The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 600

“Ah, please don’t misunderstand, I didn’t mean that,” Li Yue sensed that she messed up and apologized immediately. However, this made it even obvious that she messed up. 

“...” Tigress was unsure how to reply. 

“Let’s go, no time to waste!” It was as if Ye Lang was saving Tigress, he grabbed her hand and led her forward. 

At that moment, Tigress felt that Ye Lang wasn’t as dumb as he seemed but she soon ate her words. She even got quite angry at him. 

“Li Yue, why are you apologising? You didn’t say anything wrong, she did grow taller. Before this she was under my chin, now she’s up to my shoulder… Wait, did you get taller or shorter?” Ye Land was suddenly confused. 

“...” Li Yue was dumbfounded. 

“Stupid! Of course, I got taller!!” replied Tigress immediately. 

“Then why are you only at my shoulder now?” Ye Lang was still confused as he looked at the grumpy Tigress. 

“That’s because you got taller too but I didn’t grow as fast as you did! Ugh, young master, you are the worst!” Tigress’s cute canines peeked out as if she wanted to bite someone but how could she bear to actually bite the young master?  

“Yeah, that makes sense! It’s normal for you to grow slower than me because I need to be strong and buff, you just need to be cute,” said Ye Lang as he nodded. 

“No, no, no. I don’t want to be cute, I will grow taller. I’m from the Tiger tribe!!” said Tigress as she shook her head hoping that her current height was her fate. 

“You’re past puberty, it would be hard for you to get any taller,” said Ye Land untactfully. 

“...” Tigress hung her head low, she had no response for that. 

Looking at Tigress, Li Yue thought that Tigress would at least be angry at Ye Land for some period of time but she was proved wrong. Tigress could only stay angry at Ye Lang for as long as a blink. 

That’s right, just a blink! 

In just a blink, the two were talking again. They were updating each other about the things that happened. Whenever Ye Lang spoke, Tigress listened earnestly. She got happy for him, sad for him and even worried for him.  

These two were really joined to the hip like how others had described them. Their relationship was really one of a kind. 

“Tigress, this was something I took from the palace, isn’t it pretty?” said Ye Lang as he took about a beautiful lantern. 

The lantern wasn’t like a normal lantern. It was made with gold and silver and decorated with gemstones. It should look as excessive as it sounds but for some odd reason, the lantern didn’t give people that feeling. 

Even though it was made with the most luxurious items one could find, it’s artistry was the thing that added a layer of depth to it. To keep it to one sentence, the luxuriousness of the gems were elevated by the artistry.

“Ah, isn’t this the empress’s favourite? The starlight lantern. Ye Lang, she would hate you to death if she found out you took it!” Li Yue shouted. 

What Li Yue didn’t know was that Zhao Yarou had found out long ago. How could she not know? No one else other than Ye Lang would attempt to take her things. 

When she found out that the lantern was missing, she had a hunch that Ye Land was the culprit. Oh, how she wanted to beat the shit out of him except that he never gave her a chance to do so. If she had the chance, there was no way Ye Lang would be able to arrive here.

“Doesn’t matter, she already hates me!” said Ye Lang as he shrugged. 


“Is this for me? Thank you!” Tigress ignored everything else and only focused on the fact that this lantern was a present from Ye Lang. That was the only thing important to her. 

“Yes!” Ye Lang nodded, “I have some other stuff, I’ll pass it all to you later, I bought them on the road.” 

“Sure!” TIgress nodded. 

At that moment, Li Yue was even more sure how much Tigress meant to Ye Lang. Ye Lang couldn’t even remember other people, there was no way he would buy gifts for them. 

Of course, if her thoughts were heard by him, he would definitely say, “No way, I still remember my sister, number seven, fatty .... them, and uh, who else?” 

“Sister, young master!” 

To Li Yue’s shock, when Ye Lang and Tigress walked into the Tribal Lands, the Tiger and Fox people all addressed them as young master and sister. 

Li Yue could understand Tigress’s case, when they reached, Ye Lang told her that Tigress was the tribe's chief's daughter so calling her sister was normal. 

But, what did young master mean? 

Did he have a different power dynamic here with them? This would be very odd as the animal people rarely acknowledged humans. To call someone a young master would be an insult to them. 

In many cases when the animal people called humans masters, it was because they were enslaved by humans. 

Li Yue didn’t know that the term young master for them was just a name, it didn’t mean anything. It was only because Tigress and the others addressed Ye Lang in such a manner that the others just followed suit without questioning much. 

Very quickly, the trio reached the meeting room of the tribe land. The frozen tribe leader was kept here with many people guarding him. 

They felt immense guilt from the time they allowed someone to injure him. If they failed to protect him again, they would kill themselves from not being able to bear the guilt. 

As they saw the trio, they were alerted. Even though they recognised Tigress, they were not taking any chances.  

Only after they were told that Ye Land was the human that could cure the chief they let their guard down. As animal people, humans looked the same to them so even if they had met Ye Lang before, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to recognise him.

And in this particular group, many of them never met him before so they didn’t even know who he was! 

They immediately made way for Ye Lang to pass when they found out that this human was the reason the chief did not die. 

“Li Yue, pass me the Tianji Armour, I’m going to start preparations,” said Ye Lang as he stood before the chief.

At that moment, Li Yue refused. “No!” 

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