The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 568

With Li Yue’s skills, although she could kill and injure these people, she could not guarantee she wouldn’t get hurt in the process. This was unavoidable and she was used to it. 

Li Yue had experienced situations like that many times as a soldier. One time, she almost died from a severe injury but she stubbornly clung on to life and survived it in the end. 

Then Li Yue must have many scars, right? Nope. As a girl, she cared about her appearance so she sought high-level medical procedures to heal wounds without leaving scars. 

Or she’d be covered in scars by now! 

In the beginning, she was ready to bleed from this round of duelling but she was surprised to notice that she was still unscratched. She knew that it wasn’t her luck- Ye Lang was there to watch over her. Every time someone was about to hurt her, an arrow would fly by and kill him instantly. Some people started to notice this too so they decided to attack him in a group. However, he still managed to dodge all of them, destroying everyone around him and helping to ease her burden as to same time. 

He was still riding the lion, so everyone attributed his agility on the lion. Well, if he did not have the lion, perhaps he’d be even more agile, though a little more distracted. 

To stop Ye Lang, some turned their attention to the lion but they quickly realised it was no ordinary lion either. Its skin was thick, it was strong and powerful. Killing a few people was a simple thing. 

Reality proved this to be true too. The lion killed a few of its attackers with its claws and teeth, though it did not eat them.

This was something Ye Lang had taught. Ye Lang did not want it to make a habit of eating humans so he only allowed the lion to eat wild animals. However, the lion preferred cooked meat for its better taste. 

Huo Ke quickly realised the few hundred elites he brought were collapsing one by one. The two were terrifying- especially the harmless-looking young man. 

Ye Lang’s kill count far exceeded Li Yue, he was the key to their victory! 

To retreat or not to retreat? If this continued, they’d all die! 

Huo Ke hesitated, but in that few moments, Ye Lang and Li Yue killed a few more…,

Sigh, there was no need to think anymore! 

Huo Ke did not have to think because they’d made the decision for him- there were only a few left, they could not run now…

“Who are you both?” Huo Ke asked at last. 

“We are just passers-by! None of this would’ve happened if you Tanlang group didn’t start it! The evil will only get what they deserve!” Li Yue said flatly then killed Huo Ke in one slash of her sword. A Di level fighter with exceptional fighting experience. Who was this Sorceress? And the kid…

Huo Ke still could not figure this out, he did not even know who killed him in the end! 

Ye Lang and Li Yue packed up after the battle, taking all their weapons. These were what Ye Lang wanted because he wanted to make something that required metal. 

In the end, they just left the place because there was no way they could clean up the place, might as well not even try. When people find this place, they’d far from here, far from the Tanlang military group’s territory. 

However, what they didn’t expect was that the situation had already escalated at an alarming level. The problem had dramatically unfolded to its maximum potential-- the two was met with the entire Tanlang army! 

“Sorceress, you are surrounded! Put down your weapons, do not resist, for it will be of no use!” 

A proud roar echoed and shook the heavens and the earth…

They were in the outskirts, a place where not many people lived. However, this entire place was now filled with thousands of soldiers and horses- about five to six thousand of them. 

They were all soldiers, a trained army. They were all very well-trained compared to the rest of the mainland. Only large empires, including the three major empires, had such an elite army. 

This army was also considered a top-tiered army among the three empires. They would not appear for nothing either, so their presence meant something major had happened. 

Yep, this was considered major- at least to them! 

They were at the northern part of Oscar City, one of the northern cities of the Soaring Sky Empire. They were in the middle of the Soaring Sky Empire’s grasslands’ northern region. 

The military group guarding this area was still under the Tanlang army, but this group was named the Grey Wolf battalion. Not only did Oscar City have rich resources, they also had a complicated terrain so the Grey Wolf battalion was naturally an elite team. 

Their presence was a surprising one. They were not usually mobilised, at least not on this scale. 

Just as they were dispatched, the citizens of Oscar City were wondering what happened. Was there a rebellion nearby? Or the empire finally sent people to be in charge of the area? 

The people were a little excited because they hated the Tanlang army. They ruled with an iron fist, bullying the commoners often. 

This did not just happen in Oscar City, it happened throughout the entire northern region of the empire. This entire region was controlled by the Tanlang military group, it was a very common theme across all the areas. 

This was a culture formed during the past ten years or so. Before this, Tanlang soldiers were disciplined and fair- or they wouldn’t have risen to be the fifth-largest military group in the empire. 

Apparently, after the death of the previous general about ten years ago, his eldest son took his position and was reckless with his power and position. After that, the culture of the group turned sour. 

The empire was aware of this but could not do much about it because their power was deeply rooted in the northern society. If they wanted to deal with this, it would cause mass chaos. 

The empire could only wait until the foundations of the Tanlang army start to wobble- then it would be time for a government change. 

Although the people did not support the Tanlang military group, they were still very powerful. Treating this malignant tumour would still cause too many problems and this was not what the empire wanted. 

At the same time, Zhao Yarou had no time for this either. She had just stabilised her authority as the empress, there was no time to deal with the problems in the north unless an unexpected opportunity arose. 

However, this opportunity would be very unlikely so the Tanlang army continued terrorising the people and crowning themselves little kings of the region. 

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