The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 538

At this moment, even Sir Tie Jing himself felt like if he was trapped like this without weapons and douqi, he would not be able to get out.

If he felt that way, it was the same for everyone else.

However, Zhao Yarou disagreed. She felt like Ye Lang would still be able to escape. Even if it seemed impossible, he would still be able to hide.

Just as she guessed, Ye Lang started to move. He dodged everything so quickly that none of their nets touched him. Everyone was so shocked, even Sir Tie Jing widened his eyes.

He wasn’t only quick, he was also graceful like a dancing butterfly. He didn’t look like pathetic or desperate.

However, it was not easy for him. When Zhao Yarou’s special nets landed, the people behind him threw more. They had a lot in stock. He could dodge once, twice, thrice but how long could he last?

Even if he did not make a mistake, he would still exhaust himself. Plus, as he was dodging the nets, his enemies were inching closer, surrounding him.

He had to think of something to break their ranks.

He seemed to know what to do.


Ye Lang stomped the ground hard, the thick slab of stone exploded into pieces. These stone pieces flew at them, he was trying to make them back away.

However, this method was not effective. Zhao Yarou’s Tian formation not just wrapped around him, it blocked the dust and stones from getting out.

Ye Lang looked helpless inside. The people who cared about Ye Lang were worried, especially Ye Zhu’er.

As for Li Yue, she was worried too. Although she hated Ye Lang for lying, she did not want him to fall into Zhao Yarou’s hands.

A smile crept up the corners of Zhao Yarou’s lips. A smile of victory. Ye Lang was powerless in her chessboard, he was a sitting duck.

At this moment, there was more commotion. After stepping on one stone tile, he stepped on another one, then a few more.

Everyone thought he looked like a frustrated, helpless animal.

In the end, when he stomped on the last tile, he seemed to spring up into the sky. The guards around him were prepared to fight but not in the air like that.

Zhu Ye’er was secretly beaming. If Ye Lang could fly, as long as he flew out of the anti-magic formation’s area of influence, then he could utilise his alchemy skills to escape. 

Up in the sky, it would be difficult to catch him. As long as he could fly out of here, he would be like a bird flying out of a cage-- fly straight and never look back!

Flying up, huh? That’s suicide.

Zhao Yarou was secretly grinning. She knew Ye Lang could fly very far but it would be hard to fly out of the boundaries of her antimagic formation.

She had designed the game, how would she have forgotten the vertical space? She’d made her men expand the vertical axis of the antimagic boundary. No matter how high Ye Lang could leap, he would not be able to leap out of the formation.

At the time, she had made calculation according to his Qinggong martial arts abilities- she did not know what kind of ability it was called but she knew it was a special skill he had. To avoid accidentally underestimating him, she multiplied the height she’d seen him leap by three times to obtain the final boundary height.

Underneath Ye Lang, something that looked like a net was quickly expanding, as if telling him: if you fall in here, you’ll never get out.

At the same time, the same special nets were hurled at him from all directions. Ye Lang was a good target in the air, it was easier to catch him like that.

However, when he saw the nets flying at him, he did not look worried at all. Instead, he looked pleasantly surprised. Very soon, everyone would know why he was so happy.

If Zhao Yarou knew what was going to happen, she would’ve never told her men to throw stuff at him.


Ye Lang stepped on the items lightly, then shot higher up like an arrow.

“How is that possible? How could he use that as support? That’s very light, how could that provide any support?” Zhao Yarou and the rest stared in shock.

Usually, they would’ve said it was magic. But he was in an anti-magic zone, using magic was impossible.

No one could figure it out, they would never know because Ye Lang never told them how he did it.

It would be useless even if he did. How would anyone in this universe understand what Qinggong was?

Using these items as support, he could spring out of the anti-magic zone’s boundaries. Then he’d be able to do whatever he wanted.

If they hadn’t thrown stuff at him?

Simple, he was ready to take off his clothes, using them as stepping boards. They were great springboards, functioning like stepping stones as he flew upwards. 

However, there was a disadvantage- he might be naked and that did not look cool at all.

But once he flew out of the boundary, he was sure he had many methods to increase his airtime, till he flew out of the palace.

Even if he could not fly out, he had many ways to hide, then slip out on his own.

But did he get what he wanted?

Ye Lang’s path to freedom was filled with obstacles. He noticed people also charging at him- these people were assigned by Zhao Yarou just in case this happened. They were stationed mid-air to guard against this move.

In the beginning, she thought this was unnecessary, they might not have to move at all. However, once she saw Ye Lang escape, she knew it was the smart thing to do. Being prepared was better than nothing.

When he saw them, Ye Lang couldn’t help but curse Zhao Yarou. What was her brain made of? To guard against even this, she was too meticulous!

That was perhaps how Zhao Yarou took the throne for herself too. And if it weren’t for Ye Lang, she would’ve been able to capture the entire Ye family.

Then her usurping of the throne would’ve been perfect.

“Fuck, an aerial battle? Well, I’m not afraid of you!”

Although there were guards here, he was not afraid. Ye Lang was confident in his aerial battle skills. He had Qinggong in his belt, of course he was!

These people immediately tried to force Ye Lang down, back into the anti-magic zone.

A huge net fell from the sky, about to swallow Ye Lang.

No matter how good his Qinggong was, it didn’t look like he had anywhere to run. There was nowhere to hide.  


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