The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 615

Seeing the unenthusiastic responses from her friends, the young lady said, “Do you think commoners are boring? We see nobles every day, commoners are fun!” 

“So what?” said another young lady. 

“We can toy with him however we want! Just compensate him later on and he’ll be satisfied. He’ll be willing to do more than those noblemen!” 

“Right. We have nothing to do anyway, call him up!!” A few pairs of eyes started to glimmer in anticipation. 

“But, it doesn’t seem right to bully commoners,” said the prettiest one out of them. It looked like not only was she the most attractive one, she was the kindest one too but no one was sure to what extent her kindness. 

“Not to worry! We’ll compensate him, we won’t actually bully him. I mean what could we do to him,” said the young lady from before. 

“Yes, yes! Say, how are we going to toy with him?” asked the other girls excitedly. 

“We have to get him here first!” said the young lady. 


“Easy! Those slingshots we played with earlier? Let’s use those to shoot him!” 

“Isn’t that more fun?” 
“That’s true!” 

Then, the young ladies took out their slingshots that were all crafted beautifully and decorated with gemstones. 

They used the fruit tarts they were having as ammo and pulled the rubber strips. 



The girls looked excitedly at the tarts that were flying towards Ye Lang.

Just as the tarts were about to hit him, someone walked past Ye Lang and unluckily for him, he got hit with the tarts. 


“Who is it?! Who did this?! Do you want to die?!” roared the person that got shot. Several people stopped their tracks to look at him. 

As they saw the tart splattered on his body, they knew what happened. Pranks were very common in this area, the nobles were all very bored people with nothing better to do. 

More and more gathered to look at the spectacle. They were curious how the man would deal with this prank. Would he punch them? Slap them? Or even sue them? 

Soon, they gave up on that thought. When they saw the culprits, they knew the man didn’t have a chance to get justice. No one in the crowd actually would stand a chance against them too. 

Anyone would be grateful if these ladies didn’t find them for trouble. No one in their right minds would dare to offend them. 

The man that was pranked immediately shrunk down. His temper was gone and soon was he. 

After that incident, the people on the streets avoided walking in the middle of the roads. Only those that believed they were quick enough to avoid the “attacks” or those that were unaware of the situation, like Ye Lang, stayed on the road.

Ye Lang continued to stroll down the street without a worry. 

“He’s so slow and stupid!” said the ladies as they laughed. They thought Ye Lang would have some sort of reaction but Ye Lang seemed totally unaware of the situation. 

It made them so happy!

“Yes, yes. This is more fun!” said a young lady. 





The ladies looked to Ye Lang once more. They believed that no one could save him again. 


At that moment, Ye Lang let out a weird sound and rushed forward, avoiding the girls’ fruit tarts! 


A few of them stomped in frustration. How did he get away again? 

They observed Ye Lang running forward and crouched down suddenly. He was picking up a copper! 


A copper! He dodged it for a coin! I’ll break whoever’s bones that placed the coin there! 

Ye Lang’s actions made the young ladies truly believe that he was a common nobody. A nobody that was happy that he got a bronze coin. 


“He won’t get away this time!” 



The girls tried again and failed again. This time, it wasn’t because of another person or Ye Lang running around, it was because they failed to notice a signboard blocking their path! 

The girls tried again and again but failed each time. Most of them stomped their feet in frustration at least once. 

“What is this? Why can’t we get him?” said a young lady that was going crazy. 

“Why is he so lucky!!” said another young lady. 

“Now what?” 

“Let’s just grab him!” 

“Yes, let’s do that!” 

As they said the sentence, one of them jumped down from the balcony and rushed towards Ye Lang. People once again fixed their attention on him. 

The onlookers looked at Ye Lang with pity in their eyes as if they knew Ye Lang was in for bad luck. 

They didn’t know that going after Ye Lang was basically a bad move. 

“Hey, you. Stop!” 

The lady that jumped down had an intimidating aura to her but Ye Lang didn’t seem to sense it. He ignored her and continued on his way. 

“...” She was stunned for a moment. When she came to her senses, she ran towards him and stopped right in front of him. 

“?? Hi lady, how can I help you?” said the confused Ye Lang. 

“It’s your lucky day! We want you!” said the lady as she pointed at Ye Lang. 


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