The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 563

“Shut the gates!”

When the major saw what happened, he immediately commanded his men to close the town gates. Although it was just a small town, it was an important place of military affairs so it had very efficient protective measures that could rival large cities. 

“Li Yue, the gates are closed. Should we just go back and rest?” Ye Lang just wanted to go back to his room when he saw the closed gates. 

If the major heard him, he would’ve been furious! It was obvious Ye Lang did not even take him seriously. 

He came and went as he liked- this was Ye Lang’s current attitude. 

“How could we go back now? We should just force our way out,” said Li Yue. If she agreed, she wouldn’t be Li Yue, she’d be called Ye Lang. 

“Force our way out? That’s not good, it’s illegal.”

“... You want to talk about legalities? What have you done that’s legal? You lied to me, you kidnapped me, was that legal?” her face darkened, growing angrier as she spoke. 

“Hey, I’m considering this because of you. It doesn’t matter if what I do is legal, I’m Soaring Sky’s enemy. I don’t need to obey the laws but you’re different. You’re the Imperial City’s Captain of the Guards,” said Ye Lang, wondering what Li Yue was so angry about.

“??” She stopped for a moment, surprised to find that Ye Lang was actually concerned for her. 

“You don’t have to think about me. I’m just a person who was kidnapped by you so that means I can’t make my decisions now. Whatever you do won’t affect me,” she said gently. 

“Oh, that makes things simple then! Lion, straight ahead!” once he heard her say that, he decided to face the gates head-on. However, it was not going to be easy.

If he were alone, it would’ve been very easy but he now had Li Yue and the most troublesome lion.

There were now hundreds of people between him and the town gates. They were all Muyang Town major’s men, though the final say was still not in his hands. 

There were five thousand soldiers in this town, only five hundred of them were under him. There was the colonel, the lieutenant general and the general. The general commanded the five thousand people, he was the one with the highest authority here. 
Within the Soaring Sky Empire, military ranks were as such: 
Captain-5: 5 people, Captain-10: 20 people, Captain-100: 100 people. 

The major commanded 500 people, Lieutenant:1000, Colonel: 3000, Lieutenant-General: 5000, General: 10,000. 

There were then the Senior General, Marshal and Grand Marshal. These did not have a fixed number of people under them, they moved about the leadership position of the different armies. 

As for Li Yue’s Captain of the Guard position, that was part of another system. That was a branch directly under the empress, different from the military. 

It was impressive there was a Lieutenant-General here to control five thousand soldiers. This meant that Muyang Town was an important place. 

“Sigh, Lion, why can’t you fly?” Ye Lang patted its head regretfully. When he saw so many people around them, he suddenly thought about flying out. 

“Roar roar,” roared the lion softly, either whining about Ye Lang or blaming him for overthinking. 

When he saw all the soldiers looking like they were ready to defend the gates with the lives, he decided to give up on the idea. Might as well wait for the guy to arrive, perhaps he might let him go.

Waiting a while wasn’t a problem, it was much better than killing!

“Still thinking of escaping?” The major caught up to see Ye Lang not moving. He thought Ye Lang had yielded and was afraid.

“Escape? I never escape, I just move strategically,” he replied casually. Without giving the major a chance to reply, he said once again, “Hurry up and ask your men to open the gates, I don’t want to waste any more time on you all.”

“You can even ask me to personally open the gates for you! I just want you to compensate for the losses suffered by my subordinates, one thousand gold coins for each man. There are twelve people so that will be twelve thousand. Plus compensation for my time, so pay me fifteen thousand. Then you may leave!” the major snickered. He was confident Ye Lang would not be able to pay up. That was when he would offer another price with… some conditions. 

“Oh, you wanted money? You could’ve just said that earlier. Fifteen thousand, right?” Ye Lang gave him a cheque of fifteen thousand gold coins. “Now can you open the gates?”

Money was just a number to Ye Lang. He loved spending money. This was basically paying for these people’s medical fees- well, Li Yue did chop up twelve people that afternoon.

The major took the cheque, stunned to realise the cheque was indeed real. He was holding fifteen thousand gold coins in his hands. 

This young man who just gave him a cheque so casually did not even take fifteen thousand gold coins seriously. He must not be an ordinary man! 

Things are starting to get interesting!

“Hey, ask your men to move!” shouted Ye Lang, pointing at the soldiers in front. 

“Sir, I only said the money was for you to leave but not for the lady,” the major said with a smile and a much friendlier tone. It must be the power of money.

“Why?” he asked, puzzled, while Li Yue glared. 

“Because she hurt my brothers,” the major said with a solemn tone as if to tell him this was a serious matter.

“I have already paid you your medical fees, the matter has been settled,” replied Ye Lang. He did not care about the major’s tone, just wanted to express his point of view. 

“It was supposed to be settled but the lady here was just too cruel. She chopped off their arms and legs!” the major was exasperated. 

“They deserved it! Just based on their attitudes, I know they’ve done this many times. I know we’re not the first victims and not the last either. That is why she cut off their limbs, so they can never hurt civilians again,” said Ye Lang directly. He was very calm as if it was a casual conversation. 

“??” Li Yue was shocked. These were exactly her thoughts but she never told him. How could he have known?

Are we at the stage where… Ahh what am I thinking?!

Li Yue’s face turned red, to everyone’s puzzlement. What was going on that could make her face turn red?

“Even if they were in the wrong, the punishment should’ve been our business, it is not for you outsiders to decide,” said the major with a frigid expression. 


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