The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 605

“Let’s go, young master…” Tigress smiled as she led Ye Lang across the tribal lands. 

At that moment, Li Yue felt that she was an extra in a movie starring those two. There was no way she could come between them, no way anyone could… 


It was the tenth day since Li Yue arrived in the Tiger Tribal Lands. It seemed that she didn’t have any plans to leave. She continued to follow around Ye Lang every day-- Ye Lang tried to talk to her many times but it didn’t work so he gave up trying to ask her to leave. 

Early on, Ye Lang encountered an ill beastman and willingly cured them. That made the people in the lands realise that they had a brilliant doctor with them now, why not make use of that and receive treatment from him now? Everyone with an illness, especially those with peculiar, previously incurable diseases came flocking to him. 

Thus, Ye Lang opened the second House of Confusion in Tiger Tribal Lands to treat the beastmen. 

Ye Lang’s popularity skyrocketed because of this. Everyone now knew of the young human master who could cure any illness. 

From that moment on, Ye Lang got busier and busier but he still had the mornings and nights for himself. 

His morning routine was similar to the one he had before. Every morning, he had his breakfast while he watched Tigress practice her moves and guided her. 

It was just that he now guided Li Yue too since it didn’t take up much of his time. Li Yue got to learn so much more from this!  

From the first training session, Li Yue could sense that Tigress was a much better warrior than her, she could even be a Tian heavenly level warrior. 

At first, Li Yue only wanted to increase her battling skills through sparring with Tigress but now, she was ecstatic to know that she could have a breakthrough too! 

It is a known fact that through battling with someone stronger than yourself, it is much easier to achieve a breakthrough!!  

So, every morning in front of Tigress’s house, Li Yue and Tigress would battle each other. The intensity of each battle would make any passersby think that they were mortal enemies. 

They didn’t go easy on each other since the only rule was to not kill the other person. They knew that doing this in a safe environment would greatly benefit them. 

What happened when they got injured? They didn’t need to worry, Ye Lang had that part covered. With his skills, any injuries they sustained were healed in no time. 

Ye Lang didn’t worry about their injuries, he knew that he could always heal them immediately. 

Ye Lang used an empty room as the temporary House of Confusion since the three of them were the only occupants of the house. Tigress’s father rarely came home. 

Even if he did, he was very supportive of Ye Lang giving out treatments to his people. 

“Are you ill?” asked Ye Lang to his first patient of the day. 

“You’re the ill one!” replied the person. 

“Oh, okay, next!” said Ye Lang bluntly. 

“...” The person was dumbfounded. She then raised her fist, planning to punch him across the face. 

It was a fox lady, a very beautiful one in fact! 

“Hey, what are you doing? If you’re fine don’t disturb me,” reminded Ye Lang as he sensed the lady not moving. 

Ye Lang didn’t want to waste his time on her. 

“Hmmph! I came all the way here and you’re not even going to take a look at me?” said the fox lady a little upset. 

“For what? If you’re ill then I’ll treat you if not, don't make a fuss, I have enough on my plate already,” said Ye Lang as he waved his hand, signalling her to leave. 

“Then, let me help you since I don’t have anything to do,” said the lady as her eyes looked up as if she was thinking about something. 

“Sure! If you can, call more people over. You can handle certain things on your own.” Ye Lang didn’t object to the idea of getting help. He was sure the lady before him would be able to carry out the task because-- 

“Athena, you’re back! It must have been tough, looking after the young master,” greeted Tigress. She came over to help Ye Lang after her training with Li Yue and taking a shower. 

At that moment, Tigress felt that Athena wasn’t as unlikeable as before. She did succeed in looking after Ye Lang during his journey. 

“It wasn’t tough, he solved most of the things himself, I didn’t do much,” said Athena as she shook her head. She didn’t dare to say more as she felt that she really wasn’t of much use during the journey. 

If her plan did work, she wouldn’t be as humble as she was then. That was a characteristic of the beastmen, they couldn’t tell a lie!! 

“You did what you had to do, you even did more. You are part of the success. There were some unforeseen circumstances but you still did well,” said Tigress while smiling. 

Tigress at first wanted Athena to take Ye Lang to Soaring Sky, she didn’t plan for Athena to help out on the later parts. 

Tigress just wanted Athena to look after Ye Lang and keep him out of trouble! 

“All that was just what I’m supposed to do, it doesn’t count as much…” said Athena as she shook her head. 

So, she made up her mind to help Ye Lang treat his patients to make up for her previous unhelpfulness. 

“You’re Athena?” said Li Yue when she heard the conversation between the two. She looked at Athena with a weird gaze, it was impossible to guess what she was thinking. 

“Yes, sister Li Yue, I didn’t imagine we would officially meet like this,” said Athena politely. 

“I can’t believe this! So you’re the one that told this idiot to seduce me?” said Li Yue coldly. 

“About that… yes!” said Athena. Athena felt guilty, she was at the disadvantage here. How could she get out of the interrogation now? 

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