The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 614

Secondly, perception. This is hard to explain but one needs to let people perceive the sword and understand it. 

To let people see the skills that aren't there is one of the strongest skills one could have. 

Because of this, Ye Lang spent the past few days on his carriage mastering this skill. He had time to spare and he didn’t want to waste it. 

After the conversation with Ye Sheng, Ye Lang gave some money to the owner of the hotel and told them to look after him. He sent someone else to check on them in case they were careless while handling Ye Sheng’s funeral. That way, he would sue them for negligence. 

Ye Lang honestly had no reason to worry. The owner would definitely complete the tasks he wanted because Ye Lang gave them a hefty sum of cash before he left. They would have much to spare after handling everything he wanted. 

The owner knew that it wouldn’t be smart to take the money and run. If Ye Lang could dump so much money in such a short amount of time, he was clearly someone powerful and not to be messed with. 


Seven days later, an old shabby carriage arrived at the city gates of the Ai La Empire. It was the kind of carriage that made the guards feel bad about collecting the entry tax. 

That was the carriage Ye Lang was in. If he had to act poor, he had to go all the way. 

He paid extra to the coachman and sent him back so that one would know how much Ye Lang actually paid him. 

Ye Lang requested the carriage to stop near the gates. He thanked the coachman and the carriage left. All this was to show that he was a poor man and this was the way he came to the empire. 

This would lead people to think that he hitchhiked his way here. 

Ye Lang was dressed in coarse cloth from head to toe. Although there was no damage, the clothes were obviously worn in. At this waist hung an old sword, which seemed like the most valuable item on him. 

He looked really poor!! 

Those that saw him thought that he was another one of those young men that came here to try their luck and muddle along in the capital. Every year there were many that visited the capital for that very reason. 

“Sir…” Ye Lang ignored their judging gazes and prepared to enter the city. Naturally, he had to pass by the guards standing before him. 

“Go, go! Just pay ten coppers and enter!” said the guard impatiently. They had asked him to pay the minimum amount to enter the city. 

People begging the guards to let them enter was an everyday occurrence here. The guards were tired of listening to begging so when they saw people like Ye Lang they would normally ask for the minimum amount from them. 

Ten coppers was a reasonable amount for most people! 

“Ten coppers?” said Ye Lang as he drugged out coins from his pocket and passed it to the guard. 

Ye Lang originally didn’t plan to bring cash with him but he couldn’t use his space ring here. If he did, people would find out he wasn’t an ordinary man and that would bring trouble.

For now, Ye Lang was an ordinary man, a penniless man!! 

Ye Lang was actually quite excited. He thought it would be fun to try living in a city with a few silver coins. 

He remembered about the time on earth where some people purposely brought only a few dollars to travel around. They enjoyed themselves and got to experience travelling in a different way! 

Ye Lang always wanted to try it out so he decided to survive with five silver coins these few days!! 

Five silver coins… 

If anyone heard that, they would laugh at him. Five silver coins were quite a lot. It was definitely enough to easily survive for a few days. 
Ah, a prodigal son was still a prodigal son. He doesn’t know the value of money!! 

“Enter!” said the guard as he motioned Ye Lang to go in impatiently. 

“Ai La’s capital doesn’t seem as busy as Soaring Sky Empire but it’s still quite nice. The architecture of the buildings are different from Soaring Sky Empire and Vermilion Bird Empire but it still holds up against them!” said Ye Lang as he moved through the city. 

Ye Lang walked around like a villager entering a city for the first time. His face of awe led the people around him to not suspect his identity. 

That day, Ye Lang didn’t plan to immediately go to Ha De house. He wanted to walk around and bus some cheap food deep into the night. 

When it was time to sleep, he would just find a random corner and sleep to save some money!! 

Who knew that this prodigal son would have a day where he would not go to a hotel to save money. 

“What a bum!” 

Ye Lang wandered into a seemingly more expensive area. The people walking on the streets were all rich heirs or even royals. People dressed like Ye Lang were nowhere to be found unless they were working. 

Commoners rarely came to this area. They didn’t feel welcomed in that area.  

Ye Lang didn’t feel that way at that moment. He had lived his life going in and out of the best buildings in the world so he didn’t feel out of place at all! 

The moment he appeared he gained the attention of the people around him. Their gazes were filled with despise and contempt. Everyone kept their distance from him as they thought interacting with people like him would dishonour them. 

At that moment, on the balcony of a rather busy hotel, a few young ladies noticed the confused commoner Ye Lang. 

That gained their interest. They had something fun to kill their boredom! 

“My sisters, do you see that stupid peasant?” said a young lady. The apathetic girls were not energized by the sentence. They maintained in their disinterested lazy state. 

For them, even if a young dashing prince appeared in front of them they wouldn’t bat an eye, not to mention a stupid commoner. 

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