The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 558

However, there was no time to gawk. Why was there such a beautiful young couple on a lion?

The couple was naturally Ye Lang and Li Yue. They had only spent two hours crossing the grasslands including rest stops in between. If anyone knew of this, they would’ve been very shocked. 

At the same time, Ye Lang was very satisfied with the lion’s strength, it was great having it as a mount. Since he didn’t know how to ride a horse, with the lion this would not be a problem. 

At this moment, Ye lang seemed to have the intention to keep the lion- at least until he had arrived at the tiger tribe. He wanted to show it to Tigress, to show it off. 

“This is Muyang Town. Who are you, why are you both riding on a lion?” one soldier asked, shaking nervously. 

“So it really is Muyang Town! Li Yue, you’re very good at recognising places!” he praised Li Yue then turned to the soldier. “This lion’s my ride but don’t be afraid, it doesn’t eat humans!”

“What? Eat humans?!” anyone who heard Ye Lang immediately stayed away.

“You’re dumb! Don’t say it doesn’t eat humans, it sounds like you’re obviously lying. Of course they’re scared,” huffed Li Yue. 

“But it’s true, it doesn’t eat humans, at most it’ll only bite a person to death…” Ye Lang said blankly. He didn’t think there was a problem with his statement but…



You’re so dumb, why did you have to say that?

“Don’t be afraid, my lion won’t do anything. Nothing will happen when we’re here,” said Ye Lang as he comforted them. He knew they were afraid but he didn’t know they were afraid of him too.

“And if you’re both not here?” someone asked.

“I don’t know, we’ll know if that happens,” he said very honestly. 


The group was speechless. ‘We’ll know if that happens’?! What if someone dies?! 

“Alright, let’s enter then!” Ye Lang had no intentions to continue talking to them, directly leading his lion inside. But why would anyone do such a thing? 

“You can’t bring your lion like that, we can’t have it hurting anyone,” stopped one soldier. 

It was apparent that having this lion as a mount was not practical in places where humans lived because lions can hurt people and no one could guarantee that it was safe.

“We will be watching, don’t worry. This lion’s very obedient, there won’t be a problem,” Ye Lang said with a smile. 

“No, we are responsible for the safety of the people of Muyang Town!” the soldier said with an air of heroism, not sure if he was faking it or it was true nobility. 

“I understand what you mean. What about this, I’ll use this collar to seal its power.” Ye Lang placed a very luxurious-looking collar around the lion.

“Alright, that works!” nodded the soldier. There was a type of alchemy tool in the form of a pet collar that could seal a wild animal’s strength in the mainland. Many aristocrats liked using it so they could bring their exotic pets around for showing it off. 

“??” The lion was very confused about the collar situation but it did not care because its mane completely covered it and it didn’t feel it much. 

“Then we shall enter now. Apologies for disturbing you!” with a smile, Ye Lang apologised then prepared to enter. 

However, he wasn’t going to get what he wanted. 

“You want to enter? Not yet! You haven’t told us who you both are, and why are you here?” another soldier appeared to stop them, looking at Li Yue as he spoke. 

Yep, he was looking at Li Yue and paid no attention to Ye Lang. His dazed eyes obviously told everyone that he had other intentions. 

Li Yue completely ignored the soldier, staring very hard at her own hands. She wondered if they’d turned tanner or rougher.

Ye Lang wasn’t speaking either, ruffling through the lion’s mane and adjusting the collar. 

In a moment, it had become complete silence. The soldier felt very awkward. 

“Hey hey, I’m talking to you?!” said the soldier, embarrassed and angry.

“Who are you talking to?” Ye Lang asked curiously. 

“I’m talking to you, you idiot! Are you pretending to be stupid?!” the soldier was very irritated, he felt like he was played. 

“No, weren’t you looking at Li Yue just now? I thought you were talking to Li Yue. If you were talking to me, you should’ve been looking at me,” said Ye Lang solemnly. “This is basic manners, don’t you know that?”

“...” Everyone else was shocked, feeling like this kid was playing the soldier. Only Li Yue knew that Ye Lang was telling the truth. 

“You must have a death wish, playing the fool!” 

“What? I did not, I was teaching you basic manners! You were talking to me, so you should’ve looked at me, you shouldn’t look at Li Yue. This is very rude,” said Ye Lang sternly again. 

“Hmmph, you dare disrespect me like that! Let me tell you this- I will let you live today on one condition. If it goes well, I’ll let you leave here alive, if it doesn’t… hehe!” The soldier brandished a knife in a way that made the rest shiver, maliciously and deviously. 

“Hmmph!” Li Yue huffed softly and gave a look of contempt. She hated people like this soldier. 

“What?” Ye Lang was about to ask what he meant by ‘letting him live’. 

The soldier thought Ye Lang meant what the condition was so he continued, “The condition is, you let the woman stay with us for a night, then I’ll let this matter slide.”

“Uncultured swine!” cursed Li Yue softly… but the rest heard it all the same. The soldiers were not about to be cursed at by anyone, including her. 

Just as they were about to take action, Ye Lang spoke up once again. “We’ll have to see if she’s willing, you shouldn’t be asking me.”

So this guy’s a coward, not caring for his lady at all.

To everyone else, Ye Lang was revealing his weakness- he was pushing the responsibility to Li Yue. However, they did not know that he meant he respected Li Yue’s choices. 

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