The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 608

That night, the four of them let loose and had fun. Ye Lang even took out some fireworks that he kept. The fireworks caught everyone’s attention when they exploded in the sky. 

At the end of the night, the four of them laid on the bamboo bed one last time and slept. 

“Young master, I’m leaving!” said Tigress. 

“Ok! Be careful, Little Xin will protect you! Also, the lion will follow you…” said Ye Lang as he nodded. 

Ye Lang couldn’t help but feel that something was going to happen during this trip to the City of Beast Gods. He wasn’t sure why nor was he sure this gut feeling was accurate. 

Just in case anything did happen, Ye Lang let Little Xin protect Tigress even though the latter was already a Tian heavenly level master. An extra hand wouldn’t harm. 

Little Xin could be by her side 24/7 without the need to rest, she was the ideal bodyguard! 

After upgrading Little Xin, her “artificial intelligence” system was much more refined. She could now complete some complex tasks without anyone guiding her. 

Most importantly, if anything bad happened, Little Xin could send a signal to Ye Lang for help no matter where he was. 

This was one of her upgrades! 

Tigress didn’t want Little Xin to follow her around, she thought that Ye Lang needed the protection more but with Ye Lang’s insistence, she couldn’t do anything else. 

Moreover, Tigress also knew that very few in the world could actually stand a chance against Ye Lang. He was extremely good at protecting himself. 

Regarding the lion, Ye Lang didn’t actually plan that-- it was more because of the lion’s own wishes. 

For unknown reasons, when the lion first saw Tigress, it was scared of her. It stayed away and trembled as it observed her for a time. Ye Lang had never seen it do such a thing before. 

It was as if the lion was in awe of her and that made everyone scratch their heads. 

It didn’t make sense if the lion was in awe of her skills- even though Tigress was a highly skilled warrior, it was hard to sense it without seeing her on a battlefield. On the other hand, Li Yue always had a strong aura, the lion even saw her fight on multiple occasions but it never showed her that same sense of awe. 

If it was because Tigress was from the Tiger tribe, wouldn’t the chief receive the same response too? But when the lion met the chief, it didn’t even pay attention to him. 

Its behaviour really did confuse people. 

Did that mean that the lion wanted to fight Tigress? Did it assume that Tigress was just a normal animal like it was? A sinister thought flashed through Ye Lang’s mind and he quickly went to check something. What shocked him was that the lion was asexual and sterile. 

With this mutant lion not having a sex, the suspicions Ye Lang had were false!! 

No matter how much he thought, he couldn’t think of an answer so he gave up thinking! 


“Young master, can you sing me a song?” Tigress smiled as she asked at the last moment. 

“No, it’ll sound bad!” said Ye Lang as he shook his head, he didn’t like singing. 

“Play a song then!”  pleaded Tigress. 

“Ok! What do you want?” Ye Lang didn’t reject this request but Li Yue immediately opposed it. 

“No, Tai Ya, do you want us all to meet Death? If he accidentally played that song from the battle, we’re all dead meat!!” 



Ye Lang said goodbye to Tigress, Athena and Li Yue and he got ready for his journey to Vermilion Bird Empire. He was taking a carriage there, he didn’t want to get lost on his way there. 

“Take care, young master, we’ll miss you! You have to come to visit here often!” 

“Young master!” 


Ye Lang didn’t expect so many people in the tribe to come see him off. It seemed that there were more people here than there were for Tigress’s farewell. 

Ye Lang unknowingly built quite a reputation here. Many people loved him now!

Those that received his treatment didn’t only just come from the tiger and fox tribe, many other tribes travelled far just to get his treatment too and they would all remember his kindness. 

The beastmen were a much more grateful species than humans were. They were the kind to remember a kind act for the rest of their lives and tried to repay the kindness as much as they could!! 

This group of beastmen would try their best to help him with anything he needed in the future! 

Ye Lang’s luck was great in a sense that wherever he went, he would gain the respect of a new group of people and they were all grateful towards him! 

This time, Ye Lang had the freedom to do anything he wanted to. Even if he knew Little Xin wasn’t with him this time- this meant that he had a higher chance of getting into accidents. 

His trip to Vermilion Bird Empire would take a month but if he rushed it he could arrive in ten days. Ye Lang was in no rush so he took it slow to enjoy the scenery and have fun. 

As he couldn’t pass through Soaring Sky, he had to go through the Ai La Empire. 

He didn’t have any unsettled disputes in the empire so even if someone recognised him, it wouldn’t bring him trouble. 

That day, he was passing by a rather normal city in Ai La. It was nothing remarkable but it had everything it should have. 

He got down the carriage, paid his fees and let the rider leave. He wanted to hang around the city alone. 

Ye Lang changed his carriage at every stop he took. It was to hide his whereabouts and this gave him more freedom.

Of course, he always chose places that allowed him to do that. 

His arrival in the city didn’t bring any changes. Even though he wore luxurious robes, there were many more that were dressed even more luxurious than him. This city has large traffic of people passing through every day. 

Ye Lang walked around the city and found a few places to eat. Then, carrying a few sticks of barbeque, he went around to search for a place to stay. 

“Go away, you beggar!!” 

An unidentified object came flying towards him after a disdainful shout. Ye Lang moved quickly and dodged the object. 

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