The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 607

x“Yes, it’s amazing! If you and the empress get together, ha. That’s when I’ll believe anything can happen in this world!” said Li Yue with a smile. 

“The empress and I? Oh, you mean Zhao Yarou! No way, it is set in stone that we would never get together, that’s our fate!” said Ye Lang. 

“Never say never… You two don’t actually have a reason to hate each other, or else you would have just killed her that time. You didn’t hesitate to kill thousands of people in Tanlang, killing her would be easy,” said Li Yue as she looked at Ye Lang. Her face was blank with no emotion, it was impossible to tell what she actually meant. 

“It is true we don’t actually hate each other as much as we lead on, we aren’t at the stage where we want to kill each other. Also, don’t underestimate Zhao Yarou! It is quite hard to kill her,” said Ye Lang as he shook his head. 

“Why are you two talking about this? Such a waste of energy, get some sleep.” At that moment, Tigress was a little annoyed, she didn’t want to hear anything more about Ye Lang and Zhao Yarou. Considering Ye Lang and his relationship with the seventh princess, it was for sure that he would never get together with Zhao Yarou. Zhao Yarou even killed her own father and siblings which was also the seventh princess’s father and sibling. 

The princess and the empress had a dead knot tied between them, it was impossible to untie it just like the knot between Ye Lang and the seventh princess so that meant that Ye Lang and the empress had a dead knot between them too. 

There was nothing to gain from further discussion! 

“Ok, I’m going to sleep! Zzzz” 


As soon as he finished that sentence, Ye Lang fell asleep. The three girls were slightly surprised but they knew that if they felt tired, Ye Lang must have felt another level of exhaustion. 

“We’re all tired, let’s head back and sleep!” said Tigress to Li Yue and Athena, signalling them to leave but she didn’t move. She just stayed there laid next to Ye Lang. 

“You’re tired too, let’s go!” said Athena. 

At that moment, Li Yue got up, ready to find a place to sleep. 

“I’ll stay here, I want to be beside him. I have to leave in a month, I want more time…” said Tigress, her sadness obvious in her tone. 

Tigress thought of the times in the Ye Residence, how Ye Lang let her sleep beside him when he knew he was going to leave soon. 

Tigress still remembered how Ye Lang hugged her, how warm it felt and how safe she felt. 

They were in a similar situation again, she wanted to feel it again… 


Li Yue stayed silent for a while then lied down again and soon fell asleep. Athena didn’t even move. 

“You two are just…” Tigress looked at them in slight surprise.

“Are we supposed to just let you sleep with him? I’m also going to the City of Beast Gods too!” said Athena. 

“I’m just not going to let you two take advantage of him! If you are going to, we’ll do it together!” said Li Yue.


So that was how the four of them slept on the bamboo bed. 

That night, Ye Lang felt the weight of a few mountains were pressing down on him. When he woke up, he realised it was the trio sleeping beside him… 

From that day onward, the four of them spent most of their days like this. They treated people in the morning and slept together at night under the same quilt. Of course, that was a pure innocent quilt. 

Tigress really wanted time to slow down so that she could continue being with her young master but time just went on, stopping for no one. 

In a blink of an eye, a month had passed! 

The day Tigress and Athena had to leave for the City of Beast Gods. The night before that left, the Tigre tribe held a large-scale bonfire event as a farewell for those leaving to the City of Beast Gods and Ye Lang. 

Ye Lang was planning to leave on the same day as them to go to Vermilion Bird Empire.

A week ago, he received a letter from Ye City with a chop from his mother dearest. She wanted him to be in Dragon City that was in the Vermilion Bird Empire before October of the year. 

It was already August, he had to get going now to make it on time! 

Tigress and the rest knew about it, including Li Yue. Ye Lang and Li Yue also came to an agreement that when Li Yue went back to Soaring Sky Empire, she wouldn’t tell anyone about Ye Lang’s whereabouts. 
At first, Li Yue wanted to use this opportunity to visit that enemy empire for the first time with Ye Lang. 

But since it was an enemy empire, there was no way she could go with Ye Lang as the people of Vermilion Bird Empire would definitely deport her out. 

If she went by herself, there was a chance she would get away with it but if she followed Ye Lang, who was a huge figure there too, around, she would get caught too! 
Ye Lang would need to meet Princess Longji and other important people in the empire so anyone around him would be investigated. 

At first, Ye Lang didn’t plan to go to the Vermillion Bird Empire. He didn’t even like the place. Meeting Princess Longji was fine but he had to meet the empress dowager too which was a bit of a headache, especially if she were to announce anything.  

However, he couldn’t reject Long Anqi’s plan because he knew that she just wanted to meet him through this visit. 

It has been a year since he left Ye City and last met Long Anqi. He had met Ye Yulan once since leaving but not Long Anqi. Long Anqi was not used to not seeing her baby son for so long. 

Long Anqi also knew that if she didn’t call him over now, it may be years before Ye Lang had his share of fun before returning to Ye City to meet her. 

This wasn’t what she wanted! 

Ye Chengtian would be accompanying Long Anqi to the empire too. Both of them were wanted by the empress dowager there. 

Long story short, Ye Lang and Tigress spent a very happy time together on their last night in the Tiger Tribal Lands. 

That night, Ye Land found out how fun the bonfires were in the lands. Ye Lang, Tigress, Li Yue and Athena had the time of their lives. 

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