The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 613

“...” Ye Lang was dumbfounded. 

“Are you telling me that you want me to bring this pendant there and marry one of the girls in that family?” 

“Yes! This is great for you! It’s rumoured that he has a granddaughter called Xi’er that is one of the four beauties in the empire. She’s not married yet!” said Ye Sheng with a joyful grin. 

It was an expression he hadn’t shown in a while. He didn’t imagine that Ye Lang would be the one that sees it. 

“I’m not interested. If this is the case, I’ll just tell Migen you don’t have any descendants and he doesn’t need to worry about the deal anymore!” said Ye Lang without hesitation. 

In the Ai La Empire, many fought to gain the favour of the four beauties. If they were given this opportunity, they would lose their minds. 

If Ye Sheng leaked this information, he wouldn’t be living such a miserable life in poverty. There’s surely someone willing to trade this pendant with him for a large sum. 

This could only mean that Ye Sheng was a proud person. He didn’t like receiving the alms of others and didn’t do anything that would harm his reputation. 

“Actually if you didn’t want the marriage, you could trade in the deal for three requests as long as your requests don't violate their principle,” said Ye Sheng. 
“No need for that. I don’t like free things. I’ll pay for whatever I need,” said Ye Lang. 

The three requests were probably a more attractive deal than the marriage since the Ha De family is one of the most powerful families in Ai La. 

“Ambitious! However, I don’t want to be looked down by others. If you don’t want the requests then just return the pendant to Migen and tell him that the Ye family doesn’t want anything. Even if we die, we need to be honourable,” said Ye Sheng. 

Ye Lang was impressed by Ye Sheng’s attitude. He made up his mind to help him. 

“Sure! Rest assured, stay here for these few days. When you pass, I’ll ask someone to handle the matters for you and make sure you’ll have a respectable passing!” said Ye Lang as he nodded. 

“What about you?” asked Ye Sheng. 

“I’m leaving tomorrow to meet that Migen,” replied Ye Lang. 

“There’s no rush!” said Ye Sheng. 

“You don’t need to rush but I do!” said Ye Lang bluntly. 

“That…” Ye Sheng wanted to say that Ye Lang could deal with his own matters first then only go to Ai La. 

That’s right, Ye Lang hadn’t thought about doing Ye Sheng’s task later! 

Since Ye Sheng would be long dead, would being a little late even matter? 

“No need to say it! It’s on the way. I’ll rush it and drop it off, I won’t come back here,” said Ye Lang as he waved his hand as if he knew something when in fact he didn’t.

“Then go! But you can’t wear such fancy clothes, you need to dress as simple as me…” 

“...” Ye Lang stayed silent for a while and said, “It’s not simple, it’s tattered!!” 

“Cough, cough. I mean you should dress a bit normal. Don’t wear silk, wear some coarse cloth so that the Ha De family would think I raised you,” said Ye Sheng. 

“... why am I brought up by you now? Aren’t I supposed to be a distant relative?” said Ye Lang, unsure where the old man was leading this to.

“That’s right, a distant relative that I brought up and I treated you like my own grandchild,” said Ye Sheng with a smile. 

“Does it matter? Also, this would all come apart if someone just checked,” said Ye Lang in slight confusion. 

Ye Sheng replied sternly, “Of course! He would think I was not giving him face** if I did otherwise!! I don’t think they’ll send people over to investigate. I did raise a few relatives’ children and taught them how to fight. You can say that you stayed here when you were younger, no one would know,” 

**give face = defending his honour

“So troublesome! Is that all?” Ye Lang frowned, this was getting complicated but it wasn’t to the point where he couldn’t handle it. 

Rough cloth clothes? He was fine with it. He didn’t care much about fashion. The only reason he was so well dressed now was because he wanted to buy the finest clothes he could find, just to waste his money. 

“That’s about it, also you need to use a sword. The Ye family uses swords as our main weapon, do you need me to teach you a few tricks?” said Ye Sheng. He couldn’t tell what weapon Ye Lang normally used as he wasn’t carrying any with him. 

“Understood. My sword skills are fine, I don’t need any lessons!” said Ye Lang. He wasn’t the best at it but he didn’t need any lessons. 

He only needed to study more about the sword and he could soon be a master! 
What trick should he use? 

Of course it was the most famous one out of them all-- The Nine Dugu Swords!! 

This trick was perfect for Ye Lang. It didn’t require much inner strength nor did it need refined skills but it could leave the impression that he was much better than he was. 
Ye Lang wasn’t too familiar with it because when he first ventured out into the world, he mostly learned boxing.  

The Nine Dugu Swords could be easily picked up by a fast learner like Ye Lang. 

In reality, the trick was quite simple. First, one needed to be fast, faster than anyone else. Anyone using the skill needs to look fast, think fast and move fast. They must see the incoming attack, choose the best way to retaliate and move. 

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