The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 603

“Three months ago? My daughter, are you lying to me?” asked the chief. 

“No!” Tigress shook her head. At the same time, the others promptly explained to the chief what had happened. 

“Really?! What in the world…” said the chief. 

“Chief, the story went like this…” someone started telling the chief the series of events that happened after he was injured and how Ye Lang sealed him in the ice. 

“Oh, Ye Lang this young man is quite impressive, isn’t he. My daughter, this young master of yours, eh where is she?” The chief was ready to praise Ye Lang in front of Tigress but he soon realised that she was long gone. 

“Taiya has left, I think she went to look after the young master,” someone filled the chief in. 

“Ah, daughters. When I’m in this state she still chooses to look after her young master. She doesn’t care about me,” said the chief with a hint of jealousy. 

“Chief, you shouldn’t say that!” someone refuted him, out of his expectations.

“Sister Tai Ya took care of you for so long. She was supposed to go to him just now but she stayed beside you the whole time!” 

“??” the chief was still in confusion about the situation. 

“That young man, just to treat you, rushed back without resting at all. Even though he didn’t say anything, I could tell he was exhausted from the treatment just now!” 

“Yes! I could see that too!” 

“So Tai Ya should go to look after him, you’re coming off as an ungrateful, jealous person right now!”  

“...” The chief was silent, he couldn’t imagine that he would become the target of their scolding and he had no rebuttal for it. 

He could guess that in the three months he was frozen a lot had happened and Ye Lang was much more respected by the tribesmen now. 

From their tones, they were much warmer to the young master. 

“Young master…” 

When Tigress finally rushed back home, she found Ye Lang asleep in the living room on what she was sure was a mat he brought himself because there wasn’t a mat like that in her house. 
She couldn’t help but smile at the way he slept with his arms and legs spread wide, it has been a while since she saw this familiar sight. 

However, she then noticed Li Yue was sleeping right next to Ye Lang using his arm as a cushion, curled up on one of his sides. 
“Odd, sister Li Yue didn’t like the young master before this. Why did she accompany him back and is sleeping so close to him like this…” Tigress’s eyes lit up and a mischievous smile climbed onto her face. 

“Young master, you were up to no good!”  

Tigress let out a knowing smile and went to prepare some food. She wanted him to wake up to a table of food because she knew he would be hungry. 
Tigress didn’t disapprove of their close relationship. It didn’t matter to her anyway, Ye Lang’s health was more important to her and she wanted him to replenish himself. 

When the dishes were ready, she placed him into a heat-retaining food box. It wasn’t the one that Ye Lang and Zhen Xiaoyan made but it was the best one that could be bought on land. 

Then, Tigress laid down next to Ye Lang to rest and wondered when he would wake up, she couldn’t stay up waiting for him. 

But like this, she would be able to know when he woke up and when he did, she could bring out the meal for him! 

It was lucky that she didn’t stay up because Ye Lang slept until the next day. He smiled warmly at the sight of Tigress beside him. Then, he looked at his other side… 

“Shit! Li Yue, I told you not to lie on my arm, it’s all numb now!” Ye Lang immediately retracted his arm causing Li Yue’s head to crash onto the floor. 

“Do you want me to chop it off for you then?” said Li Yue coldly. 

“Haha, very funny. Move over…” said Ye Lang unkindly, “If you climb onto my mat again, I’ll kick you off of it!” 

“Ugh, I don’t care. I only used it yesterday cause there was no other place to sleep,” said Li Yue. 

“..., looks like you both are awake, let’s have breakfast!” Tigress couldn’t understand their relationship. Sometimes it seemed like they were flirting with each other, other times it looked like they had their boundaries clearly drawn. 

“Time to wash up…” Ye Lang sprung up and dashed to the washroom, he was familiar with the house. 

Soon, Ye Lang walked out of the washroom to see a lavish breakfast on the dining table. Well, it wasn’t exactly breakfast as Tigress didn’t exactly prepare breakfast for them. 

“Young master, slow down, no one is going to take your food away!” 

Looking at Ye Lang eat the food she prepared, Tigress felt immensely satisfied. In life, she only wanted to be beside Ye Lang every day and serve him. Being able to see him happy was enough to make her happy. 

“No, there’s a huge eater in here too. Even though she’s weaker than Fatty, she can eat a lot too!” Ye Lang spoke as he continued to scarf down his food as if there really was someone next to him fighting him for it. 

“?? Isn't it only sister Li Yue here? Does she eat a lot?” asked Tigress. 

She soon got her answer. Li Yue, in fact, did eat a lot!! 

Li Yue beelined to the dining room and sat across from Ye Lang. She shoved food into her mouth at a stunning rate, she had a large appetite. 

At that moment, Tigress started sweating- she was in doubt that the large amount of food she prepared was enough! 
When she saw the food on the table decrease by the second, Tigress went back to the kitchen to prepare more, she didn’t know that Li Yue had such a large appetite. 
It was then, she heard-

“Ugh, I’m full! Tigress, let’s go for a walk!” said Ye Lang as he wiped his mouth then patted his stomach. He then stood up and left. 
“Wait for me! I’m nearly done eating…” said Li Yue. 

“Nah, I won’t! Go find a random place to go, don’t follow me. Right, you can go home now, I don’t need you anymore!” said Ye Lang as he suddenly remembered. Li Yue had no use for him now, it was better for him to shoo her back home. 

What an ungrateful brat! 

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