The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 617

“Hey, waiter, pass me the menu!” said Ye Lang as he looked at the food spread on the table. He planned to have a round first then order more. 

The girls didn’t mind, Debbie told them what happened.     

After receiving the menu, Ye Lang started ordering. He had the habit of ordering the most expensive dish on the menu. That being said, he would skip those that sounded disgusting too... 

The girls didn’t mind either, they could afford it. 

What they did mind was the fact that Ye Lang didn’t look at them after greeting them. He dove headfirst into the food without giving them any more attention. 

What caught the ladies even more off guard was the fact that even though Ye Lang was eating at a fast pace, he did not lose his eating etiquette. 

They almost thought that the man sitting in front of them was a nobleman. Not a real one of course, but like a nobleman among the commoners. 

“Hey, what is your name?” asked a girl. 

“Ye Lang!” replied Ye Lang then he continued having his meal. 

“Ye Lang? What a common name. Where are you from and why are you here? Also, are you a warrior?” 

“Swordsman! From the other side of the world!” Ye Lang didn’t plan to answer anything directly. He had prepared a list of answers on his way here. 

If anyone asked more, he would say he wandered around without a real home and that he’s a mercenary with a moral code.

“Swordsman? Just say you’re a man with a sword. With a sword as thin as yours, you can’t even kill a chicken,” said Debbie. 

Ye Lang was irritated at the comment. He got up and fiercely slammed his sword on the table while glaring at Debbie. 

She felt a chill down her spine.

The other girls looked at Ye Lang nervously. They were afraid that he would fight Debbie. What they didn’t expect was---

“Catch a chicken and I’ll show you!” 


The girls were stunned, their brains weren’t able to process what happened.

“HAHA…” all the other girls except for Debbie laughed. 

How did he say that so seriously?!

Everyone knew that Debbie used a chicken figuratively, not literally.

“Are you stupid?” Debbie’s face darkened.

“No! Are you?” said Ye Lang as he shook his head. 

“...” The girls were dumbfounded again. They tried to hold back their laughter. 

“Do you want to die!!” Debbie was enraged, her hands cluthced the corner of the table. 

“Debbie! No!” said the prettiest one. She grabbed Debbie’s hand, signalling her to release the table.


“I’m done!” Ye Lang patted his stomach in satisfaction. He ate half of the food on the table, he wasn’t Fatty, there was no way he could have finished it. Though, it was much more than what a normal person could have.

“That quick?” It was probably the third time they were shocked by him in this short period. 

“Ok, I’ve got to pay now!” said Ye Lang as he reached into his pocket to dig out some pitiful coins.

“We’ll pay, you just need to play with us for a while…” The girls didn’t want to let Ye Lang go so quickly. 

“No! I said I’ll pay…” Ye Lang shook his head. To their surprise, he confidently placed five bronze coins on the table. 

“..., what does this mean? Five bronze coins?” said Debbie. 

“The money for the meal! I paid three bronze coins yesterday,” said Ye Lang as he nodded. 

“ you think this is some commoner’s rice shop? This is a luxury hotel, this doesn’t cover anything,” said the girls. 

“I know!” said Ye Lang.

“Then why take out the five bronze coins,” said the girls coldly. 

“I know five copper coins is enough for a meal. Eating here and there is the same! What’s the difference?” asked Ye Lang. 

“...” The ladies were left speechless again. 

“It’s not like that! Didn’t you say you want to pay? Then pay us for what you had just now!” 

“Yes! I said I’ll pay but I meant that I’ll pay the amount I budgeted for dinner! And I budgeted five bronze coins!” said Ye Lang. 


Was he serious? He did only say that he’ll pay but he didn’t say how much. 

Ugh, whatever, it’s just a meal! I’m not going to fight him! 

“Also, are you girls having the rest of this?” said Ye Lang as he pointed to the dishes on the table. 

“No!” said the girls in unison. They would never share food with a random commoner like him. 

“Waiter, take away please!” 


How shameless!! The girls stared at Ye Lang in disgust. They were truly speechless now. Should they fight with this poor commoner over something they just said they didn’t want? 

“I don’t need to spend money on food tomorrow!” murmured Ye Lang happily. He completely dismissed the judgmental gazes on him. 

Upon looking at the faces of the young ladies, the waiter quickly packed the food to leave the room. 

It was only then he knew how quick he could be in bagging food!! 

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