The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 586

Ye Lang felt like there were already too many bodies downstairs and Li Yue was already eating the Dabu pills. Her energy had been depleted and it was time for her to rest. 

A rough estimate of the situation concluded that Li Yue had slaughtered almost two thousand people, about ten of them were masters. This was excluding the previous batches of experts who came. 

Right now, she had already killed a third of the experts from the Wolf Fang Camp! 

Everyone knew the Wolf Fang Camp was one of the Tanlang Military Group’s best teams. Everyone there was at least a Di level fighter. Although there were barely two hundred of them, they could easily fight an army of ten thousand. 

This time, more than half of the camp sent them men to attack Ye Lang and Li Yue. However, the sudden change in events made them come out of hiding so they were fighting in a disadvantaged position. Batch by batch, they were sent to their deaths. Suddenly, sixty of them were dead. 

They were just stepping stones for Li Yue to rise as an accomplished martial artist. After fighting them, Li Yue had learned a lot because these were more powerful than the armies of thousands. 

Ye Lang wanted to stop the people from coming in so that everyone could rest, plus he had to deal with the bodies downstairs mainly to collect their weapons.

Whoosh! Whoosh! 

Ye Lang shot many arrows continuously, every arrow taking one life. Everyone outside quickly dispersed to leave his shooting range. Just like that, the stream of soldiers was interrupted. 

Li Yue wasn’t used to this. What happened? 

“Come up and rest for a while. Replenish your energy. I’ll deal with the rest!” Ye Lang jumped down from upstairs and told Li Yue. 

“Oh… Alright!” she nodded, snapping back to reality. A wave of fatigue rushed over her, reminding her that it was time for rest. 

Ye Lang did not have time for a chat. He made a few alchemy formations in his hands. Rays of light shot out in all directions, at the same time the formations grew bigger and bigger. 

At this point, something very odd happened. If there were people watching, they would be shocked. 

In the light, the weapons on the bodies were disintegrating into small particles flying towards the centre of the formation. If you watched carefully, it wasn’t just weapons- armours and other equipment made of metal were all disintegrating and flying to the centre. 

They were now concentrated! 

A few large blocks of metal were formed. Every different kind of metal formed their own block.

Perhaps this was true alchemy, these formations were especially used for disintegrating and re-integrating metal. However, they had their limitations in terms of scale and time. A lot of energy was needed for this. 

If this power had no limitations, everyone could just use this on battlefields all the time and an entire army’s armour and weapons would be gone. Then they would be slaughtered. 

What about Ye Lang? It was the same. He could not use it on a large scale either. The energy needed at the centre was not something he could handle alone. There was always a price to pay for alchemy. In this situation, energy was needed. Disintegrating matter used up more energy than attack formations. 

However, Ye Lang was willing to do this just to collect all the weapons because collecting them one by one would also be tiring. Plus he didn’t have the time. 

The people outside would only stop for a while. They were going to attack once again and this time, they would be prepared for his arrows. 

On the battlefield, there was an object meant for blocking arrows…

“Shields up!” 

The Tanlang soldiers held their shields in front of them, blocking any arrow from the second floor. Then, a group of soldiers ran between the shields into the hotel. They did not want Ye Lang the Li Yue to get time to rest or the people before them would have sacrificed themselves for nothing. 

“You all should just shift the bodies out. If this continues, even the door would be blocked,” Ye Lang said calmly to the men who rushed in.


It was only after his reminder that the soldiers realised the hotel was filled with bodies. They were piling up too. It was eerie. 

“We will deal with them after we kill you! Brothers, we shall avenge our brothers! Attack---”

With a shout, everyone charged at Ye Lang. At this point, he did not move. He was still as relaxed as ever. 

They were all puzzled. What was he doing? 

It was obvious he would not be a sitting duck though. He was so relaxed because they would not have a chance to hurt him, not even approach him.



Consecutive explosions scared them. What was going on? 

Although there was rigorous fighting before, when Li Yue was still here, they hadn’t heard sounds like that.

That was because Ye Lang had just activated his alchemy traps…


The front batch of soldiers died in the explosion. Everyone in the back did not dare step forward. They feared meeting the same fate. It was a powerful force. 

However, soon, more people charged forward. There would always be people coming because they had to kill Li Yue and Ye Lang. 

“Why do you guys keep doing this?” Ye Lang shook his head in pity. More explosions ensued. 

Batches of soldiers sacrificed themselves like that. This did not stop the people at the back and Ye Lang’s traps were soon used up. However, they had lost almost a thousand people like that. 

Then, Ye Lang was moving very quickly. He was as agile as Li Yue-- she was trained by him after all. 

It was impossible for them to catch him. Not just that, they were killed by the new traps he placed. 

He moved and spread traps at the same time. Just like that, Ye Lang replenished all the previous traps and more soldiers died once again. 

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