would deny it because it hurt her feelings. 

“Eh? How did you know? I thought only my sister and the few of them knew. It must be little seven, she tells you everything,” Ye Lang wondered, at the same time confirming it. 


Everyone was silent. They knew of this but not the reason behind. Now that they knew it, they thought he was crazier than ever. 

“Let’s not talk about that. I’m asking you, why are you pursuing Li Yue? You know I’m coming to capture you and yet you’re brave enough to show your face here, alone. There must be a very important reason,” Zhao Yarou said, staring at him. 

“Uh…” Ye Lang hesitated, too embarrassed to say it. 

“Tell me. Li Yue wants to know too, she won’t blame you.” She’ll only kill you. thought Zhao Yarou. 

He looked at Li Yue…

“Are you here for the Tianji armour?” she asked plainly. Once she knew of his identity, she recalled how he asked her for it more than once. 

“Ah, you know? Then give it to me, I’ll leave. I was so close to getting it, it’s all because of you, Zhao Yarou, messing everything up!” admitted Ye Lang, then complaining.

“Messing everything up? I didn’t even interrupt you both when you spent forever at the garden, that was me giving you face!” argued Zhao Yarou. 

“Ye Lang, why do you want my Tianji armour? You could’ve said it straight, why did you have to pretend to pursue me?” said Li Yue coldly. No one knew how much anger she was suppressing in her cold tone. 

“I wanted to be honest with you too, but someone told me to pursue you instead. They said it would be better. If had known this would happen, I should’ve gone with my way, what a waste of time!” said Ye Lang. 

“Who sent you to pursue me (her)?” asked Li Yue and Zhao Yarou. Li Yue felt a little better, seeing Ye Lang wasn’t willing to do this, he was sent by someone else. Just a little. 

Naturally, they wanted to ask who thought of this. Li Yue because she wanted to take revenge, Zhao Yarou because she wanted to know how was working with him. 

She had expected Ye Lang to come with someone else, not alone, but she had not seen anyone with him so far.

Coldblood Five and Athena were no ordinary people, Zhao Yarou was not able to find them. 

“...” Ye Lang did not answer, how could he?

“Your Majesty, I think the most important thing now is, what are we going to do with him? You can talk about your past later,” said Li Tianjun in a low voice. 

“What are we going to do with him? We’re going to catch him, then lock him up, of course!” she said mildly. 

“Zhao Yarou, don’t you think you’re very near me right now? If I take you as my hostage, can’t I escape easily then?” Ye Lang said in a mild tone, imitating Zhao Yarou. 

She was no more than one meter away from him now. They were still standing together ever since they released the lantern.  

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