The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 548

“I know that asshole deserved it but Swordsman Li is too powerful, don’t think you can win him with your alchemy. Your alchemy’s useless against him! I’ve seen him fight, if he wants to kill you, he’ll be able to do it effortlessly! He didn’t kill you before because Li Danteng was previously in the wrong, and everyone saw him too. He had no reason to attack you, but this time, it’s different…” Li Yue said calmly. She had already returned to her original composure, she had no expression on her face.

“It’s different? Do you mean Li Xiande wasn’t in the wrong? Then I shouldn’t have saved you if you’d say such a thing,” sulked Ye Lang. 

“You idiot! I didn’t say he wasn’t in the wrong, I mean only the both of us should know that! The First Swordsman could just ignore that and say he’s coming after you to avenge his son! And you’ll be in danger!” Li Yue’s composure was ruined once again. She did not want Ye Lang to misunderstand her again. 

“So what if he ignores it? We are both not guilty of anything! Also, he’s just one guy. Although I can’t beat him in a fight, he still can’t kill me. And if he annoys me, I’ll get Five to assassinate him. Even if he’s the First Swordsman of the mainland, he’ll die!” shrugged Ye Lang. 

If he wanted to assassinate someone with Coldblood Five, then that person’s death was certain. Even if the guy could hide once, he wouldn’t be able to dodge it twice, thrice…

Ye Lang was almost invincible now. Although he wasn’t as good as the Tian level fighters, he could escape and save himself no matter the opponent. No one would be able to touch him.

While people looked down on him for this, it was a very effective method for him to stay alive! 

And if he really wanted to kill someone, even if that person was a Tian level fighter, they wouldn’t be able to escape assassination. He was as good as Coldblood Five in terms of secretly murdering someone. 

Within the martial arts treasury, there were records on assassination techniques. He’d read them, plus he had his alchemy skills so he was actually a terrifying person in terms of his assassination capabilities. 

He was working with Coldblood Five, who was the equivalent of Death too. No one on this mainland could escape their wrath.

Of course, this only applied to individuals. An empress like Zhao Yarou would be different, she had many masters around her so it would be more difficult.

“Who’s Five? Fine, I can’t do much if you put it that way but I’ll bear the responsibility of this with you!” said Li Yue. She was a person who remembered favours. This matter had stemmed from her anyway so she wouldn’t abandon Ye Lang while she hid in safety.

At this moment Ye Lang exclaimed immediately, “What the fuck? Bear the responsibility with me? I said that so that you would not be involved in this, so the First Swordsman wouldn’t come looking for you!” 

Ye Lang’s words shocked Li Yue. She didn’t know he said that because of her. Her heart melted. 

Although Ye Lang lied, he was still very kind to her. 

Hmmph, I won’t get emotional over him, I don’t care…

Li Yue cocked her head. “Why are you so nice to me? You’re not trying to date me anymore.”

“I’m not, but I still want your armour. So I’ve still got to be nice to you,” he said with a grin.

“...” Li Yue almost went mad. 

“Alright, stop it both of you. You both don’t have to settle the Swordsman matter on your own, the empress will help you. She would never let the Swordsman touch the thirteenth prince,” said someone on the side, revealing his existence. He didn’t want Ye Lang and the rest to forget about his existence or the situation they were in. 

“Yeah, Li Yue, let’s get to the main point. Give me the Tianji armour. I need to leave soon, and there are so many people who want to catch me. It’s going to be very troublesome.” Ye Lang once again ignored the rest of them.

“I refuse! Like I said, I’ll only give it to you if you marry me! You’re not marrying me now, why would I give it to you?” 

“I have a wife, I can’t marry you! Fine, if you’re not willing, I can only kidnap you. That was my original plan, the simplest too. So much easier than trying to date you,” shrugged Ye Lang. 

“What?” Li Yue did not understand, nor did the rest. 

“I’ll kidnap you, and you’ll give the Tianji armour to me!” Ye Lang smiled as if he did not know how severe the words he uttered were. 

“You’re going to kidnap me? That’s impressive. Look around you, you won’t even be able to save yourself, and you want to kidnap me!” 

“Are you sure? I’m very prepared! Look!” said Ye Lang as he made a sudden gesture, and tapped on one of her meridian points.

“What… oomph…” before she could react, her brain fogged up and she collapsed into his arms. 

“?!” Li Tianjun was stunned, he didn’t know what Ye Lang had done to her. All he did was tapped her, and Li Yue, a whole Di Earth level fighter collapsed immediately. 

No just Li Tianjun, the rest too. They explained it away with alchemy. 

Yeah, other than alchemy, it was inexplicable to them. They didn’t know what sort of alchemy, though they didn’t want to know because Ye Lang’s alchemy can be very complex.

“What the hell did you do to my daughter?” shouted Li Tianjun.

“Nothing, she’ll just sleep for a while. Mr Li, I’ll take her away for a bit. Please forgive me for any inconvenience caused,” Ye Lang apologised with a smile.

Was this a kidnapping? At this point, it sounded more like he was inviting Li Yue out for a vacation.

This thirteenth prince was polite but the way he did things was just exhausting.

“Why the hell would I forgive you? We’ll talk if you actually get out of here!” roared Li Tianjun, unable to maintain his composure. Of course he wasn’t going to remain calm in front of the person who kidnapped his daughter.

“Oh, if that’s the case, goodbye!” Ye Lang carried her as he’d always done, then turn to leave.