The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 611

“What do you want now?” asked Ye Lang as he frowned at the well-dressed man standing in front of him. This was the third time he blocked his path. 

“You slapped me twice and you want to walk away?” said the well-dressed man coldly. 

“Sorry, I don’t mean to start anything but you went a little overboard just now so I slapped you twice,” said Ye Lang apologetically. However, his words only agitated the well-dressed man as he couldn’t feel Ye Lang’s sincerity. 

“Sorry! That doesn’t count as an apology, I’ll have to get even now!” said the well-dressed man. 

“Oh, ok. Slap me twice then!” said Ye Lang earnestly. He was letting the well-dressed man slap him across the face, this had to count as sincerity right? 

The well-dressed man was stunned, he thought he would have to put in more effort to get what he wanted but Ye Lang offered just like that. This was something he hadn’t thought of and seen before. 

A normal person in the wrong would just apologize more instead of letting someone slap them. 

“Sure, stand still!” said that well-dressed man. He spat onto the ground and lifted his palms as if he wanted to slap Ye Lang to death.

With all his strength… 


That was the sound the well-dressed man was expecting but in reality, his slap missed his target completely. Ye Lang had somehow avoided it. 

The well-dressed man lost his balance and nearly fell to the ground but luckily he managed to save himself from embarrassment.

Looking at Ye Lang standing there as if nothing happened, the well-dressed man was furious. After he caught his footing, he charged towards Ye Lang again for a slap charged with more power as if he couldn’t wait to beat up Ye Lang. 

Anyone could tell how enraged he was!! 

But this slap met the same fate as the previous one! 

The well-dressed man was still in the dark about how Ye Lang avoided him and this time he had to make a full spin to stabilise himself. 

“Are you playing with me?” roared the well-dressed man. 

“Play with you? I don’t have the time! Also, I gave you your two slaps so everything is settled, I’m leaving,” said Ye Lang with no emotion. 

“?? What slaps, you dodged them all!!” roared the well-dressed man again. 

“I said you could slap me but didn’t say that I couldn’t dodge it,” said Ye Lang blankly with an expression that said, “you idiot”. 

The well-dressed man was going crazy, he continued, “You can’t dodge!” 

“Why can’t I? Let me ask you, if I was going to slap you, would you dodge?” asked Ye Lang. 
“Of course, do you think I’m an idiot who would let you hit me?” replied the well-dressed man.  

“See, that’s why I can dodge or else I’ll be an idiot like you,” said Ye Lang. 

“..., you hit me just now so you can’t dodge!!” 

“It’s not my problem you couldn’t avoid my slap. You can’t blame me!” said Ye Lang blankly. 

His words made the well-dressed man fall silent. Ye Lang made sense but the well-dressed man felt that something was still off but he couldn’t quite place his finger on it. 

“No. It’s not like that!!” 

The well-dressed man stayed in deep thought for a while. When he finally thought it through, he was only left with a crowd that was pointing their fingers at him. Ye Lang was nowhere to be seen. 

“Ugh! I lost this time but I’ll remember this!!” 


What was Ye Lang up to at that moment? 
He had walked into the aforementioned hotel and was having his meal when an unwelcome figure stepped into the room. Ye Lang frowned but he didn’t do anything. 

The man forcefully walked to the front of Ye Lang, he was followed by a few escorts which seemed to drag the man back. 

“Let go of me, I’m his guest, he called me here!” said the person loudly. The few escorts were confused and looked at Ye Lang.

“Let go of him!” said Ye Lang with a frown. 

“Yes, sir!” said an escort. They didn’t want to trouble Ye Lang any further and left first. 

“Sit! Have anything you want but I’m warning you, don’t drag me into your business anymore. Do that one more time and I won’t go easy on you,” said Ye Lang as he stood up to leave. 

“Sorry, young master Ye. I didn’t mean it. You said I won’t live long so please help me out,” said the man immediately. It was the old man Ye Lang saw just now, the one that said that he was Ye Lang’s grandfather. 

“I would help you if I could but I don’t like your attitude. Begging people to help you because you’re dying? People pity you but they don’t owe you anything!” said Ye Lang coldly. 

Ye Lang was displeased with how the old man felt entitled to his help. 

“I know I was wrong but young master Ye, please, I beg you, please help me! I only have one wish and it’ll benefit you too!” pleaded the old man as he knelt. 
Ye Lang quickly helped the old man get up. Having someone kneel, especially the elderly would bring bad luck! 

“Old man, don’t kneel, I’m not worthy of that! Tell me what you want, I’ll do what I can,” said Ye Lang. 

The old man glanced around the room and said, “Can we go to a quieter area to speak?” 

“Sure! We can go to the back garden,” said Ye Lang as he nodded. 

“...” The old man hesitated as he saw the food on the table. 

“Hey! Send these dishes to the garden!” said Ye Lang. He knew how much the old man wanted to eat. 

The barbeque from before didn’t satisfy the old man’s hunger at all! 

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