The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 602

As time passed, nothing much changed. Ye Lang continued to treat his patient. From his back full of sweat, it was obvious he was using a lot of his strength. 

Tigress who stood at the side observing felt her heart ache for him. Why didn’t I let him rest first when he got here. He rushed to heal father straightaway.                                                                                                                                                                        

But at the same time, she felt happy that he did rush to heal her father, that meant her father was getting better by the moment! 

As she looked at the two people she cared about, the two conflicting thoughts spun around in her mind, she wished in her heart -- 

Let this end soon! 

When this ends, I don’t need to be stuck with these thoughts!! 

On the other hand, Li Yue stood there as if she was standing guard. Even though Ye Lang looked like he was having a tough time, she wasn’t too worried because she felt that he didn’t need her to worry about him and this matter seemed trivial compared to the things they experienced before. 

“Are you done?” 

When Ye Lang took out the glowing Tianji armour, Li Yue could feel that the treatment was nearly done. Tigress felt the same way too. 

Then, just like they thought, he went through a few more formations and he was done. 

Li Yue looked at the armour Ye Lang passed to her in a dazed state, then she looked at him...

“You can wear it now! Tigress, look after your father, I’m going to rest!” said Ye Lang with a smile as he stretched and rubbed his shoulders 

“I… ok, I’ll get someone to bring you to my house.” Tigress wanted to go with Ye Lang but it was more important for her to look after her father now.” 

“It’s okay, Tai Ya. I’ll look after Ye Lang!” said Li Yue. 

“I don’t need you to look after me, I have Little Xin with me! Little Xin, baby, come here…” said Ye Lang as he left quickly. He was itching to see Little Xin again. 

“Little Xin? Who’s that?” asked Li Yue in confusion. It should be a girl but Tigress didn’t seem to care so she was even more confused. 

She quickly followed Ye Lang. Well, if Ye Lang was going to meet Little Xin, she would be able to see her too. 

“Young master!” 
As the people gathered outside saw Ye Lang, they shouted in unison, eyes filled with anticipation. 

“Your chief is fine, there was no major problem. We’ll have to wait for him to wake up!” replied Ye Lang as he left with Little Xin that had appeared and Li Yue. 

After listening to Ye Lang, they all rushed in without thanking him. They felt that anything they said to him now would be shallow, any sincere words would come out later. 

“Hello, sister Little Xin!” 

When Li Yue saw Little Xin, an innate sense of jealousy sprung inside her. She was in awe of Little Xin’s seemingly perfect looks but she didn’t let her jealousy get the best of her and greeted her politely. 

However, Little Xin did not reply, which made sense, it would be weird if she could! 

After her numerous attempts, Li Yue started to feel upset. She isn’t replying to me at all! How rude of her.  

Hence, Li Yue started to be colder, if it wasn’t her for curiosity to find out Little Xin and Ye Lang’s relationship, she wouldn’t have cared about her. Even with Little Xin’s perfect face. 

After a while, Ye Lang finally spoke. At that moment, Li Yue had the impulse to hit someone.

“Oh, were you greeting Little Xin? No use, she won’t reply to you. She’s an alchemy puppet,” said Ye Lang. 


“An alchemy puppet?! This… It looks exactly like a human, how could it be a puppet? Are you joking with me?” said Li Yue as she looked at Little Xin. 

“That means I’m amazing. I’m her creator, haha. I’ll make her even more perfect. After our little adventure, I’ve learned new ways to improve her. Maybe then Little Xin would be undifferentiable with a real human,” said Ye Lang proudly as he looked at Li Yue with contempt. 

Li Yue was upset. “Hmmph! Indistinguishable from a real human. Can she give birth as we do?” 

“...Well, I could try to upgrade her to …” Ye Lang was stunned. This was something hopelessly impossible.
“Pfft, upgrade all you want, you’ll get nowhere!” said Li Yue, she didn’t believe that his skills were enough to make an alchemy reanimated spirit give birth. 

“Even if I can’t do it, I’ll make my future generations continue the research. With them inheriting my knowledge, it may be possible,” said Ye Lang, ignoring Li Yue’s disdain. 

“Ugh, just go take your nap!” said Li Yue as they reached Tigress’s house, unwilling to continue the conversation. 

Even though it came off a little rough, Li Yue still meant well for Ye Lang as he really did need the rest from the long journey and the treatment. 

Even Li Yue felt tired and wanted a rest! 

“I’m going to take a shower…” said Ye Lang out of habit. As long as the situation allowed, Ye Lang took a shower every day, if not he would use his alchemy to cleanse himself. 

“Hurry then, I want to shower too,” said Li Yue. 

“Why not, we shower-” 

“Screw off.” 

“It’s not like we haven’t done it before.” 

“Ugh! Those were special circumstances and I didn’t take off my clothes.” 

“I did!” 



In the meeting room, surrounded by a crowd, the chief finally woke up.

“What happened to me?” asked the chief, his heads muddled with thoughts. The people that surrounded him confused him even more. 

“Father! How are you feeling?” asked Tigress, her voice dripping with concern. 

“??” The chief looked at Tigress, “What happened? Oh, I remember, my daughter, are you okay? Did the people hurt you?” 


From his words, they knew his memories were stuck at the moment he was assassinated. 

“Father, that was three months ago! I’m fine and you are fine now too!” said Tigress gently. Looking at the spirit in her father’s eyes, Tigress knew that he really was fine now. 

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