The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 604

Li Yue was taken back. She clenched her teeth and said, “Are you trying to get rid of me after using me now?”

“Yes! Are you sure you want to tag along? Don’t forget, you were kidnapped here, I’m letting you go now, you should be happy!” said Ye Lang coldly. 

“I don’t want to follow you but I’m upset that you’re just leaving me like this,” said Li Yue bluntly. She was slightly hurt by how Ye Lang was treating her now even though she didn’t plan to continue following him around. 

Li Yue once thought to continue learning from Ye Lang to achieve a breakthrough but she felt that she seemed to hit a wall. Even if she did continue to follow Ye Lang around she wouldn’t improve much. 

Most importantly, after leaving Soaring Sky, Ye Lang didn’t really teach her much. Whenever she asked him something, he just replied with a ‘yeah’,’ that’s close’ or ‘looks good’. 

Ye Lang did plan to nurture Li Yue as a warrior but only when it was convenient for him which wasn’t now. Moreover, he taught Li Yue more than many others would ever get.

Li Yue knew that and was already satisfied with what she had so she didn’t plan to continue with Ye Lang. 

“Then, you can go have fun around here, if you ever get lost just mention my name, you see, I’m quite famous here,” said Ye Lang. He was saying the truth, many people in this area knew him. 

Even without the incident with the chief, Ye Lang was already well known but after that incident, especially what happened yesterday, he was a hot topic among them.

“I’m not you, okay? I’m a captain of the guard, of an empire! I won’t get lost!!” said Li Yue, she continued, “I want to follow you cause fun things always happen to you.” 

Throughout their journey, including what happened in the Soaring Sky Empire, Li Yue was sure of one thing-- her life could be much more than it was now if she stayed beside him. 

“I don’t think it’s fun!” said Ye Lang.

Well, it would be weird if you found it fun. 

Tigress and Li Yue’s eyes met, they could read each other's thoughts at that moment and they both smiled.  

“Sure, you continue walking, I still have more things to ask!” said Li Yue as she finally reached up to Ye Lang. 

“What?” asked Ye Lang. 

“So, is my Tianji armour different now?” asked Li Yue in a serious tone. 

“Yes, in addition to its previous functions, now, when someone attacks you, it’ll inject poison into the enemy’s body. The poison is hard to cure so even if you didn’t manage to kill them, the poison will!” said Ye Lang. 

“Really?” Li Yue was still in doubt. She did mostly believe what he said because Ye Lang had no reason to lie to her. 

“Of course! I told you before, doing this will benefit you by upgrading the armour,” replied Ye Lang, he told her this before but she didn’t listen to him then. 

“If that was the case, why didn’t you tell me earlier. It was a win-win situation, there was no need for all the fuss,” murmured Li Yue. 

Ye Lang ignored the comment. 

“If you didn’t get the armour, what would you do? Was there no other way to save Taiya’s father?” Li Yue got pissed from looking at Ye Lang’s aloof expression so she asked a more sensitive question. 

Tigress who was just enjoying the show looked intently at Ye Lang now, she really wanted to hear his answer. 

“There is but this was the best way to do it. The other way would have some side effects,” answered Ye Lang. 

So, there was another way! 

Tigress smiled, she had full faith in Ye Lang. She believed that he had a solution for every problem, his past told no less. 

Previously, when Ye Lang would purposely use different treatments to test them out. For most of the cases, the effects were anticipated by him. When it wasn’t, well, the patient just had bad luck. 
However, Ye Lang only used the wicked to test these treatments. He wanted to teach them a lesson so what he was doing wasn’t something bad. 

“What are the side effects?” asked Li Yue.
“The lightest one would be his blood vessels getting injured but even then it would take him a long time to recover and it would not cure for the rest of his life!” replied Ye Lang. 

If the chief could choose, he would never want to live with that side effect. He would rather stay in the ice for a few years and wait for a better cure. 

“Did you think it was worth it to risk your life going into Soaring Sky?” asked Li Yue suddenly. 

She had a point, Ye Lang could have used another way to save the chief and the people would have been equally grateful to him. 

Any other doctor would have chosen the other safer option, even if they wanted the best option, they would have let someone else go retrieve the armour for them. 

Ye Lang really didn’t need to risk his life!! 

“Worth it! As a doctor, it is my job to do the best for my patients!” replied Ye Lang. 

It seemed that Ye Lang really took pride in his profession. 

“Just say it, you did it for Tigress, don’t make excuses. If it was anyone else, would you have done it?” Li Yue tried to break down his pride. 

“I... I would let someone else prepare the items I needed…” said Ye Lang. 

“Young master…” said Tigress as she looked at Ye Lang, tears welling up her eyes. 

“Don’t idolise me, I just went out to play. Zhao Yarou has nothing on me!” said Ye Lang casually. 

“Yes, my young master is the best. Nothing can beat you,” said Tigress while smiling. 

“Of course!” said Ye Lang as he nodded with pride. The talented young man only has eyes for the sky and paid no attention to anything beneath him. 

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