The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 559

“Pretty girl, look at this man, he does not even have the courage to protect you. You’d better follow us. On this piece of land, we’ll give you whatever you want,” the soldier let out a hearty guffaw, looking down at Ye Lang and speaking in a mocking tone. 

“Protect? It’s just a few of you idiots, I don’t need protecting yet,” said Li Yue flatly without a hint of anger. No one could tell if she was indifferent or suppressing her anger. 

“Li Yue, are they bad?” asked Ye Lang. 

“Can’t you tell? They’re using their position to bully us regular commoners. They were teasing me just now, how could you be so oblivious, you didn’t know?!” Li Yue wanted to punch him.

“Teasing? Didn’t they only say they want to spend time with you?” 

“That’s teasing. They want me, a girl, to spend a night with them alone. What do you think they’ll do?” Li Yue said calmly without anger because she was already used to this.

“Talk, drink wine, play games?” Ye Lang was very innocent, he did not think much of it. 

“They want me to sleep with them, do you understand now?” Li Yue said very directly. She was a soldier, she was used to being direct if necessary.

“So what if you’re sleeping, both of us hug each other…” when Ye Lang arrived at this point, 
Li Yue blushed furiously. She didn’t know he knew of this too.

Just as she was going to stop him from talking, his tone changed abruptly. “Eh? That’s not right, we both know each other well so we can do that… These people… ugh, they’re teasing you!”

“...You just realised? So what now?” Li Yue was exhausted. How slow could he be?

“Kill them? But that doesn’t seem good. We can beat them up, teach them a lesson. That seems more normal,” Ye Lang said as he regarded the soldiers. 

Everyone fell silent, no one expected Ye Lang to talk about them as if they were a fish on a chopping board. How dare he talk about killing them in their faces?


In a moment, the soldiers erupted in laughter- condescending laughter. 

“What are you laughing at? Are you masochists? We said we were going to beat you up and you’re so happy about it,” asked Ye Lang blankly. 

“Hahaha, your jokes are hilarious! Not bad, not bad. We’ll show you mercy later when we beat you up. We’ll only cripple you, we won’t kill you!” there were roars and roars of laughter. 

At the same time, the passersby near them were secretly shaking their heads. Such a beautiful young couple, it was a pity they offended these people. These were the higher-ranked soldiers who often bullied civilians. 

These soldiers guarding the gates were not popular among the civilians, it was obvious from their attitude. 

They were usually smart about it- for example, they would not offend people who shouldn’t be offended. However, these two people looked weak to them. 

First, Ye Lang and Li Yue were travelling alone with no entourage. Although they both wore high-quality clothing, they did not have extravagant tastes so their clothes were very toned-down and common. 

Plus they were dusty from their travels, it was easy to mistake them for poorer folk. 

As for the lion, although it was a peculiar one, the soldiers had encountered many commoners hunting wild beasts, sometimes to tame them for a living. 

That was why the lion did not make the soldiers feel like they were aristocrats. Instead, they thought the two were either hunters or tamers (which were lowly jobs to them). Yep, lowly. 

“I’m not joking! Also, you all cannot beat us in a fight, right Li Yue?” Ye Lang smiled as he turned to Li Yue very calmly. The soldiers and the passersby did think this expression was odd. 

What if these two were actually skilled fighters? 

“You want me to fight, right? You’re so lazy,” said Li Yue calmly, a look of nonchalance as if she was indifferent to being picked to fight. As if it was no problem. 

“What level warriors are you both? What attributes?” asked the soldiers. In this universe filled with trained masters, anyone could be a warrior or a magician. 

These soldiers had made mistakes before too. Although the two looked like regular people, not warriors, their tone made the soldiers hesitate. 

They had to distinguish whether these two were just people who weren’t afraid of death or expert fighters. 

“I’m not a warrior, I do not have any attributes. Li Yue, what level are you?” Ye Lang said shaking his head. He wasn’t a martial artist, he never took the exams. 

“I’m a level 6, wind attribute…” answered Li Yue. In terms of the official levels, she was only a level seven though this was many years ago when she took the exam. She had been training in the military after that so she had no time to take more exams. 

One wasn’t a warrior, the other a mere level 6… Everyone there was at least level 5 and the leader was a level 8. Defeating these two beginners was nothing to them. 

The soldiers started to calculate their odds. They felt like these two were newborn calves, they were beginners! 

“So the pretty girl’s a level six warrior. Not bad… You’re so young, you’ll definitely be able to achieve more. You should come along with the Tanlang military group, you’ll have stellar results in no time. As for this kid, toss him aside. He’s not even a fighter, plus he’s a useless idiot with no attributes.”

“Yeah miss, you shouldn’t follow him. You won’t have any future.” 

More and more soldiers looked down on Ye Lang. When they knew he was a person with no attributes, they grew more reckless with their insults. 

In this mainland, people with no attributes can practise martial arts and magic but they would not attain impressive results. 

“I don’t want to follow him around either but he kidnapped me so I had no choice,” she said with a smile, eyeing Ye Lang. 

If anyone who knew her witnessed this, they would have their jaws on the floor. Never would they imagine Li Yue to be a person who told jokes! 


The soldiers were stunned for a moment. They never would’ve thought this was the relationship between Li Yue and Ye Lang, that he kidnapped her. 

At this point, the soldiers were happier than ever. If she said she was kidnapped, then they had a legitimate reason to take her! 

Pretty girl, I’m here to save you! 

However, they did not think about why a level 6 warrior like Li Yue could be kidnapped by Ye Lang with no attributes. Unless Li Yue was willing, Ye Lang might not be as useless as they thought. 

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