The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 599

“Oh, yes, the Fox tribe. I don’t know how he did it but people weren’t able to sense that he wasn’t actually from the tribe. Apparently, his disguise was perfect, I have to take a look at it if I have the chance.” The third brother was very curious towards Ye Lang’s fox tribe disguise. 

“I know for sure that if he dressed up as a girl, he would look really pretty,” said Ye Lanyu without much thought. Of course she knew, she was the one that applied makeup on Ye Lang last time. 

“So…” the third brother continued, he gathered a lot of information. After he organised everything he heard, he could piece together a story that wasn’t too far off from what actually happened. 

His information was enough to know Ye Lang’s whereabouts and what he did. 

“What? He went after Li Yue again?” 

“Ah… for the Tianji Armour?” 

“Really? He could escape like that? This son really is something…” 

“That prat, he really just kidnapped Li Yue like that…” 


As the third brother continued, continuous gasps were heard. Ye Lang’s story shocked them but they didn’t interrupt the third brother.  

Maybe it was because they were used to Ye Lang’s antics and thought it was still in character for him to do so. 

“All this isn’t much. The next part will shock you, you definitely wouldn’t have thought of this!” said the third brother with his head held high as if he had done whatever Ye Lang had done. 

“Cut the crap, just tell us!” 


“So, thirteen brought Li Yue to the northern part of Soaring Sky, the part that controlled by Tanlang Military Group. Everyone knows they control that part, the empire can’t even stop them.” The third brother continues, “Unlucky for them, they encountered that maniac thirteen and they got screwed over!!” 

“How?” some asked. 

“They were annihilated, now the north is back in the empire’s control,” said the third brother. 

“!!” The audience was shocked, they knew that Tanlang was doomed from their with meeting Ye Lang but they didn’t imagine them being entirely wiped out but they couldn’t help but wonder-- 

“Don’t tell me Tanlang was wiped out by my brother.” The question that was burning in everyone’s mind was said out loud by Ye Lanyu. They knew Ye Lang wasn’t strong enough to kill off an entire military group. 
Zhao Yarou would have better chances of doing that, Ye Lang would at most just be the catalyst! 
It was normal to think that. No one could imagine two people destroying a whole military group. 
“Even though it wasn’t entirely him…” As the third brother spoke, many nodded in their heads. That should be the case but they would soon understand there was more to the story. 

“The main reason was still him. He killed two hundred thousand of them, including tens of thousands of their main warriors and their group leader! Zhao Yarou took advantage of this and got rid of the remnants in a short period of time!” 

“!! No way, how did he do it? Alchemy?” 

No one could believe it, they tried to make sense of the situation by pointing it to Ye Lang’s alchemy. 

“Well, alchemy did play a significant role but the main reason was that number thirteen played that Guzheng of his and killed hundreds of thousands of them…” 

“...” Silence filled the room. 


This was actually a common reaction when people across the land were told this story. They were all stunned, bewildered, in disbelief of what they just heard. 

This story was mostly kept to the elites of the world though because Zhao Yarou contained the news. The common folk only knew that Tanlang was annihilated. 

And because of that, many were not aware of Ye Lang’s deadly skill that could kill so many. 

If they knew, it would cause more panic… 
At that moment, the protagonist of the story, Ye Land had reached the Tiger Tribal Lands. After leaving Soaring Sky, the duo’s journey was rather smooth. Any minor problem they faced was easily dealt with by Li Yue. 

Ye Lang had to thank his lucky stars for having Li Yue with him or his journey would have never been so smooth. This made people wonder, was Li Yue really kidnapped by Ye Lang? 

“Young Master!” 

When Ye Land reached the Tiger Tribal Lands, Tigress was already waiting for them. When she saw Ye Lang, she excitedly jumped onto Ye Lang, accidentally making him fall.  

She then hugged him tightly! 

Ye Land softly asked, “How are you, Tigress?” He looked slightly concerned for Tigress who was in his embrace so he asked concernedly. 
“Nothing much! I just wanted to be in your embrace, I wanted to feel this,” said Tigress, “I was so worried for you…”  

Tigress was only acting like this out of concern. When he first left, she wasn’t that worried about him but as his journey continued more things happened to him. Getting surrounded by Zhao Yarou twice, starting a war with the Tanlang Military Group, the list went on… 

When she heard about it, she wanted to fly to his side to protect him! 

At the same time, she blamed herself. Ye Lang was only doing all these for her father. If anything happened to him, she would not forgive herself. 

However, even if her father wasn’t the reason for him to go on that journey she would still feel as bad just not as bad as she did now. 

“What could happen to me? Get up now, I need to cure your father!” said Ye Lang as he wanted to push away Tigress. Ugh, he really didn’t understand emotions. 

“Geez, I know!” Tigress wanted to flirt around a little more but after hearing that, the mood was killed. She didn’t say much as she stood up and pulled Ye Lang up. 

“Hi, sister Li Yue!” Tigress politely greeted as she saw Li Yue staring blankly at the side. 

“Hello! Tai Ya, you’ve grown so tall…” said Li Yue in a daze. The words had rolled out of her mouth without much thought. Even though it was the truth, it was unnecessary to say that to Tigress. 
“...” Tigress kept her silence, annoyed. Even though she had grown taller, she was still much shorter than them. 

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