The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 572

One person’s strength was limited unless they had an extraordinary plan. It was impossible to face such a large army like that alone. If they could, then any random Tian Heavenly fighter would’ve made the heavens collapse by now. 

Also, that would mean the emperor would have to be a Tian warrior to be able to control these people! 

This was evident from the time Ye Lang and the rest were escaping from Soaring Sky. This was a group that consisted of many masters and at least two Tian warriors. However, they still had to run in the face of such a large army. 

Humans get tired, there will always be a limit…

Li Yue did not speak, merely glared at the general fiercely. She didn’t look intimidated at all. Did this girl have any fear in her at all?

This Sorceress was a trained soldier, she was trained to be calm no matter how powerful her enemies were. That was why she could calmly refrain from using the Tianji Armour even when her life was in danger. 

The first rule of being a soldier: listening to your general! 

But who was her general? For now, it was Ye Lang, and he was a very blur general… 

“To be honest, you five thousand people aren’t that bad, you all might manage to kill Li Yue. But don’t forget this- you will suffer severe losses too, more than half of you will be killed by her! Have you ever thought about the price you’ll have to pay for this?” Ye Lang’s calm voice echoed across the fields. 


The general stopped for a moment as if this was the first time he was considering the losses he’d suffer. He had only been thinking about his goal, he never thought about the price he had to pay for it. 

Now that he thought about it, if they really fought, how many of his men would be left after the fight? From what just happened, at least half. 

At that point, while he would achieve his goal, he would lose his men. Was that worth it?

Not at all! 

But could he just drop the matter like that?

Probably not either! 

“This is actually a very small matter, please don’t make these necessary sacrifices. We’re literally just travellers and we will not disturb you all. And if anyone comes after you scumbags, it would be Zhao Yarou,” said Ye Lang casually. 

“...” Li Yue was silent. Oh my goodness, can you please stop being so honest? I know they’re scumbags but you can’t just say that! You can’t say that when you’re persuading them to NOT attack us!! 


“Zhao Yarou?” 

Who does he think he is? Such arrogance, uttering the empress’ name just like that! And calling us scumbags too our faces too! 

“Such recklessness! You dare utter Her Majesty’s name just like that? That is a disrespect to the empress herself!” Although the general still didn’t know who Ye Lang was, plus he did not really care if anyone insulted Zhao Yarou behind her back, out of habit, he still had to make a show of loyalty to the empire. 

“Disrespect? Recklessness?” Ye Lang asked blankly. “I’ve been calling her Zhao Yarou since the day she became the empress. I’m not one of her subordinates, I don’t have to say ‘Her Majesty’.”

“What about before she was empress?” Li Yue asked suddenly. He seemed to imply that he called her something else before she became empress. 

There was somehting hidden between the lines, everyone could tell. They also wanted to know because this would tell them what relationship he had with Zhao Yarou. 

“Before she was the empress?” Ye Lang thought for a moment but couldn’t remember. “I think I called her the eighth princess…”


That was useless information. Everyone called her the eighth princess! But it was still odd that he would call her by her name. 

“Who are you, really?” asked the general again. He did not have anything else to say.

“Didn’t I tell you already? I’m Li Gui, this is my old sister…” Ye Lang explained lazily.

“Can you stop calling me your old sister?” said Li Yue in mild disgust. She did not want to hear the word ‘old’. 

“Oh, alright. She’s my big sister.”

“...” Li Yue was silent. It was the same, announcing to the world that she was older than him. Plus, it did not sound informal enough as siblings. 

Many people could be called your big sister! 

“Nevermind, old sister is fine!” said Li Yue. 

“Alright, old sister! Do you want more rabbit, old sister?” Ye Lang retrieved the rabbit he was roasting at started to tear off some for himself. 

“Give it to me! Also, I meant you could use the term, not call me that in every sentence!”

“Alright, old sister! Here you go, old sister! Take it, old sister!” Ye Lang tore off some for her as he nodded. 

Li Yue was speechless. She bit down hard on the rabbit and chewed angrily, venting her dissatisfaction. She did not dare scold him because she knew it would just result in more frustration.

“You both look like you’re very relaxed!”

The general watched as they started to eat again and felt like they were not taking him seriously at all. He was insulted! Anger rose from his chest like fire. 

What are you doing?! You both are now surrounded by my army! First, you slaughter my men, then you’re now sitting there as if you’re having a picnic! 

This, this is an insult!

“Yeah. If only you all weren’t here, I think we’d be even more relaxed!” Ye Lang nodded, dumping more oil unto the general’s fury.

“I’ll kill you both even if it means I’ll die! Brothers, we’ll kill these dogs!” roared the general. At this moment, he felt like he would not regret this decision even if half of his men died. 

These two were stepping on the dignity of his Grey Wolf battalion, it was a very serious matter!
To be honest, he had another secret thought: no matter how many people die here, he would still be alright. Plus, he’d get credit for this without doing anything! 

“Since you all choose death, then I have no choice. Go, Li Yue. These people are not good people, don’t worry, you can kill them!” said Ye Lang flatly. Without the soldiers knowing, he’d unleashed a stream of magical energy from beneath his feet. One by one, alchemy formations appeared on the ground across the lands. 

This was something Ye Lang did every time. He had to make sure of his and Li Yue’s safety, putting all measures in place. This was also why he could always deploy his defensive measures in time to save Li Yue at the last second. 

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