The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 555

After accelerating for a while, the lion was still behind them. Ye Lang grew more impressed at the lion. 

“Roar…” the lion roared once again, as if to say ‘don’t look at me’. 

“Ye Lang, what do we do? Should we kill it? It’s very annoying like that,” said Li Yue flatly. Although it was a magical beast, it was still not a threat to both of them. Li Yue could kill it alone.

“Yeah, it’s time for lunch anyway. I wonder what lion tastes like,” he said with a small smile. 

The fire-red lion was still proud and majestic as ever. It didn’t know that the two people it was chasing were already discussing the best ways to cook it. 

If it knew of the conversation, plus how powerful they were, it would’ve run in the opposite direction. Too bad it didn’t! 


Ye Lang stopped suddenly, then turned around to generate a defensive wall behind it. This action was very abrupt and happened in one second. 

The red lion did not have time to react, smashing directly into the wall. To be fair, even if it was quick enough to react, it wouldn’t be able to stop that quickly either. It would still smash into the wall. 

“Roar…” shrieked the red lion in agony. There was confusion in both its eyes, it didn’t understand why it hit something but it couldn’t see anything in front of it. 

“Eh, it didn’t faint at all! This lion is impressive!” commented Ye Lang. With the impact, even a magical beast should’ve fainted. This one didn’t, it only yelped in pain. 

“Roar!!” the lion crouched with a look of caution, in a position ready to attack. 

“Shut up, I’ll braise you later. I want to eat red-braised lion’s head…” Ye Lang stared at it. How would he cook this beast?

“Roar!” although the lion didn’t understand him, it understood his intentions. He was going to harm it. 

Therefore, after another roar, it pounced forward once again. Unfortunately, it was still blocked by the defensive field, and once again hurt itself. 


The lion hurled itself at the wall again to no avail, then again and again…

“A wild animal will still be wild, it doesn’t know when to stop…” Li Yue said wistfully as she watched the lion. 

“It’s still smart though, it stopped,” Ye Lang said with a grin. When he spoke, the lion had stopped ramming into the wall, learning its lesson. 

Since it couldn’t move forward, it decided to walk around it. It paced to the left and right, thinking to move around the air wall only to realise it was the same all around. It could not pass through. 

Soon, it sensed danger instinctively. It retreated only to realise there was also an air wall behind it. 

“You don’t have to keep looking, you’re trapped in my formation. It has a name- cage formation! You’re an animal trapped in a cage, you won’t be able to do anything!” Ye Lang said with a grin. 

“Roar roar…” the lion roared hysterically, seemingly out of anger but also fear. 

“Li Yue, during the group hunt, you mentioned you’ve never truly hunted a beast like that. Here’s an opportunity for you, I’ll let you shoot if with your arrow,” said Ye Lang as he passed her a bow and arrow.

“Alright!” she took the bow and arrow then drew it. The drawn bow looked almost like a full moon as she aimed the arrow at the lion…

The lion sensed a strong feeling of danger- again, this was instinct. It also knew the source of danger came from Li Yue. It crouched and growled at her. 

Was this going to stop her? 


Did Li Yue care? Well, she shot the arrow cruelly at the lion. She was no ordinary person, plus she did not feel pity for the lion. 


The lion had no room to dodge the arrow, it was shot. However, it dodged enough so the arrow did not hit any fatal spots. 

Li Yue’s arrow hit a spot to the left of its front limb. Although it was not fatal, it still affected the lion’s ability to move. Li Yue was going to fire the second arrow too, it wouldn’t be able to dodge that either. 



Li Yue fired arrow after arrow, the number of arrows standing on its body grew more and more but it was still stubbornly alive, greatly shocking Ye Lang and Li Yue. 

Li Yue wasn’t firing to torture the lion, she fired every arrow with the intention to kill immediately. However, the lion seemed to keep living just by a sliver of luck and dodging a little. 

This lion was no regular magical beast indeed. Even high-level beasts would’ve died already and yet it was still alive. Its determination to live was so strong, it never gave up!

Its determination was the most shocking thing to them both. Even beasts in arena fights slowly give up. 


Li Yue did not speak, drawing her bow once again. This was going to be her deadliest shot, she had to kill it in this one shot. In reality, if this arrow was fired, the lion would’ve been dead. 

However, at this moment, Ye Lang suddenly stopped her with a hand. “That’s enough, Li Yue! If it wants to live so bad, let it live!”

“...” Li Yue looked at him for a moment then nodded and kept her bow. “Alright, then we’ll let it go! We’ll be on our way!”

“You lion! Keep your temper in check next time! If you meet violent women like Li Yue, they’d cook you!” Ye Lang released it from his cage formation, then spoke to him with a hand on its head. The lion did not have any strength left to fight back, at the same time it was shivering from the terror of what the humans would do next. 

“Violent? Also, don’t throw me under the bus, you were the one who wanted to cook it!” said Li Yue unhappily, lifting her foot to kick him.

“I did?” Ye Lang dodged effortlessly. 

“Roar, roar…” cried the lion, perhaps it was saying ‘it’s all you, you’re the asshole here!’

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