The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 543

If Ye Lang thought of that, he would’ve definitely chosen to go to Ye Residence. But did he? Maybe, maybe he did.

No matter what, on the second day, everyone received news-- or more like, people who liked to gossip received the news first at midnight. 

It was something that surprised many people- at the same time exciting them. It was the news that Ye Lang had appeared in the Imperial Capital.

Right now, everywhere, you’d be able to see people talking about Ye Lang in groups. Conversations like that appeared in every corner:

“Do you know, the thirteenth master is back!” one person said excitedly. This excitement didn’t just stem from nosiness, they actually wanted him back.

Ye Lang was no ordinary person in Soaring Sky. There were many people who wanted him back but knew it was impossible due to Zhao Yarou. 

It was because of this that they missed him, and now that he was suddenly back, of course they were excited!

“I do! I also know that he’d been here for a long time- he even participated in the group hunt,” said another. There was already news of things Ye Lang did spreading across the city.

“Then do you know what disguise he used?” another asked, thinking he was the only one who knew. But he was wrong.

“I do! A fox kid with a weird name… Something like Ford Fox, I thought that was someone from the Fox family, who knew that was actually the thirteenth master?”

“That’s why I was wondering why that Mr Fox was reckless enough to kick Li Yan ouf of Romantic Floor, so that was actually him! That prat was stupid enough to touch Ye Lang’s stuff while he was away, he deserved it!” someone clenched their teeth when the conversation came to Li Yan claiming Ye Lang’s property as his own. 

That was probably why Li Yan’s reputation continued to roll downhill that day, many people were insulting him behind his back while they talked about Ye Lang.

All Li Yan could do was clench his teeth. Like many people, he didn’t know Ye Lang had so much admiration and respect in this city. 

“Yeah, he deserved it! He thinks he can do whatever he wants just because he’s from the Li family, he was stupid enough to claim the thirteenth master’s Romantic Floor! Sigh, I miss the old Romantic Floor. There were so many pretty girls there, Liu Feiyan’s in Ye City now…”

“Hey, Ye City’s actually really great. I’ve been there once, you wouldn’t be able to imagine how Liu Feiyan looks like now…”

“Tell me, tell me…” The men started to lean in. 

“Cough cough, you might not know this- I spent a lot of effort to get this piece of gossip-- this might be a good thing, the thirteenth master might remain here!” someone decided to pull the conversation back to its original topic.

They were gossipers, of course they had to gossip!

“What do you mean? Are you going to talk about the thirteenth master and Miss Li Yue? We know! But I’m sure you all know he had other intentions. Sigh, he was very mean this time, to lie to Miss Li Yue like that…”

The gossipers were impressive indeed, to even know such a thing. If Li Yue knew of the gossips she’d definitely hate Ye Lang more. 

Regarding this piece of news, everyone thought that the thirteenth master treated her very well so it wasn’t too bad. And they looked great together. 

“No, I mean, even if they both get together, then what? Can she change the empress’mind? Let’s not forget the main reason why the thirteenth master can’t come back.”

“Because Her Majesty…” the answer appeared in everyone’s minds. It was only after this reminder they realised where the problem was.

It was true. If they actually got together, Ye Lang would still not return.

“What could make the thirteenth master stay? Who could change the empress’ mind? She’s no ordinary person…”

“No one can change her mind!” the guy started to make them guess what he meant.

“Hmmph…” someone scoffed, annoyed.

“Cough cough, because, it’s related to the empress herself!”

“What? The empress?”

“Yep! It’s related to her, and if I tell you this, none of you would believe me!” this guy started to build the suspense again, though this time, he got the response he wanted.

“What?” everyone was curious, they wanted to know.

“Let me tell you this- you must be careful, don’t tell anyone or the empress would punish you- you know how she is, you definitely don’t want to face that, do you?”

“No!” everyone shook their heads.

“This is related to the empress because from what we see, the empress and the thirteenth prince do not look like they were just enemies, it’s as if there’s a story behind this.”

“What story?”

“I don’t know. No one knows but we only know a little from her attitude towards the thirteenth master. They were the only ones present but I believe the thirteenth master has already forgotten…”


If the thirteenth master had forgotten about this, this meant that no one would ever know the truth- how could the empress tell anyone about it?

“You know this- both the thirteenth master and the empress participated in the group hunt. A few days after the hunt started, they met each other- this wasn’t on purpose, it was merely a coincidence. This was confirmed by the people with them. And you know that if they ever met, even if it didn’t escalate into an all-out war, they would never talk to each other-- and at that time, the thirteenth master also intended to chase her out!” 

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