The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 567

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“Are you both done talking? I’m asking you, are you the Sorceress, Li Yue?” asked a middle-aged man stepping forward. He was the Lieutenant-General. 

“See! These people are here for you!” Ye Lang was sure they were here to pursue Li Yue. 

“Shut up!” yelled Li Yue angrily. 

Ye Lang covered his mouth as if to say alright, I’m not talking .

Li Yue shook her head weakly, then turned to talk to the middle-aged man. 

“You must be from Muyang Town?” she asked with no fear in her tone. She was never afraid in the face of thousands of men and their horses, this bunch was nothing. 

“Not bad, the Sorceress is as courageous as they tell me. I am Lieutenant-General Huo Ke from Muyang Town, from the Tanlang military group,” said the man, calmly introducing himself. 

“Lieutenant-General Huo Ke, I don’t know what you’re trying to do here. Why did you surround us?” Li Yue asked equally flatly, her eyes swept across the elite fighters around her. 

“Hmmph! Do you still need me to tell you why?” he huffed. He was not used to Li Yue’s calmness. She was too calm. 

“Please enlighten me!” were the three words she spat with no expression. Huo Ke was shocked. 

He had met many people during war but rarely a person like Li Yue. The ones who gave off the same aura as her were usually powerful generals hardened by hundreds of battles. Perhaps they were not even as stoic as the Sorceress Li Yue. 

How old was she? Twenty-plus at most. Those generals were old men, seventy or eighty years old. They only achieved such a presence with time, yet this Sorceress could do it so well. It was unbelievable. 

No matter what, this Sorceress was no ordinary person! 

And the young man next to her did not look like a threat. He wondered if the rumours were true, could he be THAT good in archery?

“You injured so many of my people, even killing a major. Do you think we’ll just settle the matter and call it a day? If you do not want to die, please state your identities. Then we will consider it,” Huo Ke said coldly, at the same time probing to check their backgrounds. 

He was still shaken from Li Yue’s aura, so he knew he had to take her seriously. If she was a powerful person, he would have to let her go. 

“I, am just a person who was kidnapped.” Li Yue did not want to say much, she did not want to expose her own identity, for that would bring trouble to Ye Lang. 

“Kidnapped? By who?” Huo Ke was stunned. He was not told of this.

“Me! I kidnapped her, I’m a kidnapper!” Ye Lang raised his hand immediately. 

“And you’re very proud of it?” Li Yue asked. 

“Yep, I’m a proud kidnapper. I do not sneak around!” he nodded. 

Proud? Such a shameless kid! 

“Since you seem unwilling to tell me then we will just have to capture you both!” Huo Ke knew they both did not want to tell him who they were. He was indifferent, he could just ask after he’d capture the two. 

“Wait!” Ye Lang said with an outstretched hand.

“?! What, you have a question?” Huo Ke sounded very polite. It did not sound like a huge battle was going to happen. 

“I have a question. Are you here to ask me to pay for your medical fees again? Was it not enough?” Ye Lang looked at them coldly. 

“Medical fees? Hmmph, we, the Tanlang military group, suffered huge losses because of you both, you think we would let you go just because of some medical fees?” Huo Ke was actually shocked to hear about the medical fees. If he had known, perhaps it wouldn’t have escalated to this. 

“Since it’s not because of the medical fees, what are you all here for?” Ye Lang asked. 


We’ve been here talking for so long, and you haven’t understood? We’re here to catch you! 

“You idiot! They’re here to catch us, or maybe kill us!” Li Yue cried. 

“You are all so annoying. This has always been your fault since the beginning. Please stop annoying us or the consequences will not be as simple as just a few injuries,” Ye Lang said flatly with a frown. 


Everyone laughed hysterically when they heard him, as if it was the funniest joke they’d heard. The little boy in front of them was threatening them? Him and what army?

“Son, you are very arrogant, but even arrogant people must be capable enough to threaten someone else. You will just suffer if you don’t actually have the capabilities!” Huo Ke eyed him in disgust. He was repulsed by Ye Lang’s arrogance, disgusted by Ye Lang’s general behaviour. 

“Arrogant? No I’m not, I’m just telling you the truth. I do have the capabilities, at least enough to deal with all of you!” he said mildly. 

“Boss, let’s not talk nonsense with him. Just give us the signal and we’ll kill him and take the Sorceress. She’s a prize, hehe…” one man said with a creepy smile. 

“Yeah sir, the Sorceress is such a woman…” 

“Boss, when the time comes, you’ll go first! Then it will be our turn…”

Under the moonlight, Li Yue’s silver eyes were seductive as ever. She could rival every girl across the lands, she could mesmerise crowds with just her eyes. 

Li Yue’s features grew cold, a killing aura radiating off her. The frigid aura was like a chilly night breeze. Everyone felt the chill in their bones. 

In this moment, everyone could see that she was about to launch a massacre! 





They heard several whistles and then short gasps! 

The few ones who were eyeing Li Yue with disgusting looks now had an arrow through their throats. Seeing as the arrow had pierced through their trachea, they were definitely going to die. 

At this moment, everyone realised there was a bow in Ye Lang’s hands and the arrows were obviously fired by him.

“Since you all seem to want death so badly, I’ll personally send you off!” Ye Lang’s flat tone was suddenly very eery, like the cry of a horn signifying impending death. 

Li Yue gazed emotionally at Ye Lang, then with a cold huff, immediately charged into the crowd. 

Like before, pools of blood appeared wherever she went. This time was different: every move she made was fatal, not giving any chances. 

Every slash of her sword took a life. At that moment, she was the true Sorceress.