The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 581

“Sir, lady, you’re in big trouble! Run now!” someone named Er shouted towards Ye Lang.

“Why run? I plan to rest for the night,” said Ye Lang in a carefree manner. 

Li Yue furrowed her brows, asked, “Exactly who is this dead guy?” 

“Don’t you know? Oh, you probably didn’t, or else you wouldn’t have done this. He is Mo Lin, Mo Jie’s second son. Mo Jie is the Tanlang military group’s leader.” This ruined Mo Lin’s original plan and shocked Li Yue.  

“......” Li Yue stayed silent. What were the odds of meeting someone from the Tanlang military group again, especially the young master of the group who was basically a prince? 

No wonder he was so arrogant! But…..

“So it is Tanlang again. Why are we always tangled up with them? Whatever I’m used to it. Killing another one isn’t a problem,” said Ye Lang.

Ye Lang’s words stupefied the others. They didn’t understand what he said, what did “killing another one isn’t a problem” mean? Did that mean those two killed many before this? 

Yes, plenty of them! 

Li Yue, Li Yue… Sounds familiar… 

“Idiot! Those before were small fries but this one isn’t. They will definitely come after us now!!” said Li Yue exasperatedly. 

“Why?” Ye Lang was confused again. 

“He’s the leader’s son, in other words, he’s basically a prince. Now that a price is killed, what do you think they’ll do?” Li Yue said while rolling her eyes. 

“Simple, revenge! Oh, ah, shit, this isn't it good. Li Yue, should we run now? Or else we’ll get caught up in things again, I don’t have so much time,” said Ye Lang who was finally realising the gravity of the situation and had begun to feel uneasy. 

However, his uneasiness didn’t come from the fear of them coming from revenge, it came from his worry that they might delay his journey, making him spend his precious time on unimportant issues. 

“Let’s go, we can’t stay here, we need to leave now!” said Li Yue as she shook her head. 

“Let’s go! AHHHHH……” Ye Lang roared. The roar wasn’t from his nervousness, it was just to call the lion over. It was a trick he picked up recently. 

The lion immediately stopped eating after hearing Ye Lang’s roar. It jumped out of the pen, scaring the workers as it left. 

“You two can’t leave!” said the cashier as he crawled out from the counter, face full of sweat. 

“Why?” asked Ye Lang with a friendly smile. 

“Because you killed Mo Lin, if you leave, Tanlang would be angry at us. We can’t bear or handle that, so, please stay…” said the cashier. He was telling the truth, if they left now, the rest of them would be in deep trouble. 

“Li Yue…” Ye Lang looked at Li Yue, meaning to ask for her opinion on the matter. 

Li Yue thought about it and said, “You all leave, go as far as you can. Don’t ever come back or even when this matter is resolved, you’ll still be punished. Only come back when Tanlang Military Group ceases to exist!!” 

“This…” the cashier was in doubt. 

“Brother, pass them some money so they can continue their lives elsewhere,” said Li Yue. 

“Understood! Here are ten golden cheques. It’s a thousand for each cheque, share it among yourselves. If you have nowhere to go, you can go to Soaring Sky’s capital, say that Li Yue is covering for you,” said Ye Lang as he passed ten thousand to them. 

“I don’t need this, I just think we don’t need to leave this place……” The cashier said with doubt as he looked at the money. He was thinking about whether he should take it, not about leaving. 

“If you don’t want to die, then leave, I won’t stop you if you choose otherwise. You all must think that we’ll get killed by Tanlang, right? Let me tell you, we won’t die and we’ll kill more of their men. By the time that happens, don’t you think they’ll vent their anger on you?” Li Yue said blankly while looking at the cashier. 

Li Yue knew what the cashier meant. He thought both of them would be killed and Tnalang wouldn’t have any reason to be angry at the others. 

However, would these two really get killed by Tanlang? Obviously not, even if they can’t kill their way through, they have the ability to escape. 

“So you’re saying… no way, there’s only two of you…” said the cashier as he shook his head. 

At that moment, someone shouted, “Ah, I remember, Li Yue, the sorceress Li Yue!! That’s you!!” 

“What?! The sorceress Li Yue?” 

Everyone looked at her, their gaze filled with shock as if they couldn’t believe that this angle-like young lady was the cold-blooded murderer they heard of. 

However, when she killed Mo Lin, she didn’t hesitate at all, so maybe it is true!! 

“Are you the sorceress?” Er asked with his mouth opened wide. 

“That’s right, I am the sorceress you speak of, so don’t you think it's time for you to leave? If you don’t you won’t have another chance later!” said Li Yue. 

“Go! Quick!” the cashier immediately grabbed the money and left. Ten thousand was enough to start a new Moon Hotel, in addition to his own savings, starting a new business wasn’t impossible. 

Even if it failed, at least he would still be alive. If he stayed, he could lose his life. Anyone in the same position would have made the same choice. 

“Sorceress, I hope you two survive!” 

When Er left, he looked back to shout a sincere blessing at Li Yue. He really hoped that they survived and killed more members of Tanlang Military Group. 

“Li Yue, why don't we do something while we’re waiting?” asked Ye Lang. 
“What should we do?” asked Li Yue. 

“Maybe some traps and defence. I think many of them would show up, we killed the leader’s son. This Mo Lin is really something else, why can’t he bring along a servant or tell us his identity,” said Ye Lang. 

Even though they had limited time, it was enough for Ye Lang to complete a scary set up that would make Tanlang Military Group lose their footing. He felt that this was the start of a massive battle.  

After all, Li Yue did kill the group’s young master.  

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