The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 589

Even if everyone here was just a Level 1 warrior, with a bit of douqi from everyone, the impact would be unfathomable. No matter how strong Ye Lang was in alchemy, his defences would still be destroyed.

Ye Lang would admit to this too. It was the truth. No matter how powerful one person was, he cannot stand against more tens of thousands of people and their douqi. That was why this idea would work.



Blasts of douqi kept appearing and slammed against the defensive alchemy formation. AT this point, Ye Lang and Li Yue had already been scared awake. 

She looked at Ye Lang anxiously but he did not seem to be bothered. He told her to wash up and then was thinking of getting some breakfast. Li Yue wanted to punch him very badly. 

However, she still listened. They both washed up and prepared breakfast for themselves. This was a hotel, they had a lot of things inside. 

On the other side, Ye Lang went to reinforce his alchemy formations so they could withstand till after he finished his breakfast. He also went to the second floor to cause a bit of havoc. 

However, when his face appeared, there was an angry roar…

“Ye Lang! So it’s you!!” 

Outside the Moon Hotel stood Senior Master, weakening the alchemy formation little by little. He was about to be able to break in. He clenched his fists, ready to kill the people inside. 

Then, a person appeared in his peripheral vision. It was Ye Lang, on the balcony of the second floor. He was stunned. 

Immediately, he asked, pointing at Ye Lang, “Li Yue’s brother, Li Gui the Ghost Doctor, is that him?”

“Yep! That’s him!”

“You idiots! What the hell is that name, Li Gui? He’s not Li Yue’s brother at all!! What am I paying you all for, that guy killed so many of your men and yet you don’t know who he is!” roared the Senior Master in fury.

“What?!” Everyone was stunned. They really didn’t know Ye Lang, they thought he was just Li Gui, Li Yue’s brother. 

“He’s Ye Lang, the thirteenth master of the Ye family!” 

After he explained, the Senior Master roared at Ye Lang, rushing over. His tone was filled with hatred because Ye Lang had killed his younger brother.

“Ah, how do you know me?” Ye Lang didn’t expect to be recognised. He thought of himself to be a low-profile person.

“...” Ye Lang’s question meant he proved them right. At this point, everyone was shocked to know that the person they’d been fighting had been using a fake identity.

“You… You look familiar. I think I remember meeting you somewhere.” Ye Lang looked at him. He seemed familiar, like they’d met before. 

They must know each other!

But, who was this senior master?

“Thirteenth master, you’re forgetful indeed! Have you forgotten who made me lose two girlfriends?” Senior Master spat coldly. 

“Who?” Ye Lang asked, clueless. 

“You! If it weren’t for you, I would’ve been with Sha Lan! Or Zhen Xiaoyan!” yelled Senior Master angrily. 

“Fatty?” Ye Lang paused for a moment. He did not know this person would know Zhen Xiaoyan. Although he was clueless, there was only one person in the world who would say Zhen Xiaoyan could be their girlfriend. 

“You’re Moya?”

Moya, Ye Lang’s schoolmate, was now the Senior Master of Tanlang Military Group. Such a small world.

“Yes! I am Moya, the person who lost his lover, and his little brother all because of you! Ye Lang, what have I ever done to you? Why did you have to hurt me like that?!” Moya sounded every word slowly, clenching his teeth in fury. He looked prepared to swallow Ye Lang whole. 

“What has that got to do with me…” Ye Lang was a little guilty. He didn’t think much of the situation with Zhen Xiaoyan, he hadn’t done anything wrong. However, as for Sha Lan, he did think he was a bit evil for ruining their happy relationship.

“Look, you feel guilty!” said Moya coldly. 

“I admit I was over the line with Sha Lan. If I get the chance, I’ll explain myself to her. However, if you believed her, nothing would have happened.” While Ye Lang apologised, he was still very honest. 

That was true too. If Moya had believed the other person, it didn’t matter if it was Zheng Xiaoyan or Sha Lan, he would not have lost either of them. He would probably still be in a happy relationship now. 

Trust was the most basic part of a relationship. If there was no trust, the relationship would end sooner or later. Ye Lang was just a factor that sped things up. 

Of course, trust was still not easy. So Moya was not fully to blame. He believed Ye Lang though because Ye Lang was a simple kid. 

“Believed? What are you talking about?” Moya was a little confused after hearing Ye Lang. He hated Ye Lang not because of this, it had nothing to do with trust. 

“Aren’t you talking about Sha Lan getting pregnant? That person was me. I was in disguise and spread that rumour. Ahhh----” Ye Lang confessed, still clueless. When he reached the end of the sentence, Li Yue smacked him hard. 

Ye Lang turned around to look at her, wondering why. 

“You, do you know how important a girl’s reputation is? How could you joke with that? So that’s why Sha Lan hated you so much, she wanted to kill you! You deserved it! If she knew that this was your fault, I think she’ll kill you no matter the cost!” Li Yue rolled her eyes, annoyed. 

From her words, this implied that Li Yue and Sha Lan kept contact. If Ye Lang was smarter, he could ask the right questions- but he did not. 

“Ah! Ahh!! Sha Lan, I have made a mistake! Ye Lang, I must kill you!” Moya screamed into the skies, glaring his bloodshot eyes at Ye Lang. 

“Eh, he looks like he regrets what he did. Well, he did it to himself. Why didn’t you trust her…” Ye Lang said casually like he was just making small talk.

“...” Li Yue was silent, shaking her head when she saw how Ye Lang still didn’t understand what he did wrong. She only silently prayed that Sha Lan couldn’t find him. If she did, it would be a disaster. Sha Lan has become very powerful now...