The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 590

“I regret not trusting her! But I will never let you go! I will kill you, then after I kill you, I will talk to Sha Lan!” roared Moya.

“Stop bothering me! Don’t kill me, it’s more important for you to talk to Sha Lan as soon as possible. It’s been so many years, she probably likes another person now. Sigh, women change their minds…” Ye Lang shook his head and Li Yue smacked him. 

Of course this annoyed Li Yue. 

“Women don’t just change their mind, they remember who wronged them too. Be careful.” She glared at him.

Ye Lang ignored her. He never cared anyway, if he couldn’t fight his opponent, he would just run…

“You think I’d let you go like that? You both have killed so many of my people. If I don’t kill you, how would I face my people? How would the Tanlang Group stand proudly?” Moya did not want to talk about Sha Lan but privately promised himself to return to the Imperial City to talk to Sha Lan when this was over. 

“I don’t care if you stand proudly, you all being here just disturbs the innocent citizens. You’re all going to be exterminated sooner or later, I’m just accelerating the process,” Ye Lang said with a shrug, indifferent. 


Moya roared in anger and blasts of douqi flew at the Moon Hotel. Very quickly, the defensive alchemy formation was destroyed. Even Ye Lang could not hold it for long. 

Unless he had the time to set up for this, then it would be different. 

After the formation was broken, Moya did not send his people inside. That would just be sending them to their deaths. He very intelligently decided for them to continue blasting at the hotel. 

Like before, blasts of douqi hit the hotel. It shook and shook but did not fall. 

Ye Lang had spent some time on the hotel’s defences so it did not fall as easily. That was why it was normal that the previous batch of people could not tear it down. 

Under the storm of douqi, the hotel stood for a solid ten minutes before it shook and collapsed! 

Once the place collapsed, everyone was excited, cheering until they stopped abruptly. 

That was because they saw Li Yue and Ye Lang eating breakfast happily at a table!

There was a red lion chewing a pig’s trotter, equally relaxed…

The area around them was different from everything else. There was not even a crumb of broken tile or bricks. It was the only place in the hotel that was still untouched. 

“Ye Lang, the building collapsed!” Li Yue remarked and then continued eating. 

“Doesn’t matter, buildings can be built again! The new can’t come if the old doesn’t go.” Ye Lang bit into some tofu and then ate a xiaolongbao. 

This was one of the heartiest breakfasts they had together, they would remember this meal for a long time! 

The tofu and xiaolongbao were made by Li Yue. She had learned how to make them so that she could make her favourite food whenever she wanted. With her talent, she learned very quickly. 

“Mm!” She nodded and picked up another xiaolongbao with her chopsticks. 

“...” Moya and the rest were stunned for a moment, wondering if they were both mentally stable. Who eats breakfast in a situation like that?

“Go! Kill them!” yelled Moya. 

“Sir Moya, can you please hold on? Wait for us to finish our breakfast, alright?!” yelled Ye Lang immediately. As he yelled, there was still food in his mouth.

“You can eat when you arrive in hell,” spat Moya coldly. 

“Li Yue, pack up! Get ready to leave!” Ye Lang stood up.

“Mm!” Li Yue also stood up immediately after hearing him, cleaned the table quickly and put all the food into a space pouch.

They did not want to waste food. Even if they were not going to eat now, they still kept the food for later. 

“Let’s go!” An alchemy formation appeared in Ye Lang’s hand. The ground beneath them vanished, then the two people plus the lion fell into the ground. 

“!!” Moya suddenly remembered Ye Lang was an alchemist. He had many ways of escaping, and after staying in there for so long, he had a lot of time to make an escape route for himself. 

“After him!!” Moya rushed forward but he had forgotten that if he jumped in, he would be at a disadvantage and get killed by Li Yue in a second. 

Fortunately, to stop other people from coming after them, Ye Lang set up a defensive formation nearby. It was a very strong one so it could not be broken in a short time frame. 

In a few seconds, he was gone. 

However, he did not seem to be far away because they heard his voice. Everyone heard him.

“Sir Moya, since you could recognise me, then you must know I am an alchemist. I have a lot of alchemy items with me too. To express my gratitude for all your concern, I will gift you these items, no strings attached!

“Goodbye, if we meet again…”

“?? What did he mean?” Many people didn’t understand. 

“This is bad! Run! There are traps!” Moya had a sudden realisation and started yelling. He had already leapt up and was sprinting away. 

However, it was too late…




In a second, there were consecutive explosions radiating away from the centre. Every piece of land under the Tanlang military’s feet suddenly blew up. 

Ye Lang had already calculated the range of every bomb so there was no blind spot in the arrangement of bombs. Ye Lang had used up all the alchemy bombs on him. Not a single person left unscathed within this region. 

There were at least eighty thousand people, adding up the previous batch and Moya’s people…

After the nearby buildings were also blown up, very very few people survived this day…

Since yesterday, Ye Lang had been burying a range of bombs and explosive traps in the area using alchemy. They covered such a big area it was unbelievable. 

That goodness all the civilians had run far away since the fighting started so there were no civilians nearby during the explosions. 

At the time, they thought it was just firecrackers. Never would they have imagined such a large-scale explosion. 

In the end, when they saw the people blown up in the air and the shattered buildings, they realised they were bombs. Someone had blown up the Tanlang Military Group.