The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 582

“If you knew his identity, would you still kill him?” said Li Yue coldly. 

“Of course I still would. Who told him to mess with you? He wanted to kill us, he took out his sword. We’re better off without this kind of people,” said Ye Lang as he shook his head. 

“Then why did you talk so much just now,” Li Yue rolled her eyes at Ye Lang. 

“Can’t I just mumble to myself,” said Ye Lang. 

“...” Li Yue didn’t feel like replying. 

“They’re here!” Ye Lang took a seat beside Li Yue in the middle of the shop. They prepared a pot of tea while waiting to show that they weren’t afraid of the incoming danger. 


When the troops arrived, they were shocked to find Ye Lang and Li Yue leisurely sitting there. They imagined that the duo had long run away.  

Not only that the duo didn’t run away, but they were also just sitting there meaning that they were waiting for them. 

“Where’s Mo Lin?”

One of the troops asked the duo. 

“Hm? Li Yue, they look like strong, unlike those greenies before,”  Ye Lang said as his eyes swept through the group. They looked highly experienced, they were all at least Di level experts.

Li Yue and Ye Lang haven't experienced this before. Tanlang Military Group had experts but they weren’t supposed to show up like this. They must have had another reason to be here.

“Maybe they’re on a mission, or they were supposed to protect Mo Lin but Mo Lin for whatever reason ran off alone so they’re here for him,” Li Yue guessed. 

“That’s right, we’re supposed to protect Mo Lin. We figured that you would come here but not this quick,” one of them replied while looking at Ye Lang and Li Yue. His eyes moving about as if he was hiding something.

“Li Yue, don’t believe them, they’re probably dragging out time waiting for the others to come. Kill them,” said Ye Lang. 

“...” The troops didn’t imagine Ye Lang to be this direct. Anyone else that saw through the point would have waited for better timing to act instead of being so rash.  

“Gladly!” Li Yue nodded as she pulled out the sword and charged towards the troops. 

“Well then, let’s play along! My brothers, be careful, don’t underestimate her, we need to work together!!” one of the troops roared. Then, they charged at Li Yue. 

A spear brought about a strong gust of wind as it flew. Anyone that was pierced by it would meet a miserable fate.  

Li Yue knew that and suddenly quickened her pace to duck the spear. She stuck close to the ground, rushing forward to strike with what seemed like a Cold Moon Slash. 

The move shocked the troops as they couldn’t have imagined Li Yue striking from such a low angle. She was almost parallel to the ground. 

She moved as quick as a comet. When she stood in front of the spearman, her slash had long passed through. 


Eyes wide, the spearman knew he needed to run away immediately. 



The moment he decided to run, he used as his might to avoid the fatal blow from Li Yue. 

However, what he didn’t know was that Li Yue had planned to kill him in one blow as that would save her strength and send a strong message.

This move of hers wasn’t a new move it was just an advanced version of an old move that had a stronger attacking force. 

This was the advanced version Li Yue’s Cold Moon Slash-- 

The Stacked Moons Slash! 

The stacked moons refer to the two cold moons stacked on top of each other allowing the Cold Moon Slash to achieve greater heights and have double the attack power. 

“!? Impossible...” 

The spearman looked helplessly as his body was sliced apart by the slash. His luck only covered him for the first blow but not the second blow. 

In his last moments, he could clearly see the lower half of his body still in its retreating position. 

The rest of the troops were stunned. They knew Li Yue was strong but they didn’t know that she could kill a Di Earthly level expert in one move. 

Even if the spearman was an east target, the fact that Li Yue could kill anyone in one move meant that her skills were far greater than his. 

If that was the case, what level is she at? Tian heavenly level? That seemed impossible! 

Whatever the case, Li Yue was definitely better than a low-level Di warrior, maybe a higher level Di warrior. That had to be that for her to achieve that feat. 

If she already achieved so much at such a young age, she couldn’t be far from Tian level! 

If she reached Tian level, these people here wouldn’t stand a chance. The difference between a Tian level and a Di level was as huge as the sky and the ground. Even the highest level Di warrior wouldn’t stand a chance with a Tian level warrior. 

There were not many Tian level warriors around. It was believed to be less than a 100 of them but they were mostly legends. For the troops to stand in front of the sorceress that was soon to be one was ultimately inconceivable for them. 

They probably didn’t know that the amount of time needed for Li Yue to reach the Tian level was much shorter than they thought. At most, they would imagine she needed another five or ten years but definitely nothing shorter than that. 

“You all are next!” 
She didn’t miss a beat in executing her next move. In their state of shock, she easily singled out their weakest link and killed him, weakening them even more. 

“Quick, regroup, get her!” 

At that moment, the rest snapped out of their shock and didn’t hesitate to work with one another. They knew if they wasted any more time it would cost their lives. 

Their teamwork would stand useless against Li Yue. Her movements were quick and precise, making it hard for anyone to stop or even track her.  

Just her speed would place her on another level than them. Now, she just needed to wait for a chance to land her winning blow. 

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